I love you Mrs Maheshwari (Episode 7)


Hello guys thanks for commenting here we go with the next part

Swara……. sanskar calls her who was busy in making the bed ready

He passes a box to her

Its my gift for tomorrows functions

Sw – thank….sorry.. no

Sanskar smiles its ok

San –  check it and say how is it
Sw – mmm
Sw  – it is so pretty
San – did you like it
Sw – i loved it
San – thank god i thought that my selection will not be good . Thank you
Sw – person who make the rule himself is breaking it .
San – i take my words back.
Sw – that is fine
San – swara   i  want to say something
Sw – mmm
San – actually i used to live in US  before marriage only three months back i came here so i want to go back due to office issues……
Swaras smile fades
Sw – (turns her back ) so when  you are going back  (holding her tears)
He saw she was upset through mirror
He smiles and hugs her from back
San – tomorrow is the flight
Sw -(shocked) tomorrow
San – ha any problem (smiles naughtily)
Sw – no nothing but tomorrows function
San – flight is at night 10
Sw – (breaks the hug) so need to pack the lagguage right
San – now itself
Sw – what if you didnt get time tomorrow (tears)
San – (cups her face ) why are you crying
Sw –
San – swara (he hugs her) how can i leave my bacha and go
Sw – (she hugs him back) hmmm…. means…
San – i came here alone but when i am going back i am going to take MY SHONA with me
Sw – you are taking me with you
San – yes (wipes her tears and kiss her forehead)
Sw – why you didnt say to me before
San – i was going  to say but thought to tease you(laughs)
Sw – how mean

She took a pillow and start to beat him he start to run . The whole room was filled with their laughter. Atlast both lay on bed panting heavily. Sanskar stares swara admiring her smile . She was looking into his eyes . Sanskar move towards her and came on top of her she was feeling shy. He kiss her forehead , eyes , cheeks, nose and peck her lips.
San – always be like this he kisses her lips.
Sw – will you fulfil my one wish
San – (peck her lips) always not one wish all the wish you wished for. What is it
He sits on the bed and she too sits beside him.
Sw – wo.. will you take me out
San – of course. Your wish is just to go out
Sw – no. I always wish to go out in the middle of night but couldnt. Dad will not allow he  was very much afraid thknking that what if anything happens to me because of his business rivals. To protect our family he took us abroad and i dont have any much beautiful memories in India.  
San – so you want some beautiful memories from here
Sw- hmmm
San – you want to go out now
Sw – (happily) yes will you take me. If you cant no problem
San – i didnt said i am having any problem
Come lets go……..

Out of happiness she hugs him by neck very tightly and kisses his cheeks he also hugs her back.

San – (hugging) i was not knowing if i fulfil your one wish i will get so many kisses
Sw – (blushes and breaks the hug)
San – lets go
He drags her
Sw – but we need to inform mom or amyone they might get worried
San – no they might be sleeping

In car

San – where do you want to go
Sw – (thinks ) mmm beach
They reach and swara runs towards sea like a small child. Sanskar found a new shade of swara . Who is a little bit childish he smiles seeing her happy. She was playing with water and laughing whole heartedly . She playfully throw water on sanskar. They both  enjoyed .

Sw – stop stop
San – what happend
Swara shows  him the direction
San – you want to eat golgappa
Sw – (nodes)

San – bhaiyya golgappa  less spicy
(Guys i dont know anything about golgappa if mistakes are there pls forgive me)
Sw -no i want spicy
San – swara you might not have eat any spicy items so need
Sw – but i want to try please (puppy face)
San – (melts ) ok but only some
Sw -thank you….

They reach home

Swasan room

Swara and sanskar freshen up and sanskar was going to sleep

San – hey what did you call me
Sw – sanskar ji
San – am i dreaming. My wife calls me by my name for the first but there need to change something
Sw – what is it
San – i am not that much older that you can call me ji
Sw – but you  are my husband and i should respect you
San – ya but there is no need of any formalities between us. You should call me only sanskar got it
SW – no pls i cant..how can ì…..call you by name.
San – you should call me by name otherwise i am not going to talk to you
Sw – no… please
San – (smiles naugtily) then call me sanskar
He starts to move towards her and she was going back . She hit the wall when she was going he pulls her through waist.
San – (huskily) call me sanskar
Sw – sa..sa..san..skar ji please
San – just one time then i will leave you please say
Sw – sans…….skar
He suddenly kisses her
San – thank you
She was blushing. He smiles and take her in his arms and went towards bed and kisses her.slowly both got involved in their love making…

Next day

Sujata ji your bahu is so beautifu
Ha sujata ji and  their jodi also. Kisi ka nazar na lage…
Complimented the ladies who came for the muh dhikai rasam

(Guys i dont want to drag all this so i am moving little bit faster)

At night

Rp – take care sanskar
San – ya dad
Su – swara take care and also look after him. If he didnt gave you time and spent full time in office say to me i will come there and will teach him a lesson
San – mom…
Su – what mom i will surely…….
Ap – sujata stop my son will not do anything like that
Sanskar hugs ap – thanks ma
Laksh – bye bhai and bhabhi
They both took elders blessing and move towards the car

Guys ending here…

So now swasan are going to US . All alone do you want romance then i need comments. Sorry for the boring part 🙁

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