I love you Mrs Maheshwari (Episode 8)

2 am

Swasan were sitting on the bed . Sanskar resting his head on headboard and swara putting her head on his chest. Both were covered with blanket. Sanskar was playing with her hair and she was making patterns on his bare chest.

San – shonaa
Sw – hmm
San – thank you very much for all these
Sw – i think someone is forgetting the rule which himself has made
San – (laughs) ok i take my thank you back is it okay
Sw – ya
San  – who said you about my birthday and all
Sw – ragini
San – ragini
Sw – ya laksh told her so and she gave me idea to (blushes) confess my feelings to you today itself
San – this was my best birthday shona (pulls her closer to his embrace  and kisses her tip of nose)
Sw – (she replied to him back by kissing his chin)

San – thank god my unromantic wife became romantic
Sw – (she hits his chest playfully) you ll always tease me go i will not talk to you (pouts and moves from his embrace)
San – (pulls her again to his embrace) hey dont dare to go away from me got it
Sw – (pouts) hmm but you are teasing me
San – (kisses her pout) you and your pout. I love you so much and i love to tease you also.
Sw – sanskar will you fulfil my wish
San – hello ita my birthday and i should ask you but here is vice versa
Sw – ok tell me whats your wish
San – to hold the sympol of our love in my arms (she was blushing ) (leans to her and whispers huskily) soon
Sw – sanskar…..
San – will you fulfill my wish shona .  Its MY DREAM to hold our prince or princess in my arms. Im waiting for that moment . You also like childrens right
Sw – (she was blushing like hell and was not replying to him due to shyness and hugs him even more closer)
San – (he also hugs her tightly) hahahahaha shona yoire blushing this much now itself now im sure some one is gonna enter our life soon as i cannot control myself when you blush this much.
Sw – (blushes) stop it sanskar , by the way how much childrens you want
San – i want two but i dont mind if it is ten or more than that. You have to give them to me
Sw – (blushes and hides her face in his chest) really you need that much childrens.
San – hahahah joking dear
Sw – you  like boy or girl
San – i dont mind if it is girl or boy important is that they are the sympol of our pure love . Thats all i need
Sw – then also say na

San – i need a girl first then a boy
Sw – why girl first
San – she will be my princess and we both will  tease you so much. And if she get a younger brother im sure she will protect him like you do with rahul. You re there always for him. If your mood is off then im sure that youre missing rahul right.
Sw – (tears) hmmm
San – (wipes tears) dont you dare . It doesnt suits you got it.
Sw – hmm . I miss him badly. You know at night we both used to go out alone . By hiding from bodyguards and papa mamma. And will road side food and all . I m missing him a lot
San – hey leave all this tomorrow will call him ok
Sw – hmm
San – now say about your wish
Sw – not now i will tell it later

San – okay.
Sw – tomorrow we will go out and will enjoy fully
San – done. Where do you want to go
Sw – first church then shopping then beach and at night we will spent time here okay.
San –  (smiles naughtily) spenting time here means i didnt get it . Ohhhh i understood to do romance right (pulls her closer) lets do it right now im always ready for it.
Sw – (pushes him) hello mr. its not doing romance we both will together make dinner and we will talk full night okay. Always romance romance
San – huuu , but now i can do fomance right
Sw – no sanskar no look its 2 we need to sleep im very much tired
San – no shona lets do some romance then we will sleep. And i will make your tiredness to go away . You know na im very much expert kn it (smiles naughtily)
He pulls her to the bed and came on top of her without wasting any time he was kissing her neck and removes the blanket from her and started to kiss her chest . All she could do was to blush and mourn. She clutches the sheet tightly. He was kissing her bos**s and was kneading the other . Soon he enters into her making her to escape a loud noise. He kissed her lips to divert her and she became calm. Both then started to enjoy their love making.


Swasan were sleeping peacefully such that sanskar was keeping his hand on her waist and her face facing his. Swara wakes up and saw sanskar sleeping peacefully with a smile . She kisses his nose tip and he snuggled his face in her neck. She smiled at his antics. Without disturbing his sleep swara came out from his grip and wear sanskars shirt. She pecks his lips and gets uo from the bed .She was feeling pain while walking and slowly she reach near the balcony . She was welcoming the cool breeze when she finds HIS  touch on her waist. He hugs her back through waist While covering both of them in a silk duvet.

Sanskarr whispered swara by holding his hands which were on her waist.

San – hmmm (nuzzling his face in her hair)
Sw – happy birthday
San – thank you
Swara turns and hugs him through waist by putting her head on his bare chest. They both were feeling each others warmth but got disturbed by a call on sanskars phone.

Sw – take the call sanskar ( takes her head from his chest but still her hands wrapped around his waist)

San –  no (puts her head back on his chest ) let it be
Sw – it might be an important call
San – no problem . They are disturbing us so we dont want to take it
Sw -but
San – shhh dont talk
The call got  off
They both again got busy in hugging each other
But got disturbed again but this time from swaras phone

San – arghhh who the …
Sw – sanskarrr

She takes the call

Sw – hello
Op – hi bhabhi
Sw – laksh you
Lak – bhabhi come on skype . We all want to wish him
Sw – ok
Cuts the call

Sw – it is laksh
San – lucky
Sw – ha he was asking us to come on skype
San – ohh i will connect it

He goes and takes the laptop and was going to sit on couch when swara shouted

Sw – sanskarrrrr
San – what happend swara
Sw –  are you going to talk to him like this(blushes)
He looks at him and smiles naughtily at swara

Sw – change your shirt fast wait i will take it
She goes to wardrobe

San – (goes near her) no need to take a new one shona
Sw – why what happend
San – already one is here
Sw – where is it
San -(pulls her through waist) here it is (indicating his shirt which she has wore)
Sw – sanskar (blushes) atleast now please dont start it again
Sw – im not going to start anything im just (removing the shirt buttons) taking my shirt back
Sw – (pushes him and buttons it back) sanskar
San – what sanskar . Give my shirt back or else i will take it out
Sw – sanskar you have thousands of shirts go and wer any of them
San – no i want this shirt only
Sw –  ok i will give you
She was going to washroom by taking her clothes but he stops her

San – i need my shirt (huskily) right now from here (moves closer to her)
Sw – (blushes ) sanskar stop i ….wil…l give m…o.ve ba..c..k… (goes backwards)
San – no baby
Sw – sanskar i will give you let me go to washroom
San – you can change it from here itself baby ( nuzzles his nose on her neck)
Sw – sanskar pleasee

Their moments got break by a phone call

San – swara trust me one dAy i will throw this stupid thing from our lives

Swara laughs and runs to washroom . Sanskar went and took a shirt and connects through skype

Happy birthday……….

All family wishes him


GUYS ending it here . Sorry if the part is small .
Our swaragini is  finished . But still and will always our swasan will be in our hearts.
Miss you swasan


  1. crazy princess

    lovely episide will miss swasan 😢😢but never mind FF zindabad amazing chappy plz update mote soon cant wait😇😇😇😇

  2. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Awsum.loved.it…Sanskaar is sooo shamlesz 🙈🙈🙈..bt loved him n His Naughtiness..bt haa Sanskaar was ryt..along widhim.i also help him in throwing those stupid things out 😅😅😅…Continue sokn wid swasan romance in it..hehhe 🙈🙈🙈

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