I love you Mrs Maheshwari (Episode 3)

Swasan reached their house in US
San – this is our home
Did you like it
Sw – i just loved it

Swasan room

San -you go and get fresh i know you must be tired
Sw – and you too

Swara was standing in the balcony with a smile on her face . Sanskar came there with a cup of coffee in his hand.
San – (gives her) take it
Sw – thank you. Oh god did you inform anyone that we reached here.
San – ya dont worry i already informed them.
Are you missing anyone
She nodes no
San – why
Sw – (put her head on his chest) you are there with me then whats its need
San -(wrap his arm around her waist) hmm that is correct. You are comfortable here right.
Sw – yes…
San – come inside its too cold here
Sw – no please (puppy eyes)
San – ok kk lets sit here (couch) he goes and takes s blanket and sits there
She sits beside him by hugging him he also reciprocates the hug.
They both covered themselves with blanket.


Sunrays hits on sanskar making him open his eyes. He looks at swara who was sleeping upon him in the couch. Last night both slept there itself hugging each other. Swara was hiding her face in the  crook of her neck and he smiled and kisses her hairs. Without disturbing her sleep he took her in his arms and kept her carefully on bed. When he was going she stops him by holding his hands in sleep. He smiles and lay beside heř. He was looking at her. His one hand was around her waist and other was caressing her face. She was having a smile on her face. He kiss her palms then on her forehead , eyes , cheeks , tip of nose . He was seeing her different expressions. Her sleep was getting disturbed. He was waking her up in his way. Atlast she wake up.
Sw – good morning
San – good morning. Why did you wake up
Sw – huh???
San – ha if you hadnt wake up then i would have been doing my work
Sw – what work ?.?
San – this work (kiss her neck)
Sw – (blushes) stop it please
San – no
He then put his lips on hers. And kiss her passionately she too responds him by combing his hair.
Sw – what was that
San – it is my morning kiss.
Sw – morning kiss
San – yes every morning you should give me a kiss (she blushes)
Sw – what if i forget??.
San – dont worry your  husband have a very good memory power. He will remind you and also will give you punishent.
Sw – what is the punishment
San – you have to kiss him whenever and wherever he says.
Sw – (blushes) sanskar ji get up yo……
San – swara not again please stop calling me ji please i beg you
Sw – ok ok
Both gets up
Sw – (nervous) are you going to office today
San – no (holds her hand) i thought to spend some time with my wife but i think she is not ready…
Sw – no no  i am ready
San – hahaha (pulls her cheek) you are so cute
Lets go out
Sw – we can some other day lets spend today here
San – ok then .
Sw – you get fresh i will make break fast
San – let us make it together

Swara was kneading the glour and sanskar was back hugging and helping swara by putting his hand on top of her. Correctly he was romancing with her . He was kissing her nape and she was looking down in shyness. He bites her neck
Sw – ahh please let me do my work
San – you do your work i am also doing my work(kisses her earlobe)
Sw – mmmm please
He turns her and pulls her through waist by putting his hand on her bare waist. She put her hand on his chest. He leans towards her lips there was only one inch distance between their lips suddenly a bell sound came
San – oh god nobody will allow me to romance with my wife
Sw – (blushes) somebody came
San – ya i will check (he whispers in her ears) dont worry we will complete the incomplete work afterwards
Her face turned like a red tomAto

San – swara
Sw – ha
San – swara this is richard and richard this is swara my wife
Ri – hi mam
Sw – hello
San – he is my p.a.
Ri – sir when is the  party
San – pary
Ri – in office all got to know about your marriage they all are shouting for party
San – i will come tomorrow to office then we can
Ri – ok then bye sir bye mam
Sw – bye
San – ok then meet you tomorrow

Party : PARTY!!!!

Ending it.here . Sorry for the short part. I am at my mothers home and my cousins is disturbing me so bye please shower with your comments.


  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous dear.. Loved it.. Awww, my swasan, cho cute😘😘😘.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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