Love Is All I Need (Part 7)


Episode 7
The episode start with sofia was in kitchen making coffee and bf for her, prince n everyone as she come out of kitchen she saw prince was coming down with everyone (Sam,sehru,mehru,haya,yuvika,ruhi,aahil,rehan n arman)
everyone sat on table expect prince,Sam n sehru prince was taking on phone to someone and Sam n sehru was in kitchen helping sofia when Prince came back on dinning table he saw sofia was coming from kitchen with Sam n seher and breakfast there was two chair on corner on one sofia came n sat on the second chair Sam was going to sit but before she can sit prince tell her to bring water and sat on Sofia’s left side chair sofia turn to left side and saw prince smiling at her everyone was having bf then suddenly sofia start to coughing Sam give water to prince and prince make sofia drink water then Sam ask
Sam:sofi r u all right
sofia:yeah I’m fine
then everyone again was busy in bf then sofia in low voice said to prince
sofia:prince what r u doing
prince:I’m havingeyes
sofia:I’m not taking about bf
sofia:leave my hand
oohh so prince was holding Sofia’s hand and that’s why she was coughing n seems like no one know what is going on under the table ?
prince:no I won’t
sofia:plzz prince
prince:ok i will leave your hand but I have one condition
prince:I will tell u later but u have to promise that u will give me what i want
sofia:no I won’t promise
prince:OK then I will not leave your hand
sofia:prince plzz leave na
prince:than promise
sofia:OK baba fine promise
as soon as sofia says promise prince leave her hand and get up and goes to his room
in evening
prince was on terrace and was singing everyone was present there expect sofia
sofia came listening his voice when she came on terrace Prince was dancing with Sam then after sometime he take seher’s hand then mahira and then he start singing another song and came to sofia ask for her hand and she give her hand and he start singing

Har lamha dekhne ko
Tujhe intezaar karna
Tujhe yaad karke aksar
Raaton mein roz jagna
Badla hua hai kuch toh
Dil inn dino yeh apna

he spin her and they lost in each others eyes

Kaash woh pal paida hi na ho
Jis pal mein nazar tu na aaye
Kaash woh pal paida hi na ho
Jis pal mein nazar tu na aaye
Gar kahin aisa pal ho
Toh iss pal mein mar jaayen

Mar jaayen, mar jaayen
Mar jaayen ho mar jaayen (x2)

they were so lost in each other that they forget that there r everyone and seeing they closeness anyone can say that they r in love everyone was happy expect ruhi, haya and yuvika they were jealous
song continuous

Tujhse judaa hone ka
Tassavur ek gunaah saa lagta hai
Jab aata hai bheed mein aksar
Mujhko tanha karta hai
Khawab mein bhi jo dekh le yeh
Raat ki neendein ud jaayen

prince was saying every word of the song in such a way that everyone can say that he is express his feelings for sofia

Mar jaayen, mar jaayen
Mar jaayen ho mar jaayen (x2)

Aksar mere har ek pal mein
Kyun ye sawaal sa rehta hai
Tujhse mera taaluq hai yeh kaisa 
Aakhir kaisa rishta hai
Tujhko na jis din hum dekhein
Woh din guzar hi kyun na paaye

as they were dancing closely sofia try to make little distance between them but seeing sofia trying to go away prince pull sofia more and tighten his grip on her waist as he tighten his grip sofia who was looking down suddenly look into his eyes

Mar jaayen, mar jaayen
Mar jaayen ho mar jaayen (x3)

prince n sofia were so close and prince was just about to kiss but everyone start to clap and they came in there sense and sofia immediately separate herself from prince and goes down saying she have some work prince who was looking at her came in her sense when sam,seher n mahira came in front of him and was looking at him as if asking what is going on between u two n prince seeing them ask
prince:what why r u guys looking at me like this
Sam:come with us we want to talk to u
then everyone came in prince room as they enter inside Sam close the door n lock it seher close the window and major a close the balcony because Prince n sofia room balcony was one prince can came in Sofia’s room by balcony n same sofia can do as they lock everything prince said
prince:why r u guys closing everything
seher:because we don’t want to anyone listen our conversion
prince:OK tell me what u guys want to talk?
the trio sisters ask together
Sam,sehru,mehru:are u n sofi in love?
prince was shocked and said
Sam:bhai tell us truth
prince:ummm actually Wo yeah I love her but don’t know about her
sehru:bhai what do u mean don’t know about her of course she love if she don’t then she would have slapped u because of the way u were dancing with her
Prince think something and said
prince:yeah u r right but whenever I try to told her about my feelings she always cut me and say I don’t want to talk
seher:I think something is wrong she might think that u n yuvika are u know what I mean
prince:yeah I got it guys I have to spend as much time as I can with her to know about her well
Sam:we have to think about something
mahira:yeah ummm…. idea
prince:what tell me
mahira:guys we are going Riyadh for cousin’s marriage and they said they want to see prince and his partner’s romantic performance right
prince:yeah so what
mahira:so we can make sofi your partner then u n sofi with practice together and then u can spend time with her and u have only one week so because of less time u and sofi will spent much time in practicing together and no one know about this expect us and we will tell sofi that it is a surprise for everyone what’s say
prince:o god thanks mahira u r the best thanks a lot
mahira:but bhai u have to convince sofi
prince:that is easy I know how to convince her thanks guys u are the best sisters in this world love u alot
Sam,seheru n mehru together: we love u too bhai and we love our bhabhi and we will always be there to help u n they have group hug of siblings
Next Episode
prince choose romantic and sensuous song and romance with sofia while dancing

hi guys h r u all what r u guys doing now days
I can’t promise but I will try to post as soon as I can
and hayathi this one is for u because u encourage me alot thanks ??
and love u all for the support enjoy reading n tell me hows it till then bye tc love u lots ???

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  1. Hmmmm i like this story very much yaar….. but what is sofi plm

  2. Awesome yaar

  3. thanks a lot hayathi and devi ??
    In next episode u guys will get to know about Sofia’s past

  4. Awesome episode, loved it very much, Prince n Sofia rocking….n trio sisters are very cute, helping their bro…lovely…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  5. thanks Roma will try to post it soon and thanks for the support I will not disappoint you guys ?

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