I love you Mrs Maheshwari – Teaser

I love you Mrs Maheshwari  teaser

Hey guys

  I Know It’s Been a long since I updated  and you  all must be ready to kill me now .  I’m really sorry guys for not updating I will try to be regular. So let’s start…………

Scene  1

Swasan  were sleeping peacefully in each others embrace . Suddenly  sanskar’s sleep broke due to a sound from his phone. He woke up and saw a message from an unknown number . He opens it and saw

       “Hey Sankyyyyyyy             
                 I’m BACK”
Sanskar’s  phone fall down from his hands seeing it . He  wipes the sweat from his forehead and whispers     “NO………..”

Scene 2

Swara  was buttoning  Sanskar’s  shirt and he was standing by holding her waist .

  You should come today early sanskar 
   Anything special ????
  Nothing special….. but I want you here then we three………
   (Interrupted by the calling bell )
    Sanskar You get ready I will go and check
   No you’re not well so I will go ………
   I will check sanskar I’m pregnant  not a patient so I will go nd         check  you have to go to office look at the time it’s 8 30 . Get     ready fast

    Okay Madam


  Yes Who Are You ( Swara Said Opening The door)

   The person turns removing his glasses wearing a SKULT grey    shirring jacket  with black pants.


    Sanskar who came behind Swara getting ready saw the  man      and gets shocked while the man smirks….

Scene 3

    Swara was sitting in the middle of the bed holding her knees    and burying her head in her knees.

   Swara beta eat this

   Please  beta you didn’t eat anything since yesterday

   How can I eat ma ( Swara said while sobbing bitterly ) I  did   Such a big mistake  no its not  a mistake it’s a sin I destroyed  our   Life I KILLED our happiness I killed ………
   Before she could complete her mother hugged her

So guys this is the first teaser of my ff .

What do you  think about it???????.

Should comment ……..

Guys if you have any suggestions or views then please tell it to

me You can message me also

Okay then bye………..
Take care……


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  1. Simi

    Shocking teaser

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    Good one update soon

    1. Ifza

      Thanks dear will try to update it soon

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    Post soon

    1. Ifza

      Ya will try 🙂

  4. Interesting teaser..

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