I love you Mrs Maheshwari (Episode 6)


Swara was looking at the love marks on neck and waist given by sanskar . With that she was blushing too. Sanskar came from washroom omly in a towel which is wrapped around his waist. Sanskar goes and back hugs her making the water from his hair fall on her neck. She became a tomato right now. Sanskar smiles seeing his effect on her. He put his head on her shoulders and closes his eyes. Swara saw him through mirror. She cares his hair by her hands and calls him.

Sw – sanskar
San – (still closing his eyes) hmm
Sw – its time for you to go dont be lazy
San – (nuzzling his nose on her neck) please
Sw – (she turns and he hugs her she too reciprocated him) look its 8 you need to reach office in an hour. So get ready
San – today let me take leave tomorrow  pacca i will go please
Sw – nòooooo
San – what happend
Sw – nothing. Today you should go tomorrow and day after tomorrow you can take leave
San -really , sure i dont need to go na for 2 days
Sw – ha no need(she took  a towel snd started to rub his hairs) happy
San – ofcourse (kisses  her cheeks) today i will come early
Sw – no need to come early
San – what happend. Is there anything happening behind me
Sw – nothing like that . If you dont want then its okay
San – no no i will finish all the work today itself and we will spent tomorrow by going out. What say.??

Sw – awesome. But i will say the place okay
San – okay where do you want to go
Sw – i will say tomorrow but one condition
San – what is it
Sw – guards should not be there with us
San – okay. Or any thing

Sw – hmmm(thinks ) i will say when youre back
San – okay
Sw – ( moves to cupboard and take out his clothes) go and get ready . I will serve your breakfast

Dining hall

Sw – here is your coffee
San – shona
Sw – ha
San – Merrisa didnt came
Sw – no
San – and you did all the jobs . Thousand times i have said you not to do all the work alone for that i appointed a maid also but she didnt came . So you could have said to me right. Wait i will call…..

Sw – sanskar stop please . I ask her not to come
San – may i know the reason
Sw – it s our house only we both and i dont want any other to come and i also dont like appointing maid as i will feel bad that they have to do work on others hpusr for money soo

San – so you ask her to leave this job
Sw – hmm and i also ask to my friend to give her a good job and now she is working on an orphanage . Sorry without asking you i did all these (pouts)
San -(pulls her and make her sit on his lap and kissed her pout)its okay and i dont feel bad (she looks at him) its because i know my shona will do only the right things. So why i have to get angry on her infact i love her even now and my love for is only increasing do you get that.

Sw – hmmm
San – waise i got to know one thing that my wife is also making and arranging some time to spent with me (smiles naughtily)
Sw – (gets up from his lap shockingly ) who who said you that

San – you only said na
Sw – (tensed ) when
San – you said for spending time with me you send her right
Sw – (blushes)
San – i think i cant go to office today (she looks at him) look how youre blushing and i will not be able to control my self and i will do some thing naughty…. (he leans towards her)
Sw – (blushes but controls herself and pushes him) no way  its time to go to office (angry)

San – when i am going to romance with you i sometimes feel like there is some ghost in you who is stoping our romance
Sw – so youre saying im some ghost (anger)
San – or nahi to kya see you itself is agreeing for it
Sw -you

She start to beat him with her tiny hands and he was running . Sanskar slips and fell on the couch making her also fall on him . Their both eyes got meet and fell in eye lock. Swaras hair was disturbing him from viewing her beautiful face he slowly tucked them behind her ear and leans towards her but before he could kiss hershe put her finger on his lips.

San – please
Sw – no
San – please one
Sw –
San – you know my day will not be good if i didnt kiss you please
Sw – i m seeing you from a long back and i know you very well  so stop playing your tricks on me. Got it
San – huuu now you can escape but you cant escape from me at night
Sw – (blushes) ok now go…..

He was going suddenly swara give him a peck on his cheeks.

Sw – all the best for your day
San – (touches his cheek) mad girl but i love her

12 at night

Sanskar enters in to his room runningly call out for HIS SHONA but there was no response . He finds his  room surrounded by full of darkness he switch on the light and saw the room decorated beautifully with candles and rose petals he smiles knowing that his beautiful wife has made it for him . But his smile fades away when he didnt see her . His face was clearly showing his worried and tensed expression for HIS WIFE . Suddenly he felt two arms wrapping from back through his chest he suddenly got relief after feeling her touch his shonas touch

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANSKAR  whisperes swara to his ears back hugging him

Sanskar turns and back hugs her tightly not allowing air to pass through them . She also hugs him back eith the same passion he was having for her. Swara forcefully breaks the hug and cups his face as he was not allowing to break the hug.

Sw – (cups his face) sorry
San – (looks at her with teary eyes ) you know how much i was worried for uou i felt im going to di…
Sw – (puts her palm on his lips stopping him) dont ever dare to say anything like that
San – you can do all the things and make me worried amd i ….. (saw swara looking down sadly) ok i forgive you but  dont do anything like this next time
Sw – hmm

He then looks at her who was wearing a red saree with white pearls on it . He was spell bound by her beauty and was not taking his eyes off from her . She was blushing feeling his gaze on her

You are looking beautiful shona

Sw – (blushes) come lets cut the cake

She pulls him towards the table were there is a cake written happy birthday sanskar

He cuts the cake and feeds her a piece she happily takes a bite and gave him the same piece.

San – the cake is not so tasty
Sw – sorry
San – no need to be sorry. Its less sweet
Sw – less sweet but it has sweet
San – yes it have but not the same taste which your lips have(smile naughtily)
Sw – (she was blushing like a red tomato) you became very much shameless
San – yes because of your loves side effect . Swara its my birthday i should get what i want so can i…..
Sw – who is stopping you

He captured her lips in his. It was sweet passionate kiss. Both of their lips were  moulded with each other perfectly. They both were not ready yo leave each others lips but they had to as ther were lack of breath. Sanskar again kiss her pulling through her waist by putting his hand in her bare waist and her hands were busy in pulling his hairs and holding his lip. They broke the kiss atlast.

Sanskar was holding her by waist and her hands Were on his neck and hairs. They both joined each others fore head and tip of nose.

I LOVE YOU SANSKAR said swara looking down

Sanskar raised his head and lifts her chin by his finger.

Can you tell me once more. Pleaseeeee

I love you

I love you too

He hugs her tightly showing his happiness. They both again locked their lips .

Precap : My Dream!!!!

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