Love Is All I Need (Part 11)


Episode 11
the episode start when prince wake up next morning he get out of bed he take shower and get ready first he was going to sofia then he thought to make breakfast for her then he will wake her up he came down and gone to kitchen when he enter kitchen he saw sofia and came forward she was in deep thought n the tea was on gas it was boiling and it was about to fall on Sofia’s hand prince saw it he run toward her and off the gas sofia came in her sense prince look at her with anger and said
prince:r u mad or what if I would have not came on time then the tea would have fall on your hand can’t u take care of yourself if not for u then at least for me take care of yourself
sofia was feeling like she is on cloud nine by seeing his concern she has tears in her eyes
prince was caressing her hand
sofia thinks in her mind
sofia in her mind:prince why r u doing this why so much love for me who don’t deserve it I think its time now to tell u everything about my past I can’t hide the truth from u I don’t know after knowing about my past u will stay like this or not but I have to tell
while sofia was lost in her thoughts prince said
prince:what r u thinking n looked at her he saw tears in her eyes
sofia came in her sense and prince while wiping her tears ask
prince:what happened jaan
sofia:prince I want to tell u something
prince:yeah sure tell me
sofia:Wo actually
when sofia was saying Sanam, seher n mahira came and said
Sam,sehru n mehru:what is going on
prince:sofi is making bf
Sam:OK u go out and check the tickets
Prince: OK I will check but after bf I’m hungry
sofia:yeah bf is almost ready
then everyone had bf after bf prince check tickets but only 9 tickets were available of this day Prince check tickets for next day and he get 2 tickets n idea came in his mind and he call Sam Sam came in and ask
Sam:yeah bhai
Prince: Sam only 9 tickets re available for tonight’s flight and there is 2 tickets for next day so I was thinking why not me n sofi
Sam:I got it bhai n I will not tell anyone but I will tell everyone at airport
prince:thanks and yeah on airport is fine
at airport Sam tell everyone that prince n sofi will come tomorrow haya,ruhi n yuvika was jealous but they leave for Riyadh
in Prince house
Sofia was sleeping and nobody told her anything when she wake up she saw time and thought why nobody wake her up she came out and saw the house empty then she call Prince it was ringing and the sound was coming from terrace she came on terrace it was covered from top but there was light because of candles and when sofia came little forward she saw it was decorated with rose and candles there was a bed cum sofa also then suddenly prince came from behind and sofia get scared after seeing him sofia said
sofia: prince u stupid u scared me
prince:aww my baby get scared well sorry for scaring u n now take this and get ready and he give a big box
sofia:what is this

prince:go inside and come after changing
sofia gone inside when she open the box it was a beautiful simple red and white lehenga saree with some Bengals, and matching jewelry she get ready and say to herself sofia this is the time today I will tell him everything then she came on terrace prince was standing in front of her he was wearing jeans and white shirt sofia came close to prince and said
sofia:prince I want to tel u something its about my past
prince:no need I know everything that your parents
sofia was shocked and ask
sofia:how did u know
prince:u told me everything that day when u were drunken
sofia:what and what about that what u said
prince:I lies it was a joke I’m sorry
sofia:that mean nothing happened between us
sofia was in tears and said
sofia:prince u know everything but still u don’t hate me
prince come close to her and cupped her face he wipe her tears and said
prince:yes I don’t hate u n why should I hate u what ever happened in your past its not your fault
sofia start crying and prince hug her and said
prince:please don’t cry
then he think something and said
prince:u r spoiling my romantic mood look I have decorated the terrace for us so that we can spend sometime together
sofia separate herself from him and wipe her tears and said
sofia:and what about our flight n where is everyone
prince:everyone is gone and we will go tomorrow because there was only 9 tickets available so I though why not we stay back and spend sometime together well u r looking really s*xy prince aid with naughty smile

sofia feel shy and she turn her face to go but prince held her from waist and hug her from behind and whisper in her ear
prince: I LOVE YOU
sofia turn her face to prince side and she hug tightly and prince hug her back n said
prince:sofia I want to hear this from u to what I said
sofia: I… I LOVE YOU
prince tighten his grip they stood there for 5 min then sofia try to go but prince pull sofia backward her back was touching his front prince removes her hair from right shoulder and put them on left and he open her blouse knots n he kiss her shoulder then neck she was standing with closed eyes and he was kissing her continuously then he pick her up in his arm and he take her to bed he lie her down on bed and he came on top of her then he kiss her forehead,eyes,cheeks and at last a deep kiss on lips they kiss for 5 min and then they hug each other and fall in deep sleep in each others arm
hey everyone how’s it I tried to write a romantic one so tell me after reading till then bye take care love u a lot guys… ???

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