Love Is All I Need (Part 3)


episode 3
the epi start with prince smiling at sofia
then prince phone start ringing he pich upthe phone then
prince:hey dude h r u ?
its Prince’s frd on the other side his name is rohan
rohan: hi me fine h r u ?
prince: me fine or what’s going on?
rohan: nothing special just want to inform u that kabeer is coming and we have to go to meet him at airport
actually kabeer is prince and rohan’s common frd
prince:what when ?
rohan: today at 5:30pm be there OK
prince: OK I’m coming bye
rohan: bye
after cutting the call prince ask mehru
prince: what’s the time mehru?
mehru: its 4:30pm bhai why
prince:shit I have to go kabeer is coming today and I have to go to meet him OK I’m going bye guys
sam,sehru n mehru at the same time say
Sam,sehru n mehru: kab tak aoo gay bhai ?

Prince: my lovely sisters main dinner tak ajao ga now bye n tc ☺
after prince is gone everyone chat with sofia time passes like that and now it’s dinner time prince came home and after dinner everyone is gone to there respective room at night around 1:00am prince was on terrace n he was sitting suddenly he felt someones hand on his shoulder when he turn to see it was sofia she was smiling and she was holding two cups she give one cup to prince and then
sofia:here is your coffee
prince:finally a cup of coffee of your hand mom really praise about your coffee n tea and here it is ?
sofia:really I don’t know anything about this
prince: well how’s dad now
sofia:he is fine now
flashback shown

2 months back when sofia was in Paris with prince parents prince dad had a small heart attack and prince mom with the help of sofia took uncle to hospital that time pari aunty told sofia to inform prince about it only and no one else so that time sofia call prince and tell everything about his dad and that she is working in his dad office and they took her home because she don’t had any place to stay after that prince start calling sofia for asking about his dad health then they start talking daily for hours and become best friends but they didn’t tell anyone about this
flashback end
now prince and sofia show everyone that they are becoming friends slowly ?
leap of 1 month
now everyone think that sofia n prince are best frd and everyone is happy to see them but haya,ruhi n yuvika hate sofia because prince is spending more time with sofia
but they don’t know that in real prince n sofia start liking each other but they are not realizing there feelings toward each other n think that they are just frds…
up coming episode
prince realizing his feeling toward sofia and changing his behaviour from frd to lover
so how’s it guys tell me after reading and give suggestions to make story better by commenting till then bye tc love u all a lot ?

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  1. Awww price so cute

  2. Nice story dr 🙂 Is haya, ruhi r prince’s frndz?

  3. Thanks hayathi n liya ?
    Yes haya n ruhi r prince frds ?

  4. Very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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