Love Is All I Need (Part 10)

Episode 10
The episode start with sofia who is sleeping suddenly someone came in her room it was prince sofia get up and ask
sofia:prince what r u doing here
prince:I know everything about your past how can u do this to me u betrayed me I will never love u I hate u
sofia:prince I was going to tel u
prince:when tell me jab main apni zindagi jahanum bana leta tumhe apni wife bana leta I will never marry a girl who’s own parents leave her I hate u never show me your face
sofia was crying she hold his hand but he push her and she fall on floor she was crying and prince left she shout
and suddenly she wake up it was her dream she saw here and there and realize it was her dream she feel relax then suddenly her phone start to ring it was prince first sofia think not to pick up but then she couldn’t control so she pick up and said
sofia:what happened Prince
prince:sofi come on terrace fast
sofia get scared and ask
sofia:prince is everything alright
prince:first u come on terrace then I will tell u and he cut the call sofia immediately get up she was wearing short jeans and half sleeve shirt she take her shawl and came on terrace it was dark because there was shutters on terrace and it cover full sky and it become like a big room which was decorated with rose petals and candles and there was a table which was decorate with rose petals and there was a small heart shape cake on table and on cake this was written “Happy Birthday My Princess” and when she look down she was standing on heart it was made by rose petals suddenly prince hug sofia from behind and whisper in her ear
prince:Happy Birthday My Princess saying that he kiss her neck and sofia immediately turn to his side she separate herself from prince she has tears in her eyes prince came forward wipe her tears and cupped her face and said
prince:I know u had bad memories of this day but today I want to make this day the best day of your life I know its difficult but we can try because I love this day u know why because today my Angel was born will u please celebrate this day for me n with me please
sofia nods in yes and hug prince he hug her back tightly they stood there for 5 to 10 min hugging then sofia realize that they r hugging and she try to separate herself from him but he didn’t let go and said
prince:if I will get a hug like this then I’m ready to give u surprise everyday
sofia hit him with her hands then he leave her and hold her hand n they walk toward the table sofia smile looking at the table then she cuts the cake prince make her eat with his hand and she also make prince eat with her hand then prince play the song phele nazar main from race and prince hold sofia hand he pull her closer then the song start

Pehli Nazar Mein
Kaise Jaado Kar Diya
Tera Ban Baita Hai
Mera Jiya
Jaane Kya Hoga
Kya Hoga Kya Pata
Is Pal Ko Milke
Aa Jee Le Zara

Mein Hoon Yahan
Tu Hai Yahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa
Aa Bhi Ja
O Jaan-E-Jaan
Dono Jahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa
Bhool Ja Aa 

O Jaan-E-Jaan
Dono Jahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa
Bhool Ja Aa

Baby I Love U, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You … So..
Baby I Love U
Oh I Love U
I Love U
I Love U So
Baby I Love U

prince and sofia was lost in each others eyes sofia was loved so much by him that she forget her bitter memories of this day

Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyaar Hai
Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai
Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkar Hai
Tujhse Hai Rahtein
Tujhse Hai Chahtein 

Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyaar Hai
Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai
Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkar Hai
Tujhse Hai Rahtein
Tujhse Hai Chahtein 

Tu Jo Mili Ek Din Mujhe
Mein Kahin Ho Gaya Lapata

( O Jaan-E-Jaan
Dono Jahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa
Bhool Ja Aa ) … (2)

prince spin her and sofia try to go but he hold her hand and pull her closer to him and he whisper in her ear
prince: now I will not let u go away from me no matter what happened saying that he hug her tightly and she hug him back

( Kar Diya Deewana Dard-E-Kash Ne
Chain Cheena Isqh Ke Ehsaas Ne
Bekhayali Di Hai Tere Pyaas Ne
Chaya Suroor Hai
Kuch To Zaroor Hai ) … (2)

Yeh Dooriyan
Jeene Na De
Hal Mera Tujhe Na Pata

( O Jaan-E-Jaan
Dono Jahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa
Bhool Ja Aa ) … (2)

Baby I Love U, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You … So..
Baby I Love U
Oh I Love U
Baby I Love U
I Love U…

and song finish

after dance they sat on the floor and they talk for sometime prince one hand was on sofia shoulder and second one was joint with Sofia’s hand n sofia rest her head on Prince’s chest then sofia fall in sleep so prince take her in his arms and he gone to her room he make her lie on bed as he was going he stop in mid because sofia hold his hand in sleep he try to take his hand but she didn’t leave so he sat on the right side of bed because she was in mid he was close to her for sometime he just stare her then he didn’t know when he fall asleep
In Morning sofia wake up and saw prince was staring her prince saw her awake and said
prince:good morning baby
sofia immediately get up and sit little far from prince and said
sofia:good morning and don’t call me baby by the way how I came here we were on terrace na and what are u doing here in my bed
prince:wait wait yaar so many question please
first I will call u whatever I want to and second u fall asleep that’s why I take u to your room and I was sleeping here because u hold my hand n didn’t let me go even right now u r holding and he make her see there hands which was joint together
sofia immediately leave his hand and get up
prince:go get ready fast and come down I m going
sofia:OK and she gone in washroom
prince came down he saw everyone was sitting on dinning table prince sat and told that today is Sofia’s birthday and plan a surprise birthday party he instruct everyone but yuvika said
yuvika:I don’t think we should plan she never celebrate it will be a waste of time
prince get angry but he didn’t show and said
prince:yuvika come with me I want to talk to u
prince take yuvika to terrace and before going he said to everyone don’t wish her
they reach terrace Prince close the door
yuvika:what happened
prince:yuvika do u think I’m blind or what
yuvika:what r u saying
prince:I can see what r u doing with sofi I know u make her drink juice didn’t u
yuvika:no I didn’t make her drink alcohol
prince:I didn’t even said alcohol then how u know that she drink alcohol
yuvika get tense then Prince said
prince:from now on if I see u near her then the result will be bad
yuvika:prince u r scolding me for that blo*dy b*t*h as she said prince hold her left arm tightly and was about to slap her but stop and said
prince:don’t u dare yuvika
yuvika:why did u stop because I’m a girl huh
prince:yes I stop myself if there would be a boy I would have killed u till now and yes I didn’t hit u because u r a girl because my parents teach me always respect women no matter what even if the girl don’t deserve it yuvika I’m waring u last time I don’t want to see u near her and if u tried to harm her then I will forget that u r a girl saying that prince leave

At Dinning Table
sofia was having bf with everyone then prince sat on the chair beside sofia and they finish there bf then they were having tea prince saw that sofia has finish her bf so he held her hand under the table as she feel that prince is holding her hand she looked at him and he just smiled she tried to free her hand but he didn’t leave then prince msg sofia
prince:finish your tea and go get ready
sofia phone ring she saw prince msg and then look at him prince say her to look through his eyes sofia read the msg and reply
prince:because we r going out today is your birthday and I want to celebrate it fully
sofia:OK I will go to get ready but first u leave my hand
prince read the msg and leave her hand then she get up and gone to her room to get ready as she left prince tell everyone that he is taking sofia out so that they can decorate the house
sofia came down and she was wearing Romantic Beaded Scoop White Lace Dress and prince was also ready wearing Blue Jeans White Shirt And Blazer as Prince and sofia was walking toward door prince hold Sofia’s hand then he open the door of his black sport car and make her sit prince start the car and sofia said
sofia:where are we going
prince:its a surprise but i can tell u that u surely will love the surprise
sofia:when we will come back because we have to complete our practice as we are going tomorrow night
prince:umm what’s the time right now
sofia:its 2:00 Pm
prince:we will be back till 8:00 pm
then first prince take sofia to beach there wasn’t many people there prince and sofia walk on sand without shoes for 2 hours talking and holding hands then prince take sofia for lunch after lunch its was 5:30 pm then prince take sofia to ice cream parlour they take ice cream and sat there they were taking and didn’t realize what time it is then prince saw time it was 6:00 pm prince then take sofia for shopping she refuse saying she don’t want anything but he buy many things for her like dresses with matching accessories,shoes and purse after shopping it was 7:00 pm at last prince take sofia for long drive and at 8:30 they reach home prince open the door and sofia come out she was really happy and she said to prince
sofia:thanks prince I totally love ur surprise
prince:just thanks
sofia:what else u want
prince:not much just a kiss
sofia think for sometime then she said
sofia:OK but u have to close it eyes
first prince was shocked that how easily she agreed but then prince close his eyes as he close his eyes she kiss his cheeks and said
prince:what is this
sofia:u said u want kiss so I give u
prince:u don’t know where to kiss your boyfriend he said this coming close to her
sofia: prince what r u doing look we are outside
prince:so what I’m coming close to my princess
sofia saw prince coming really closer o she run from their and immediately ring the door bell
on the other side prince msg Sam that we r back and Sam reply u can come inside with sofia
prince come to sofia and sofia said
sofia:no one is opening door
prince:wait I have keys
then prince open the door and as sofia come in side suddenly lights on and everybody shout happy birthday sofia
she was shocked and then she looked at prince he just smiled and she also smiled then they celebrate her birthday everyone give gifts
party was over and everyone gone to there room respectively when sofia enter in her room she saw prince was sitting on bed sofia ask
sofia:what are u doing here
prince:actually I brought a gift for u but I wanted to give u when we are alone
sofia:gift again
prince: yes this is last and close your eyes
sofia: ok and she close her eyes
prince take out a box from behind he open the box prince said
prince:now open your eyes
sofia open her eyes and was shocked it was a chain with heart shape diamond prince saw sofia and said
Prince: didn’t u like it
sofia:I love it but
prince:but what
sofia: I can’t take this
prince:but why
sofia:because its so expensive I can’t take this sorry
prince:yeah it might be expensive but what u want to see its price or my happiness
sofia:ur happiness
prince:so wear this it will make me happy so please accept this
sofia:umm OK
Then Prince take sofia in front of mirror and make her wear then he said
Prince: u r increasing its beauty
sofia blush then prince said
prince:u look more beautiful when u blush
sofia:prince stop it please
prince:OK fine now u take rest u must be tired good night and sweet dreams saying that he kiss her forehead and sofia wish him same then he gone in his room he lie down on bed thinking about sofia and on the other side sofia also lie down on bed and was smile seeing chain and thing about prince then both doze off
hey everyone how are you all
and here is the next part as I said I will post it soon so here it is now read it n tell me how’s it till then bye tc love u all ?????? ?

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    1. Lakshmi this is just the start of his love in upcoming episode u will see that to what extent he can go for his love… ??

  6. awesome episode !!! I really love it……n I like especially the character of Mr. Prince. Hope soon Prince confers his feelings

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