Love Is All I Need (Part 4)

Episode 3 of Love Is All I Need…?
The episode start with sun rising and it’s rays are falling on Sofia’s face she is sleeping and because of sun rays she woke up and smile thinking about after coming here she didn’t cry even ones n she is happy about it that she is forgetting her past slowly then she come out of the bed and gone to take shower after shower she came out she is wearing pink and white floral dress and matching accessories she did little pinkish make up and come out of the room at dining table she saw everyone is setting table for breakfast n she start missing her days with prince’s parents then suddenly she hear sam says sofia please go n wake up bhai he is still sleeping
sofia: prince is sleeping abhi tak
Sam:yeah please tum ja k utho bhai ko jab tak hum breakfast laga lete hain
but suddenly haya says
haya: main ja k utha deti hon prince ko
Sam:no haya u help me sofia will wake up bhai q sofia
sofia:yeah y not I’ll be back in 2 min
then sofia came to prince room n knock on the door at first he didn’t response then sofia knock the door little harder and prince says prince: what mehru come inside since when u start knocking at the door before coming inside my room
then sofia open the door n she saw prince face is under the blanket she came close and says prince get up its time for bf (breakfast)
prince: what happened to your voice mehru u r sounding like sofia
his face is still cover with blanket
sofia: I’m sounding like sofia because I’m sofia not mehru
after hearing Sofia’s word prince suddenly get up and saw sofia standing in front of him
prince:what r u doing here ?
sofia: I’m dancing
prince:what ?
sofia: idiot I’m here to wake u up come fast everyone is waiting for u for bf I’m going u come fast OK
prince: OK u go i want to sleep little more
saying that he again lay down on the bed and cover his self with blanked
sofia was going but after hearing what he said she turn to his side and came to bed left side and said
sofia:prince get up right now or else
prince remove blanked from his face n said
prince:else what miss jansi ki rani
sofia: I’m not jansi ki rani OK n u ask what else so watch me what else I do
saying that sofia take prince blanket and start running as soon as she did that prince also get up and start running behind her but suddenly while running prince hit his leg with bed n loses his balance and was falling on bed to save his self from falling he hold Sofia’s hand but because of prince sudden hold sofia also loses her balance and both fall on bed n sofia was on top of prince n sofia and prince get lost in each others eyes then sofia realize that she is on top of prince n try to get up but prince pull her closer and put is left hand on Sofia’s waist and with right hand he removes Sofia’s hair from her face n lock them behind her ear and was about to kiss her but suddenly sam shout from down
Sam:sofia bhai uthay ya nahi
after hearing Sam voice prince n sofia came to there sense and sofia immediately get up and sit on beds left side n said
prince:no I’m sorry my fault
sofia:no not for this
prince:then ?
as prince ask her for what she is saying sorry then?
sofia turn to prince side and throw a glass of water on him n said
sofia:for this ?
prince was shocked for a second n then he shout
prince:sofia ki bachi tum Toh gayi aj
saying that he get up and start to run behind her to catch her but she also start running while running sofia said
sofia:prince don’t u think its better k tum ab ja k fresh ho jao bajay mere pichay bhagne k
prince:no tum ko Toh nahi chorounga main aj
sofia:OK wait I’m tired now
sofia was standing beside the door and prince was standing on bed
as soon as prince stop running sofia open the door and said
sofia:I’m going come fast for bf ?
saying that she run from there as fast as she can n prince stand there shock n then start smile thinking in mind
prince in mind: she is dam cute I just love her ?
prince to himself: did I just said that I love her ? no no no this can’t happen but why it can’t happen what wrong if I love her ?
prince was unable to understand his feelings so he thought to find out why he is feeling like this for sofia then prince goes to fresh n up
on the other side sofia at dining table was thinking about what just happened in Prince room she was lost in Prince thought and was saying in her mind
sofia in mind: why I didn’t stop him what’s wrong with me why I’m feeling so different for prince uff ?
while sofia was lost in her thought prince came down wearing blue jeans and white sweater shirt he was looking hot n handaome
prince was looking at sofia and sofia when she saw Prince is looking at her she start avoiding eyes contact and prince was just staring her like he never saw someone more beautiful then her in this whole world its continued like this till sofia finish her bf and leave from there saying she have to go for completing her painting as soon as she left prince get up and said
Prince:I’m going to meet rohan I’ll be back till evening OK bye
Sam,mehru and mehru together: OK bye tc
Prince in mind: sorry I have to lied to u my sweet sisters because if I told u that I’m going to meet kabeer the love guru and u will start asking questions kiya,kyun kis liya so sorry
Up coming episode
Prince taking sofia for long drive and trying to make her understand that he start loving her ?
Hi guys h r u all
sorry guys map update nahi kar payi because of flu and fever
N tell me how’s it and due u want me to continue it or not till then bye TV love u all a lot ????????

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