I love you Mrs Maheshwari (Episode 5)

3 months later

Swasan mansion

Ha mom….. ya im fin……e (said swara to sujata over phone trying to control her laugh as her hubby was laying over her and was tickling her)
Su – are you okay swara ( confusely)
Sw – ( controling her laugh) yes mom (trying to push sanskar)
Su – ok then i will call you later bye
Sw – bye mom…..
She cuts the call and started to laugh as he was continuing his job to tickle her
Sw – please stop……ple…..
San – i will not this is your punishment for not allowing me to romance with my wife
Sw – sorry please stop
San – no will you allow me to romance with my wife (smirks naughtily)
Sw – nooooooo
San – yesss say yes then i will stop
Sw – ok ok please

He stops tickling her and started to kiss and bite her neck.

Sw – sanskar aah
Youre a lier
San – really why so
Sw – look it s afternoon and you  came from office to here saying that you are having headache but look you started . ( angrily glares  at him ) is your headache gone now huu
She pushes him and started to go but he holds her wrist and make her sit on his lap

San – but i didnt lie (she glares him) sacchi (pinches his throat) i was not feeling well as i miss you(put his head on her chest and wraps his hand on her bare waist) sorry . Please forgive me
Sw –
San – ok i will go to office i think you dont want to spend time with me
Sw – (with a pout) did i say anything like that
San – sorry(pecks her pout)
Sw – i was angry at you its because you came here saying that youre having headache and (with tears )i was so much worried and…..
San – (interupts) (hugs her) sorry and no tears(wipes her tears) i will not come here lieing to romance with you i will not repeat it again
Sw – i dont have any ptoblem for coming but for saying yoou are not well thats why
San – so madam dont have any problem if i romance with her right (smiles naughtily)
Sw – (blushes) wo.. wo i have to make lunch so …
San – excuses are not allowed MRS MAHESHWARI
Sw – (blushes)
San – oh god shona . When you blush and make pout i cant control myself
He kisses her she was shock at first but later started to respond as he was biting her hard to make her respsond . He took her in his arms while kissing her and goes to their bedroom. He makes her lay on the bed and he too settle himself upon her without breaking their long passionate kiss. After breaking their kiss he started to kiss her nape neck and soon discarded their both clothes she was also responding to his touch by hugging him and mourning making him uncontrollable. He then started to kiss her belly she was pulling his hair. Soon he entered into her making her shout loudly he enters into her fully . After their love making he saw her tired face but still has a smile on it he goes near her face and kiss her cheeks.

San – shona( with care)
Sw – hmm
San – are you fine
Sw –  hmm (saw his face) little bit pain (cutely)
San – (smiles and lay on her chest higging her she too hugged him and started to comb his hair with her fingers) you know something swara my all tiredness will go if i hug you like this and you comb my hairs. Thank you for coming into my life . I LOVE YOU
She smiles and kisses his hairs

Night 10

Both were sleeping peacefully covered in a blanket . A call came into swaras phone and she her sleep broke due to it. She woke and saw her hubby sleeping peacefully by hugging her with a smile on his face. She wore his shirt and goes near balcony to attend the call so that his sleep didnt broke.

Hello ragini
Rag – where were you bhabhi from 8 o clock i am calling you and now only you are attending the call. Do you have that much work and was busy that you couldnt attend the call. What were you doing. Cant ……

Sw – ragini please calm down listen now i attend the call right so the problem is solved okay.
Rag – mmm okay (happily) by the way did you planned everything
Sw – ya i planned everything
Rag – all the best you should inform me okay
Sw – ya sure

Swara cut the caĺl and looks at her hubby sleeping but now there is no smile on his face . Why would he have as his life is not with him. She smiles and sit beside him . Sanskar opened is eyes and admire his wife sitting on the bed wearing his white shirt which were upto her knees and she was looking hot. He eyes were stuck on her and he couldnt move them. Her hairs were floating on her face and she was continuesly tryimg to put them back . He saw this and put her hair strands behind her laying on the bed covered in a blanket. His trance suddenly broke due to her call.

Hellooo where are you lost
San – nothing was  just admiring my beautiful and (husky tune) hot wife(smiles naughtily and lean towards her)
Sw – (pushes him) shameless
San – its coz of you
She blushes hardly

He put his head on her naked thighs and nuzzled his nose on her belly

Sw – (laughs at his antics and was weaving his hairs by her hands)
San – shona
Sw – hmm
San – i want to spend my whole life like this will you there with me
Sw – any doubt
He node no
Sw – i will be always there with you in every situation( kisses his forehead)
San – (shows his cheek) here please
She blushes and kisses his cheeks
San – (shows his another cheek) here also
She kisses his cheeks
San – (shows his lips) here
She blushes and peck on his lips
San – not like that like this
He kisses her both got involved in their another love making


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