Love Is All I Need (Part 9)


Episode 9
the episode start Sofia and prince was sleeping prince wake up and saw Sofia sleeping and she was looking like a doll prince said to sleeping sofia
prince:tum kitne pyari or masoom ho tumhe dekh k koi keh nahi sakta k tumne life main itna kuch saha hai but today I promise sofi that the love u didn’t get in last 18 years that love I will give u now I will go to any extent to give u happiness and love I was thinking that why r u doing this for 1 min I thought u really don’t love me but now I’m sure that u also love me like I love u and I will never leave u I Love U Sofia u are my life and I really love my life saying that he kiss her forehead and get up he go to kitchen he make lemon juice for sofi and breakfast for both and then he came to her room she was still sleeping he came close to her and wake her up she says in sleepy voice
Sofia:plzz don’t disturb me
prince:sofi its 10:00 AM get up Jaan
sofia suddenly get up and sat on bed she was having hangover prince make her drink lemon juice with his hands and ask her
Prince: r u alright now
sofia:yeah but what are we doing here hum Toh tumhare frd k ghar par thay na Toh phir yahan kaisay o god I can’t remember anything
Prince: hey u don’t remember anything?
sofia:i just know that yuvika give me orange juice i refuse but she insist so I take it and when I drink its taste was weird but I drink it after drinking I feel dizzy n u came to me after that I don’t remember anything prince please tell me what happened last night and why I’m wearing your shirt who change my dress
prince think for sometime and talk in his mind
prince in mind:sofi tumne buhot tarpaya hai mujhe apne liya now it’s my turn to irritate u ?
sofia:prince tum Chup q ho bolo na
prince:han tumne kaha toh is liya maine tumhara dress change kiya but don’t worry first I make u wear my shirt and then i remove your dress it was easy because its sleeves was of ribbons and then
sofia:then what
prince:actually Wo pair
sofia:prince u r scaring me now did i did something wrong last night
prince: I don’t know that its wrong or right
Sofia:what do u mean u don’t know prince tell me what happened last night
prince:sofi whatever happened last night i can’t say that
sofia:but why
prince:sofi u r not getting it yaar
sofia:prince please don’t Tell me that I did that
prince:I think now u get it saying this he Get up and stand in front of window he was enjoying and was trying to control his laugh
sofia:no I can’t do this
prince:u did that sofi with me I really tried to stop u but u just didn’t listen and u did what u want to do
sofia:prince but how can I o god no
prince:now just forget it sofi we can’t change what happened come let’s have break fast
sofi first refuse to do bf but then prince make her eat then prince gone to meet his frd and sofia was trying to remember about last night

at evening
everyone was back t home even prince but sofia didn’t came out of room then prince came in her room she was standing in balcony
she was in deep thoughts prince came from behind and hug her and said
prince:what r u thinking
sofia suddenly turn and said
sofia:what r u doing prince leave me someone will see
prince:no I won’t and that not the answer of my question
sofia:please prince
prince:please what
sofia:u know what just forget it
prince:OK fine well I came here to take u
prince:for dance practice
sofia:I don’t want to go anywhere
prince:sofi u can’t break your promise let go
prince:no buts and ifs let’s go but first u change and get dress in practicing cloths
prince hold Sofia’s hand and drag her to washroom after 10 mins sofi came out and they both came on terrace and practice on the song Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon and they complete 50% performance because they have to go Riyadh day after tomorrow

after practice they both came to there room and fresh n up when prince came out his phone start to ring he pick up the phone it was his mom pari aunty
prince:hey mom h r u and how dad
pari aunty:I’m fine and your dad is also fine how r u and everyone there and sofia kaisi hai
prince:she is fine mom
pari aunty:prince actually I call to tell u that tomorrow is Sofia’s birthday so please give her a chocolate box on my behalf
prince:mom really why u didn’t tell me before well it’s not late we will give her a surprise
pari aunty:no prince she didn’t celebrate her birthday we told u na that her parents died on her birthday that why she didn’t celebrate her birthday
prince: think in his mind
prince in mind:now I know the real reason behind this
pari aunty :what happened why u become so silent
prince:no mom its nothing well I know she didn’t but tomorrow she will
pari aunty:I know beta u r doing this for her I’m proud of you actually prince I want to ask u something
prince:yes mom u don’t need permission before asking anything to me
pari aunty:beta I will come straight to the point
beta do u like sofia
prince smile hearing his mom and he said
prince:I will not lie mom I don’t like her in fact I love her
pari aunty become really happy and said
pari aunty:really oo prince I’m so happy look you dad is here wait I will put phone on speaker
adarsh uncle:hey my son h r u and is this true what u said
prince:yes dad its true
adarsh uncle and pari aunty together:we are really happy for both of u But did u tell her or not
prince:not yet
Adarsh uncle:beta we want to tell u something its about her past
prince:no need dad I know everything
adarsh uncle:she told u everything
prince:yes but she was not in her sense I mean last night my frd throw a party in his house and there someone make sofia drink alcohol and when I take her home she was not in her sense and he told me everything about her past dad how can someone be so bad or Wo Toh us k parents thay khair dad mom she don’t know that I know about her past first I want to understand her more and I want her to tell me about her past when she want me to know I want her to trust me
Adarsh and pari together said: we are proud of u prince
prince:I’m thankful to both of u who teach me when someone’s past is bad and its not there fault then we should punish them for that right
adarsh uncle:yes right OK now give her a grand surprise and take care bye
prince:bye dad n mom love u
prince end the call and said to himself
prince:sofia u will get a grand surprise from everyone but before that I will give u a surprise a preface surprise for a perfect girl from her lover
hey frds how are u guys love u guys u guys r really supportive thanks ???
and tell me how’s it and take care guys ????? till then bye love u ??

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  1. Its superb dr 🙂 y isn’t princ scoldng yuvika for her behavior 2wards sofi?

  2. Prince whole family was awesome yaar

  3. Prince and his family really nice and he is planning for her birthday waiting for ur next update.

  4. thanks everyone ?
    And liya read the next part when I will post I’m sure u will love it guys??

  5. Lakshmi will update soon INSHA ALLAH

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