I Love You Mr. Mumma’s Boy (Swalak TS)- Shot-1

“Do someone know me..??? Noooo….how bad(pout)….Hey I am your cutu chotu… Swara… SWARA MALHOTRA… Remember…!!! Yaaaa…that’s like my lovelies…. So now I am here to meet you guys…

Oh I forgot to tell you guys… My mom fixed my alliance n I am engaged (twisting lips) ..The boy is good at heart but totally Mumma’s boy …Waise I don’t have problem being him a Mumma’s boy…coz I too love my Mom Alot , Infact his mom too…but sometimes he is out of limits(giggled)  Hehe…wait I will tell you ”

A scene shows
Swara (Adjusting her sari again n again) – Mom….Is it necessary to wear this stupid sari…I am sure it’s pleats will open as soon as I walk there.

Sumi( her Mom- hit her palm to her forehead)  – Hey Ram….What should I do with this girl…!!!!  Shona.. Don’t touch it. (irritated) And I pinned it well so It’s not going to fall. Now put this chunri on ur head and let’s go down . All are waiting for you…(tease) especially Laksh.

“Ok..Ok…Stop… Let me introduce my fiancee. 😉  (dramatically)  So presenting the one n only… Mr. MUMMA’S….(bite her tongue) Oppssy….Mr. HOTTIEE LAKSH AGNIHOTRI….

Like AGNI attached with his name naa….The word HOTTIEE…attached with him….By God… (dreamily)  Kya dikhta h…!!! Haaayeee…(jerked) Oppss…sorry..sorry..!!! Haan toh where were we… Yaaaa my engagement… Chlo chlo…let’s Go”

Now it’s time for ring ceremony.

Laksh (about to make her wear ring but stop and look here n there) – Dad…Where is Mumma..???

Swara smile at his love for her Mom. A lady wearing a heavy sari in her mid 40 came smiling and caresses his hair. He smiled widely and wait for her nodd. She gesture with her eyes and laksh made swara wear the ring. She smiled and kiss on laksh’s forehead and then hugged swara kissing her forehead too. Everyone smile seeing them.

“So Guys…Time for the Introduction of the Main person… My sweetheart Saasu Mom….SUJATA AGNIHOTRI….

She is one of a kind. We met only 1 month before but she loves me like she loves her darling Son…I mean I used to listen my friends complaints about there MIL… but mine is the best….Hope her son too loves me this much( O I am blushing)… Ahemmhh Ahemmhh… So finally guys I got engaged to my Mr.HOTTIEE(wink)”

Shekhar (swara’s dad) – Let’s have something Ram…!! Come sujata ji…!! Sumi…..Come with the new couple.
Everybody nodded smiling.

At Dining Area
All were about to start their meal. When shomi noticed that laksh is looking somewhere.

Shomi – What happened Laksh beta…Start naa..!!!

Laksh nodded nervously and look at sujata.
Laksh – Mom..!!!
She nodded in no..and gesture him to eat. He pouted  and eat unwillingly. Swara see their silent communication and shakes her head smiling murmuring Mumma’s boy.

“So.. This is how he is.. Want to eat with his mother’s hand in front of his in law’s and would be wife…I mean who do that like this…!!! But his this unconditional love for his mom is only the reason I love him…Yaaa… Yaaa…other reason is he is too hot… But that is secondary… If he loves his mom this much…than how much he will love his kids mom (hiding my face with my palm)  Hehe….I know I talk too much… But what to do I am like that only..;-) ”


“So now I am sitting here in his room on his bed wearing bridal lahnga and a long veil..and waiting for him…I hope you guys understand till now..that we got married. First of all what’s the need to wear this much heavy dress on wedding…Ufff…It’s so irritating. And cherry on the cake is he still didn’t come from his mom’s room.(twisted lips). You know… He came with his mother in my cousin’s wedding.He was from groom’s side. I just froze for a moment seeing my Hottiee…but shook my head and left….but then I saw him with his mom. His mom was feeding him food and he was doing the same with her. First I was shocked to see them but then admire their bond. He never left his mother for a second. I twisted my lips murmuring ‘Mumma’s boy ‘.”

At sujata’s room
Laksh was lying placing his head on her lap and she was caressing his hair. Ram was sleeping on couch. This was their daily routine that laksh after office and dinner came into their room and sleep placing his head in sujata’s lap. Sometimes ram got irritated by all this…but his irritation change into a blissful smile whenever he saw their unbreakable bond. He always wish for a life partner for his son who understand their bond and when he n sujata met swara… They realized it.. That she is the one for him. All the days laksh can sleep in their rooms but today the thing is different. He got married today..and it’s their first night. Someone is waiting for him.

Sujata (caressing his hair) – Laksh..!!

Laksh (closing his eyes) – hmm..!!!

Sujata stop her hand and he look at her.

Sujata (cupping his face)  – It’s late… Now you should go to your room beta..!! Swara will be waiting for you.

Laksh (pouting) – I know Mom… But I can’t sleep without your lap naa.

Sujata (smile n pecked his forehead) – You have to make it a habit now..to sleep in your room only. I said before itself this but you didn’t listened me. But now…swara is your responsibility  beta..She came here leaving her family just for you… Now only you can make her feel it home. So that she doesn’t miss her family much.

Laksh was listening patiently and look at her mother helplessly. He nodded n pecked her forehead. She smiled with moist eyes as he left the room.

Laksh’s Room

He entered in her room and saw swara was sleeping in sitting position only. He feel bad for her and made her sleep properly . She was looking so beautiful in bridal dress. He smiled seeing her smile to feel comfort in sleep. He changed his clothes and lay down on other side. He was turning side by side as he wasn’t getting sleep without hugging her mother’s waist and placing his head in her lap. Swara who woke up due to the disturbance see him struggling to getting sleep. She smile coz she knows the reason. She came to know all his habits from sujata after their engagement. She sit and patted his shoulder n he turned towards her. She patted on her lap n laksh look at her confused.

Swara(smiling) – I know you can’t sleep without Mom’s lap that’s why you aren’t getting sleep. Come..may be you will fall asleep.

Laksh first hesitated but then place his head in her lap. She starts caressing his hair. A shiver ran down in her body when he hugged her from waist being little sleepy. She lean down to headboard blushing without disturbing his sleep.

“You saw naa..!! Like that I spend my first night with him. Me being his mother (pout).. Hehe..kidding…!!!!
I know he doesn’t have any feelings for me now…even he didn’t have feelings for any girl…..but I promise you Mr. Mumma’s Boy….that you are going to fall head over heals for me in upcoming days.(chuckle and close her eyes). ”


Hey lovelies…. This is my first TS. And that too on swalak.

Please do let me know if you like it .

Till then
Be happy n keep smiling.

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  1. Awesome loved it a lot

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  4. Plz. Try dis one on swasan..bcz i dnt like swalak..sasan is made for each other..dnt steal raginiz husband and pair it with swara..raglak is cute couple like swasan..soo plz dnt exchange pairs..

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