Love Is All I Need (Last Episode)


Episode 12

the episode start when sofia wake up in morning and saw prince was sleeping beside her then she remember what happened last night and smile she get up and gone to her room she get ready in jeans and kurti and make bf for both then she came on terrace with bf and wake prince up and said
sofia:Prince get up look its 10:30 and bf is getting cold get up prince open his eyes and he saw her in front of her then he pull her and she fall on him n he held her tightly water was falling from her hair because she had shower prince lock her hair behind her ear and touch her cheeks in a romantic way she feel shy and hide her face in his chest then he make her face him and then he kiss her first he kiss softly then it become harder and harder they kiss like that for about 30 min then sofia told him to get ready and they had bf after bf they go on beach and spend sometime together walking on sand holding hands then they came back and start getting ready for there flight and then they teach airport and sat on flight then they reach Riyadh when they came out Sam call prince he pick the phone n said
prince:yeah Sam

Sam:bhai I had sent a car for both of u its black BMW
prince:yeah mil gayi OK bye
then prince and sofia sat on back seat driver drive the car distance from airport to the wedding house was 2 hours prince and sofia was sitting in middle holding hands then prince hug sofia and then fall asleep then before they reach house prince wake up and ask
prince:or kitna time

driver:bas Sir agaya that n they reach house prince wake up sofia and prince ring the door bell and prince all cousins (females) open the door (cousins name:sona, alia, nisha, piya and sunheri and male cousins: Raj, jay, prem, abhi and raghav actually they are here for raghav’s wedding)
as they open door everyone take prince inside and left sofi outside sofi feel jealous but she control her anger then Sam saw sofia standing at door and she welcome her sofia came inside and prince he was busy with his cousins and he don’t have even a second to look at her she feel sad and jealousy then sofia gone in her room Prince saw her sad n he understand what she felt after taking prince come to seher and both cleverly make everyone agree to give prince the room upstairs near terrace because he like to go on terrace but the actual reason was sofia because Sofia’s room was also near terrace he take the room beside sofia then both fresh n up and rest for sometime
in this house was only youngsters and all elder was in other house
In night

everyone was sat in garden and there was a campfire in mid then raghav came with his would to be fiance her name was shakti
just then sofia came and sit beside mehru then everyone insist prince to sing and prince sing
Khoobsurat Hai Tu Itna by Falak

he start singing and he was looking at sofia

Khoobsurat hai tu itna 
Sahaa nahi jaata
Kaise hum khudko rok lein 
Raha nahi jaata (x2)

Chaand mein daag hai ye jaante hain hum lekin
Raat bhar dekhe bina usko raha nahi jaata
Khoobsurat hai tu itna sahaa nahi jaata

Jo mera ho nahi paayega
Is jahaan mein kahin
Ruh bankar milunga usko aasma mein kahin
Pyaar dharti par farishton se kiya nahi jaata
Khoobsurat hai tu itna sahaa nahi jaata
Kaise hum khudko rok le raha nahi jaata

prince was just continuously staring sofia after sometime sofia saw prince is looking at her n he was looking her with such intensity that she just couldn’t bear it and she turn her face to other side

Mmm… mm..
Aankh mein kaid kiye baitha
Main ik haseen lamha
Jab main is neend se jaagunga
Toh dil tutega
Tu mujhe khwaab koi kyu dikha nahi jaata

Khoobsurat hai tu itna 
Sahaa nahi jaata
Kaise hum khud ko rok lein 
Rahaa nahi jaata
Khoobsurat hai tu itna sahaa nahi jaata

and song finish but prince was still looking at sofia then everyone start playing truth and dare everyone played and now its prince turn he choose truth then alia ask prince
alia:do u love someone
prince without delay said
prince:yes I do and I’m madly in love with her
sofia after hearing prince felt so happy and special that a wide smile came on her face prince saw her smile and smiles alia again ask
alia:what’s her name
prince:one at a time
after game everyone gone in there room respectively and doze off
next morning everyone get up and come down for bf she. they reach dinning table they were shocked because prince parents were sitting there prince,Sanam,seher n mahira came to them and hug them after that prince ask
prince:dad app log yahan
adarsh:han beta hum yahan shadi main ayein hai
prince:but dad app logo ne Toh kaha that k app log nahi ayein gay
adarsh:han but apne bete ki shadi main Toh ana hi that

adarsh: matlab ye k tumhare or sofia ki shadi raghav or shakti k sath hi hogi
everyone get shocked
but then everyone celebrate and after 1 month
wedding day
prince and sofia get married sofia was sitting on bed prince came inside and lock the door he came close to sofia and said
prince:I Love You My Princess
sofia:I Love You Too My Prince
then prince came more close and remove sofia’s jewelry and he kiss her forehead,eyes,cheeks,neck,shoulder and a deep kiss on lips and then they consummate there marriage

thanks a lot guys u support me so much love u a lot I promise that I will not disappoint u with my next story I will post its 1 episode soon till then byr take care love u lots ??????

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  2. End kyu kiya yaar yeah kya baat hogai yaar…. awesome story

    1. thanks a lot and I’m writing a new story that’s why I end this one ?
      I’m sure the way u like this story u will also like the other story ♥?

  3. Really amazing story .

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