Love Is All I Need (Part 2)

hi everyone thanks for the support here is the episode 2
the episode start with Sofia asking parineeta (pari) that how’s she looking
pari aunty: darling ki bachi abhi batao bas ab pyar Se mane ki khoshi na karo kitna time laga diya or ek tumhare uncle uth k hi nahi de rahe ?
Sofia in teasing mood
Sofia: ohh toh uncle ko app ja k utho na pyar Se ?

Pari aunty: abhi batao badmasha kahin ki chalo tum betho main breakfast laga k phir tumhare uncle ko utha k ati hon
Sofia: no aunty u go wake up uncle I’ll set the table for breakfast wasay bhi kal Se Toh Appko hi karna hai main Toh nahi hongi ?

pari aunty: aww mera bacha tum kahin anjan jagha thori ja rahi ho jeddah ja rahi ho apne baaki family k pass ? saying that she hug Sofia and uncle ko uthne chali jati hain
now in jeddah
prince:mehru breakfast
actually mehru is mahira prince call her mehru like nick name
mehru: yes bhai coming she came with breakfast and set beside him
prince:what happened?
mehru: make it fast we r getting late for dance practice
prince: OK baba u go get ready n call yuvika also we will pick her in the way
mehru: OK bhai ?
actually yuvika is at her friends home but she stay in prince house with everyone because she is the daughter Mr khanna prince’s father friend

now sofia going to airport

before leaving she take adarsh and pari’s blessing n told them not to come airport because it will become more difficult for her to go first they disagree and complies
then she left

next day Sofia directly reach home and she ring the door bell sanam came and open the door and she was shock to see her Sanam has seen Sofia’s pic before sanam to sofia
Sanam:how u came ?
first sofia hug her and ask how r u she said fine and same question
Sofia: aunty ne address diya tha flight jaldi land hogayi Toh main ghar agayi Sab kahan hain ?
Sanam: Wo Sab terrace par hain actually bhai singing practice kar rahe hain Toh hum in kiya singing enjoy n please come inside sofia came inside and Sanam says u go get fresh n up then come to terrace
sofia:my room
Sanam: oohh yeah sorry go upstair and take left 2nd room 1st one is bhai’s room
sofia:OK thanks Sam
saman:Sam ?? how do u know my nick name
sofia: u don’t know I know a lot about u all like your nick name is Sam and seher’s nick name is sehru and mahira’s nick name is mehru or tum tino ka fav colour pink,yellow n red hai right
Sanam was shock
Sanam: how u know about this things ?
sofia: I think u r forgetting that I live with your parents ? and there fav subject is talking about u,seher,mahira and the most fav prince…. hehehe
Sanam:hahaha yeah OK now go and come fast u see that door between your room and prince that is the way of terrace
sofia: OK u go I’ll just come after fresh n up
then sofia apne room main jati hai fresh hoti hai and she is wearing black short pant Jo keen tak hai and pink sleeveless top and she is looking dam beautiful she came to terrace n as soon as she enter everyone was looking at her n she was like what happened
sofia:what happened guys y r u looking at me like I’m from other plant ?
everyone laugh and meet her and at last prince came stand infront of her and when he look her this close he was mesmerized by her beauty then sofia says hi n forward her hand for hand shake then prince come in his sense and then hand shake while he was holding her hand prince in his mind: omg how is this possible she is so beautiful and her skin is so soft
a voice came from beside prince let’s go sofia have something and prince says yeah lets go then sofia said to prince
sofia: prince my hand
prince again came in his sense and leave her hand and says
then everyone is gone but prince is still standing and in his mind saying
prince: what just happened to me how can I just get lost in her thoughts uff main bhi name kiya soch raha hon
then after saying that Wo nichay chal jata hai or pair Sab evening breakfast large hain while eating prince msg someone and smiles at sofia n sofia smile back…
in next episode
Prince and Sofia’s chit chat on terrace and leap of one month

hello everyone how’s u all n I hope u don’t get bored after reading is update n tell me how’s it after reading and if u like it then your comment will be my mehnat is phal ????

till then bye tc love u all ?

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  1. Awww kitna cute scene hain prince and sofia cool dr

  2. Plz write in english..i dnt understand hindi properly

  3. Wow nice yaar

  4. Thanks hayathi and devi ?
    Sorry Jan I don’t write English that much because of that I can’t write full episode in English hope u understand ☺

  5. Pls ryt in english, its dificlt to read hindi in english. . . Luvd the stry 🙂

  6. I’m sorry I already told u that I can’t write full epi in English I’m so sorry

  7. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  8. thanks Roma and next part is on the way ?
    Thanks everyone for the support love u all a lot ??

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