I love you Mrs Maheshwari part 8 b

I love you Mrs Maheshwari part 8

Hi guys…… anyone missed me i think more than missing all might be angry on me for not posting ilymm im really sorry guys ols forgive me for that i will try to be regular . Ok so lets start……

After some days……

Sw – sanskar look (while tieing his tie)

San – hmmm (pulling her through waist and nuzzling his nose on her cheek)

Sw – (pushes him angrily) sanskar . You tie it yourself

San – no no pls

Sw – then dont do any tantrums got it

San – ok boss

Sw – (she again started to tie ) sanskar

San – hmm (slowly wrap his hands around her waist)

Sw –  sanskar

San – shona

Sw – will you buY one thing for me please (tied his tie)

San – shona you dont need to request me for anything you can……

Sw -(interupts by showing her hand) please haa dont start your lecture

San – (shocked ) whattt im saying lecture swara yo…….

Sw – (pushes him)  will you stop it or not….. im going (turns to go but he pulls her back)

San – okkk say what do u want

Sw – (turns and started to play with his shirt buttons)i want….

San – you want

Sw – i want chocolate specially ferrero rocher (my favourite?) then galaxy mars kit kat cadbury snickers boundy twix and ha in galaxy you should bring flutes also got it

San – ( shocked fully) sh..o..n..a….

Sw – what

San – thi…..s…..mu…c..h….

Sw – (angry )what Mr Sanskar Maheshwari the famous business tycoon cant even buy a chocolate for his wife

San – swara lo…

Sw – if  you didnt bring chocolate then dont come here

San – what…….

Sw – its time for you to go

San – let….me…ta…

Sw – are you going or not

San – ya but…..

Sw – then go and bring chocolate for me

San – swara…….

Sw – and ha you should bring the same chocolate which i said bye

She pushes him and closes the door before closing she throws his bag to him

San – (to himself) what is this yaar . She didnt even let me talk also sending me to office without giving me breakfast that is also good as i dont like to eat it.Her behaviour is just STRANGE!!!!!!!

Sir here is your breakfast said the peon to sanskar

San – breakfast!!!!

Pe – sir madam sent you this and also this note

San – note
      Sanskar i know you’ll be happy that you didnt eat
        breakfast but my dear hubby im extremely sorry
      you have to eat fully and dont try to escape . You’ll
                                                                Your’s lovingly

San – oh god this mad one but i love this one

He ate his breakfast

At night

Sw – (happily) sanskar did you bring chocolates(saw his tired face)
Sanskar  are you okay

Make him sit on the couch

San – im fine shona

Sw – no youre not fine (touches his cheeks) do you need anything

San – (nodes no)

Sw – you go and change your clothes by the time i will make a tea for you and your all tiredness will fly away. So go

Swara enters the room with a cup of tea and find sanskar laying on the bed by putting his on his head

Sw – sanskar

She sits on the bed and he put his head on her lap nuzzling his nose into her belly. She feels tickling and caress his hair.

Sw -(while caressing his hair) get up and drink the tea

San – after some time (hiding his face on her belly)

She laughs at his antics

Sw – no get up

San – pleasee let me sleep

Sw – okay but after drinking tea (makes him sit)

San – huu

Sw – here it is (forward him the tea)

“Waise sanksar where is my chocolate” ask swara in a childish way and with happiness n excitement showing in her eyes

Chocolate……hmm.. shona im sorry i forgot to bring it …. he chuckles while saying it but didnt show to her

Really..you…forgot..to …bring….chocolates asked swara with a cute pout

Hmm….dont worry i will buy it tomorrow for you …..is …it…okay

No need (with tears ) i..wi..ll (sniffs) bring your dinner

She starts to leave

Swara are u okay….(he hides his laughter)


She leaves the room

He laughs at her


Here is your dinner sanskar

Hmm…thank…you.. ( he  said leaning to the head board of the bed)
Come (he pulls her and made her sit beside him)

Did you ate…. he ask her holding her closer to his embrace


Come lets eat together

No,…you eat i will ……afterwards..

No…we..will..eat together

He takes  a morsel and feeds her. She too did the same.

Lets sleep  its getting late

No its not late shona, its just 10

Its 10 sanskar come and sleep

Then sleep ……he lay down in the bed
I thought of  giving some chocolates to my wife but i think she dont like it

What…..sanskar you have chocolate with you

Swara let me sleep , im hell tired

Sanskar (pulling him) say did u bring chocolate


Where is it give me

I will give you but one thing


You have to give me a return gift

I will


Pacca …… give me my chocos

(Takes out from under the pillow) here it is

Thank uuuuu so much (tightly kisses his cheek)


Ya im very much happy you know youre the best I LOVE YOU

I love you too (kissing her forehead)

She started to eat the chocolate without wasting a second. Sanskar was admirjng his cute wifes antics. Now she is eating the chocolate just like a small child. Sanskar puts the hair back of her ear which was disturbing his view . Chocolate got spread in all over her face he suddenly got an urge to kiss her here and there.


Hmm…… busy in eating chocolates

I didnt get my return gift

Cannt u see im busy right now

No …problem….. i can take my gift

Dont disturb me

I will not butttttt you should not disturb me


He makes her lay on the bed and he too settles himself beside her. Swara was too engrossed in eating chocolate . He slowly remove the knot of her nighty. And started to kiss and bite her neck.



He then started to suck the chocolate which was spread on her face. He kiss her eyes , nose cheeks and pecks the corner of her lips.

Is the chocolate tasty….

Ya very tasty

But i dont think so


Sweet is less

No (eats a piece of chocolates) it is tasty

Without wasting a second he put his lips on her lips. She was shocked for a moment but came to senses when he bite her lips hardly. She gasps and taking it as a chance he enters his mouth. She too started to respond him.

Now sweet is there

(She blushes hardly) you…..

He again kisses her and came on top of her. Puts his hand on her waist and started to pull her more closer . She too responds him and puts her hands on his neck pulling him more closer. Swara feels a pain in her belly . She didnt mind it and they were lost in their kiss . Suddenly the pain started to increase and she was not able to hold it. She started to push sanskar but he didnt leave her and was kissing her wildly . But he stopped when he saw her face which was showing her pain and also tears in the corner of her eyes.

Shona….. what happend are ….you..okay (cups her face)

Aaahh sanskar (she cries holding her belly)

Swara(he sits on the bed and she was laying on the bed)

Sanskar….a.ahhh…maaaa….it i..s..s.. pa…i..n…i..n..g…sa..n..ss..


He took water and make her drink

Are you….fine…shona… (make her sit on the bed )

Hmmm(holds his hand) im …f..ine…

He hugs her tightly he breaks the hug and kisses her forehead and join their forehead.

What happend shona

Dont know suddenly i got pain in my stomach

Im sorry

Shh its okay im fine now then whats the problem hmm
(She  hugs him) nothing happend okay

(Hugs her back) hmm

Next day

Swara was in kitchen making breakfast but more than making it she was lost in her own thoughts but it got broked when sanskar started to shout for her from their room.

San – (shouts) shona

Sw – (loudly) coming…

She enters the room and was totally shocked seeing it. The dresses from cupboard were fallen down and were in different parts of the room in couch in bed etc. The bed sheet of the bed was fallen down. Totally the whole room was messed up and sanskar was standing in the middle of that with a confused face putting his both hands at his waist.

   SANSKAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (shouts loudly)

San – s..h..o..n..a… (gulped seeing her anger)

Sw – what is this?? What have you done?? Do you know how much difficult is there to clean all this mess?? Have you any idea?? If you were searching anything you could have asked me but no the great sanskar maheshwari…

She couldnt talk further as her husband pinned her to the wall and puts his lips on hers. He holds her hand and pinned them top of her head. She was struggling to get out from his  grip but he was not leaving her. Soon she also started to respond him . He was kissing her hardly making her lips to bleed soon they broke it

Aahh(pushes sanskar and touches her swollen lips and looks at sanskar  angrily)

Sorry (holds her shoulder and said)

Huu go i dont want your sorry

But i need my forgiveness from my wife *winks*

But your wife is not ready to forgive you now


Ha so you better try next time

But i will get forgiveness from my wife now itself

…..she gives him a confused look…..

He smiles naughtily and started to tickle her. She could not control and burst out into laughter. She falls on the bed and he came upon her and started to tickle her.

Will my wife forgive me now ha (smiles naughtily)

(feels pain in her stomach but hides it) no….

Really(he again started to tickle her)

Aa please stoooooop (with pain)

Shona are you okay

Im fine sanskar

Get ready we are going to hospital its the second time youre getting pain

Sanskar (holds his hand) trust me im fine no need to go to hospital plss and youre also having today meeting so….

Youre important to me more than anything got it . Come lets go

Sanskar(hugs him he also hugs her back tightly) i will go today but not now (he was going to speak )shh i will call ragini and will go with but now my husband need to eat breakfast and go to office and need to attend a meeting . So be a good boy and….


No not a word

Youre not well yaar

Plsss sanskar trust me i will go with ragini today itself


Pacca okay

Hmm(he hugs her)

A big mansion is shown

A man is sitting on a chair when another man came

Man 2  sir…..

Man 1 hmm do you find all the information about him

Man 2 yes sir. He is the son of  a business man in India and he is also the co owner of maheshwari industries and…..

Man 1 i also know this any other what about his personal life

Man 2 sir he is married some months ago

Man 1 who is she

Man 2 sir you know her father . She is the daughter of Raj Malhotra , Swara…..Swara Sanskar Maheshwari

Man 1 Swara…….

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