Love Is All I Need (Part 6)


Episode 6 ?
the episode start with prince and sofia kissing n were lost in each other and then prince leave sofia and Sofia’s eyes was close and she open her eyes prince was looking in her eyes suddenly he felt tears in her eyes and her feet going backward seeing this prince take a step forward to wipe her tear but she run from there saying this can’t happens prince was shocked for a min but then he run behind her to talk to her prince reach her room open the door she was in washroom prince stand outside the door of washroom and knocked the door n said
prince:sofia please listen I m sorry sofi please u know I love
he was going to say her that he love her but she cut him off in middle and said
sofia:prince please just go I don’t want to talk plzz I beg u just go
Prince: sofi plzzz open the door I know u feel the same way for me the way I feel for u plzz tell me what is it that is keeping u away from me sofi
sofia:Prince I beg u leave me alone plzzz
sofia was crying a lot she was sitting near door and Prince was outside the door even Prince was crying

next day morning

prince try to talk to sofia but she ignore him and he leave the house in anger and goes to bar and was so drunken that he can’t even stand he didn’t know when the morning change into night. then some people call on sofia phone and tell her that prince is really drunk and plzz come and take him home because its time to close the bar and he cant even stand by himself sofia become really tense and thought not to tell anyone because everyone is sleeping so she goes where prince was and take him to home silently she take him to his room and lie him to bed and she was leaving but Prince hold her hand and pull her toward him and she fell on him they are looking in each others eyes and Prince said

prince: sofi why r u doing this with me i want to tell u about my feeling for u but u don’t even looking at me I want to know what is the thing that is keeping u away from me because I know u also feel the same way the way I feel for u plzz tell me what’s the matter
saying this he fall in deep sleep sofia was still on him and looking at him then she try to go but in sleep also prince hold her and said

prince:plzz don’t leave me I can’t live without you saying this he hug her and she also hug him and they fall asleep in each others arms

next morning when prince wake up he saw sofia sleeping beside him and hugging him tightly prince smile seeing her suddenly he felt hangover when prince try to get up sofia wake up and saw prince sitting on bed holding his head sofia then immediately go to kitchen because the time was 8:00 am or its Friday so everyone was sleeping sofia then make lemon juice and gone to prince room and give him juice he take it and drink while drinking he was continuously looking into Sofia’s eyes She to was looking into his eyes but then sofia can’t bear his eyes on her and she start looking here and there he finish his juice and get up sofia saw him coming toward her she take a step backward then prince take a step forward n sofia again take a step backward and prince again take a step forward n then sofia back hit the wall she try to go but Prince block her by his hands they were looking into each others eyes then prince break the silence and said
prince:why r u ignoring me ?
sofia:me no I’m not

prince:then why u r not talking to me
sofia:I’m taking to u see I’m taking
prince:sofi do u think I’m fool ?
sofia:no I don’t think so but if u think u r then what can I do and let me go now
prince:no even I don’t think that I’m fool n I won’t let u go what will u do
sofia:prince plzz
prince:plzz what?
sofia:let me go
prince:OK fine
prince remove his hands and sofia was going but suddenly prince hold her hand and she stop in mid
prince:not so easily I will let u go but I want something in return
sofia:what u want

prince turn to face her and come closer there was only an inch gap between them they can hear there heart beat and sofia heart was beating really fast
sofia:prince what u want
saying this she move little back

prince come more closer n said
prince: I want…
sofia again move backward n said
sofia: what
prince again come closer and now sofia can’t move neither backward nor forward because Sofia’s back was touching door and prince was standing in front of her then prince said
Prince: I want…

now sofia become angry and said in anger
sofia:prince say na
then prince come so close that there was just n inch gap between them and then prince said
prince:I want a perfect cup of coffee of your hand
sofia was now irritated n said if u want coffee say directly na itna ghooma k bolne ki kiya zaroorat hai
prince:why what u were thinking that I’m going to ask for a kiss?
sofia was shock n said
sofia:no i wasn’t thinking any think like that
prince:well let me tell u that if I want to kiss u I will kiss u I will not wait for u to give me permission saying that he smile romantically n leave for taking bath before entering in washroom he turn to face sofia n said

prince:while I’m taking bath plzz make my coffee baby he said this in such a way that sofia heart start beating fast and Prince saying that enter the washroom
sofia was in shock because he never call her baby or anything like that she come in her sense when prince lock the door because of the sound Se came in her sense

hi everyone how r u all so sorry for late update I was so busy in studies that couldn’t update sorry once again and enjoy the update and do tell me how u find it till then bye tc love u all a lot and thanks for supporting me so much ????????

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