Ritik and Shivanya get married in a very grand manner. And they head towards Panchner Haveli. The reach and the priest says that Ritik and Shivanya are not supposed to consummate their marriage before tomorrow night. Ritik gets sad and seeing him all his brothers and sisters tease him. Maya says that since Ritik got married today he has to cook food for everyone. Ritik looks on but others say that he has to. He finally accepts. He goes to the kitchen and plans to cook rotis, chicken nuggets, chicken butter masala, malai cofta, dal makhani, Palak, green Thai curry and curd rice. Ritik takes the cook book and reads the recipes and decides to take out the ingredients. Shivanya comes there and laughs at Ritik and he challenges her that he will cook food better than her. She accepts the challenge. Ritik opens the loft to take out the ingredients and realises that more than Half of the ingredients are not available. He decides to make the dough first and then go for shopping. He opens another loft and the atta falls on him. Shivanya starts laughing. He makes the dough and decided to cook rajma first as the ingredients were available. He put all the ingredients required. Shivanya suddenly started laughing. When Ritik asked her what she said that he had forgotten to light the stove. He prepared rajma and went for shopping. He came back after a while and was shocked to see all the dishes cooked by Shivanya. He asked if it was not cheating and she replied saying that no and this is love. All of them have dinner and its the time to sleep. Ritik goes to one room and Shivanya to the other. It suddenly starts raining and Shivanya comes to get wet when Ritik also comes. Both get wet and enjoy. They are fully drenched and Shivanya started heading
In when Ritik stopped her and said that tomorrow night you will become mine. Shivanya gets shy and runs inside . Both change their clothes and come and stand near the window thinking about each other. Shivanya says to herself that no one can stop her from becoming his tomorrow night..

The screen flashes on both their happy faces.

To be continued….

Precap: rivanya Suhaagraat romance.

Guys please comment below if you like it. From the next episode there will be rivanya romance.., rate me out of 10 points guys. The election poll begins…..

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