Love Is All I Need (Part 5)


Episode 5
The episode start with prince reach kabeer house and ring the door bell kabeer come n open the door and ask
kabeer:hey u here how come?
Prince: hey well I need your help
kabeer:help from me really well what kind of help
prince: actually mera ek frd ko help chahiye n its a matter of heart and who will be batter then you on there kind of matter
kabeer: umm OK tell me
prince: I can’t tell u the name OK so my frd n the girl is best frds like really best n suddenly he start to feel like protect her from everyone he feel bad when he see her with any guy n he just can’t imagine her life with her and want to tell her but he don’t know that what is he feeling and he don’t even know that she also feel the same or not
kabeer: hey its clear that he is madly is in love with the girl yaar ye toh tu hi bata sakta tha usay
prince:oohh acha par ye kaisay pata chale ga k Wo larki bhi pyar karti hai ?
kabeer: umm tujhe larki k bare main kuch pata hai?
prince:han Sab kuch
kabeer: kiya
prince: I mean mere dost ne bataya hai
kabeer: OK chal bata Jo larki hai Wo tere dost k sath kaisay behave karti hai?
prince: OK well buhot achay Se she is caring,loving,beautiful, pretty,cute,hot,s*xy,intelligent she is like beauty with brain
kabeer: prince tu apne dost ki hi baat kar raha hai na ?
prince: yeah my friend told me like that
Prince then said
prince: OK now me going practice karne hai bye
kabeer:OK bye and told your frd propose the girl
prince:hmm OK
then prince left from there and reach near his bike and called sofia
sofia see prince name and pick the call
sofia:hey where r u?
prince after listen sofia’s voice says in his mind
prince: I LoVe YoU
and was silently listening to sofia
suddenly sofia said
sofia:prince hello say something in anger
prince came in his sense and said
prince:yeah Wo where r u right now?
sofia:in hell
sofia:main kabse yehi sawal tumse poch rahi hon or tum jawab dene k bajaye wohi sawal mujse poch rahe ho
prince:sorry well main ghar araha hon or tum
sofia: main Toh ghar hi main hon
prince:OK see u then bye
sofia: prince suno
Prince: what
sofia:drive carefully OK
prince: OK bye
prince reach home he open the door with key and saw no one is in the house then prince go to his room and fresh n up and change his cloth for dance practice he is wearing shorts with half sleeve shirt he then go to terrace when he reach terrace he saw sofia standing there Prince came to sofia and ask her
prince:hey what r u doing here
sofia see prince there and said
sofia:hey when did u came
prince: just 10 min phele practice karne this but I think koi that par nahi hai yuvika bhi chali gayi shayad
prince and yuvika are dance partners
sofia:yeah she was waiting for u but when didn’t came she gone outside with everyone for
prince was thinking something than he said
prince: sofia u help me with practice
sofia: me how main kaisay tum or yuvika partners ho main kaisay
prince:aray Wo nahi hai Toh tum mere practice karlo na please
prince:no if n but chalo
sofia:OK OK fine let me go and change OK
prince:OK fine go and come fast
then sofia came after 10 min wearing pink legging and white sleeveless shirt
when prince saw her he was lost because she was in simple legging and shirt but still she was looking beautiful more then beautiful she was looking hot
sofia come and stand in front of him n said
sofia: I’m ready for practice
prince than came to his sense and said
Prince: hey so let’s start
saying that he start the song in audio systems which was set in a room there was a small room on terrace where all things related to dance and singing was kept
prince play the song boond boond from movie Roy and sofia didn’t know that the song is actually really sensuous romantic song prince came closer and ask Sofia’s hand she give her hand
prince one hand was on Sofia’s waist and from other one hand he was holding Sofia’s one hand and Sofia’s other hand was on prince shoulder and then the song start
Boond boond karke mujhpe girna tera
Aur mujh me mujhse
Jyaada hona tera

Bheegha bheegha sa mujhe badhan tera lage
Aaja tujhko pee lo mann mera kahe
Main naa bacha mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bacha tujh me bhi
Jalne laga garam sansoon mai
Tu pigalane laga mujh mein he

after listening song lyrics sofia start feeling uncomfortable she try to go but prince hold on her waist become more tight than sofia look in to his eyes and than they get lost in each other and song continued

Katra katra main jalun
Sharam se tere milo
Jism tera moum ka
Pighla doon
Karwate bhi tang ho
Raat bhar tu sang ho
 Tere har ik angh ko sulgha doon

they were dancing passionately and romantically and prince spin sofia and Sofia’s back was touching Prince front then prince hands was warp around like a band one hand was on Sofia’s waist and other was below the neck they stand there for 2 min

Bheegha bheegha sa mujhe badhan tera lage
Aaja tujhko pee lo mann mera kahe
Main naa bacha mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bacha tujh me bhi
Jalne laga garam sansoon mai
Tu pigalane laga mujh mein he

Hone de kuch galtiyan
Rengh ti yeh unglian
Jism ke darmiyan thehra de

then with lyrics prince remove hair from Sofia’s shoulder and kiss there sofia immediately close her eyes when she feel his touch and prince was kissing her continuously

Lamha koi garam tu
Ya ubaltu barf tu
Mujh pe ho ja kharch tu
Yoon aa ke

then prince turn her and now they are facing each other sofia eyes are close then prince cupped her face and kiss her forehead then her eyes then sofia open her eyes then prince kiss her both cheeks and then his eyes travel to her luscious lips then he look into her eyes for 10 to 15 sec n then he kiss her on her lips

Bheega bheega sa mujhe badhan tera lage
Aaja tujhko pee lo mann mera kahe
Main naa bacha mujh mein thoda sa bhi
Dekh tu naa bacha tujh me bhi
Jalne laga garam sansoon mai
Tu pigalane laga mujh mein he

and then the song end but they are still kissing and don’t know for how long they kiss
next episode
Prince romancing with sofia

sorry for late update was busy with studies hope u like it and sorry for typos
love u all n please comment if u like till then bye tc love u a lot ????

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