I Love You Mr. Mumma’s Boy (SWALAK TS) – Last shot

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A couple seen in eachother’s embrace sleeping peacefully..they were swalak. Swara rubs her eyes yawning and about to sit when she realized what happened last night. She looks down and blushed seeing a hand wrapping around her waist tightly. She cover herself with blanket and bend to peck his forehead. He smiled in his sleep sensing her touch. She was about to peck her lips when she stopped.

“O hello… What are you guys seeing haaan..!!! Chlo everyone close your eyes. Hmm gud. I know I know you people are confused how this mumma’s boy turned into my hottiee husband(blushed). Hehe… You want to know kyaa..?? Wait I’ll you.. how..!!(wink) ”

“After our so called Suhagraat I mean wedding night.. I heard a knock on our door early morning. I stir a bit and open my eyes rubbing my neck little. Ouch.. It’s hurting. I look at my lap and smile widely looking the love of my life sleeping peacefully. I heard the knock again ”

Swara (whispered caressing his hair)- Suniye..!!!

Laksh (in deep sleep tightening his grip) – ammmhhh

Swara (softly) – Someone is at door. Could you please wake up.. Please…!!

Laksh (who didn’t get what she was saying open his eyes yawning) – What happened Mo……(he wide his eyes realising he was sleeping on her lap.He immediately sit up and look embarrassed) Sorry (murmured he and rushed towards washroom)

Swara gigged and went to open the door finding her lovable Saasu Maa with her most warming smile. She bend and touch her feet and sujata hold her shoulder and blessed her.

Sujata (worried) – I came to see him. (with nervous smile) Actually he never slept without my lap So..(she was finding words to what she want to say)

Swara (assuring her placing her hand on her hand)- I understand Mom…You don’t need to hesitate to say me anything.(smiling) He is your son first than my husband.. always.

Sujata’s heart beamed with happiness listening her. She blessed her kissing her forehead and told them to came for breakfast and left their room.

Laksh who came out of washroom avoid eye contact with her. She look at him smiling and went into washroom for freshen up.

At breakfast table

Laksh was eating poutedly because sujata refused to make him eat in front of his wife. Swara was suppressing her laugh seeing his antiques. He ate half of his food and went to his room stamping his foot. Sujata feel bad. Ram placed his hand on her shoulder and gesture swara to take food for him. Swara smile and headed towards their room with their plates.

Swara (placing both plates on table come towards him ) – Why didn’t you have your breakfast properly..??

Laksh (fixing his tie without looking at her) – I wasn’t hungry more.

Swara (with a deep smile) – I know the reason…!! (hold his hand) Come…(he look at her confused when she make him sit on sofa and sit beside him holding the plate in her hand)

Swara(forward a morsel to his mouth) – Let’s eat together.

Laksh look at her surprised but thinking about sujata his expression changed.

Laksh (little rudely )- I said naa.. I am not hungry. (said he n left for office. Swara became sad and sujata who came to see her son..her eyes became teary)

“It’s been two month to our marriage… And he became more rude day by day. He was feeling that because of this marriage he is loosing her mother slowly slowly. Because after our marriage Mom refuse to make him sleep in their room,refuse to make him eat, even when she was leaving for her mother’s home..she refused him because of me..that I will be alone here. He missed mom’s handmade food as now I took the responsibility of kitchen’s work. For his every little need…dad told him to ask me not Mom. He was highly disturbed because of this sudden change in his life. Many times mom tried to make him understand.. But he was thinking that I am responsible of their differences. He started to work late night in office and left the room early morning. Hardly I get time to talk to him. Not only me..even mom and dad hardly get time to talk to him. But yesterday when mom cried…. cried her heart out to see his boy like this… Yaaa boy…coz he is stills that chotu laksh for her…then I decided to talk to him today. It’s 11:00 pm and I am sitting here in our room waiting for him. Today I am adamant to talk to that(twisting lips) stupid Mumma’s boy and put some sense into his head. Hehe…. Opps look he came ”

Swara (sarcastically) – You came so early today..!!! Or you realized that you have a family waiting for you..!!

Laksh look at her shocked.. This is the first time she is talking to him like that.

Laksh (raising his eyebrow) – What are you trying to say..??

Swara (angrily hold his collar) – What I am trying to say…!! Haaan..!!!! What am trying to say..!! You stupid, idiot Mumma’s boy… don’t you realize that you are hurting Mom..showing your this attitude. The mom without whom you can’t spend a day… don’t know from how many days you didn’t talk to her properly. (He bend his head feeling guilty). You think that I am the reason for all this differences naa..!!! Then fine…!!! I’ll leave..!! Leave from here for forever..I’ll never came in between you both (He look at her shocked) (She now in a cracking voice) But please don’t hurt her like this…don’t hurt yourself like this.

He look at her with mixed emotions.. How can she be so pure..that she isn’t thinking about her..but thinking about them. How can he didn’t notice the innocence she has in her eyes..!!! How can he hurt the two most important lady of his life. Yaaa two…!! His Mom…and she..who became a part of his life. He lift his hand to wipe the tears from her face which was continuously flowing from her beautiful eyes but she jerked him and lay down on her side of bed.. pretending to sleep. Laksh shut his eyes with guilt and left the room.

At sujata’s room, 1:00 am

Laksh was sitting on floor resting his head on sujata’s foot sobbing little. Sujata who sense his voice in his sob too..jerked and on the light immediately.

Sujata (cupping his face worriedly) – Laksh what happened??? (caressing his hair with concern) what happened Laksh..??

Laksh (hold her waist and brust into cry) – I am sorry Mom..!!! I am sorry..!!

Sujata (smile with teary eyes) – Shhh…(wiping his tears) I know you were hurt beta….(caresses his face) but laksh… Just think about swara.. She came here leaving her family with you.. Like I came with your father years before (she look at ram who was now wiping his happy tears seeing them)

Ram(softly smiling ) -Think if I also think that our marriage is creating difference between me and my mother..(with a little humor) than how will you come..!! (Sujata hit him with her elbow and he wink at her and she blushed) (Laksh laugh with teary eyes)

Ram(seriously in a calm tone) – Think about my words beta.

Laksh nodded smiling and side hug sujata and left the room bidding them goodnight. Sujata rest her head on ram’s shoulder smiling with glassy eyes.

Laksh came in his room the corner of his eyes. He look at swara who was sleeping or you can say pretending to sleep. Laksh laid down thinking about all the time with his mom…then he think about swara…how she always think about him. To be with him..to console him whenever he is upset. How he behave rudely with her. He look at her painfully. He jerked when he listened her muffled sob. He immediately turned her towards him holding her from her waist. She landed on his chest and look at him shocked with her watery eyes.He look at her wiping her tears nodding in no.

Laksh – I am sorry swara. I don’t want to hurt you swara… I… I just..woh….Mom…(she place her finger on his lips)

Swara (with assuring eyes) -I understand laksh.

Laksh smile listening his name from her mouth first time. He bend and kiss on her forehead with so much love. Yaa love coz they came to know about eachother well in these months and perhaps there is no need to confess what they were feeling coz their eyes were showing the love for eachother. Swara close her eyes feeling the warmth on his lips on her forehead.

“Oye hello what are you guys still seeing… Let me spend some (blushing) quality time with my husband yaar…”

After a month

“O I am soooooooooo happy….You know why…because everything is sorted now…Mom got his son back…And I got my hottiee (wink) we are living like a happy no no no..happiest family from last month. Me.. Dad…mom and the love of my life Mr. Mumma’s Boy.. ;-).. Yaa that’s what I call him now..!! But still something is still incomplete…our marriage..!!  Yaa we both know we feel for eachother.. Still we are nervous telling this to eachother.. (pout)  you guys are thinking where is he… O he is with mom..it’s their time naa…so no disturbing..”

Swara (as soon as she spotted laksh at gate) – Welcome in our room Mr. Mumma’s Boy.

Laksh chuckled. He got habituated with this welcome. But today he smirk mischievously.

Laksh (coming towards her naughtily ) – So I am Mumma’s boy.. Haan..!!!

Swara( biting her cheeks) – Haan..!!!

Laksh (hold her from waist and wishper in her ear huskily) – Wait I’ll tell you.. I am only mumma’s boy or your HOTTIEE HUSBAND too.

Swara shivered but look at her with wide eyes giving “how do you know this” look. He chuckled again and place a soft kiss near her jawline. She clutched his shirt closing her eyes tightly. Laksh smile seeing her effect on her and lift her in bridal style and headed towards bed.

“Oye… Again you watching us … I told you naa….private time… Husband wife…. Samjhe kuch…!!! Haaannn….better..!!! ”

“So this is all happened and this is how I got my Mumm…Opps.. My hottiee husband (blushing) ”

Laksh ( tightening his grip on her waist) – Why are you blushing wifey.

Swara wide her eyes and look at him who gave a naughty smirk.

Laksh (coming on the top of her in a swift moment) – I can’t control when you blush like this.

Swara turned crimson red. Laksh smile widely and place a featherly kiss on her forehead.

Laksh (smiling) – I LOVE YOU SWARA.

Swara (encircling her hand around his neck) – AND I LOVE YOU MR. MUMMA’S BOY.

Tadaa…The end


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