Love in Movies SwSan Part 3 (TS)


SwaSan Love thoda filmy HAIN Part 3

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Part 3
Night Room Sanskar

Swara enters in red saree and sits on the bed and Sanskar enters in there

Sanskar – I know you are really shy but don’t worry

Saying this he leans towards her soon he hears sounds its from the bathroom ?

The shower is on he goes and closes it

Then he again comes towards her

But raglak knock

Sanskar – wht happen guys

Laksh – Bhai I lost my wallet do u have it

Sanskar – no

Raglak leave

Sanskar walks but Uttara knocks

Sanskar – what happen mata ji

Uttara – bhabi are u okay

Sanskar – she is okay now go

Son many people come there and irritate and finally SwaSan get privacy no prank and no masti


Warning – I am really bad at all these things so forgive me if aacha NAHI HAIN

Sanskar walks towards Sanskar and pins her to the bed

Sanskar – swara

Swara – yes Sanskar ji

Sanskar – oh what wait I am Sanskar

Swara – but after marriage you are supposed to give respect ji

Sanskar- don’t call me that Swara ji

Swara – wth call me Swara or Shona

Sanskar – call me Sanskar

Swara – but

Before she says something Sanskar grabs her lips and kisses it passionately and soon she turns away and showed a her skinny back and Sanskar kisses her back and then he turns her to himself and kisses her neck mercilessly and she mourns
Swara – oww Sanskar
Sanskar keeps kissing her and then he get up
Sanskar – I don’t want to give you pain
Swara – it’s not pain it’s live pls make me yours make me a complete woman
Sanskar gets a +ve sign and pushes himself into her she first feels pain then starts enjoying his ❤️❤️❤️ soon Sanskar drapes a blanket over them SHH GANDI BAAT PRIVACY DO YAAR


Next day

Su Rays fall in swara and she wakes up for her beauty sleep and sees Sanskar and realizes that she has nothing on
Swara – aww Sanskar you look so adorable
She kisses his forehead and moves but suddenly feels two strong arms catching her
Sanskar – where are you leaving me
Swara – break fast time pati Dev
Sanskar – but
Swara quickly pecks his lips and runs down and he smiles at her antics


Break fast table

Everyone already decided to tease SwaSan as they saw marks and even suju and ram are a part of this lol??

Sujata – chore you took a lot of time huh

Swara – mom woh

Ragini – Chachi swara neck proves that

All laugh and SwaSan get embarrassed and move from there



Swara once vomits and everyone get worked Soon she faints and Doctor says

Doctor – she is pregnant

All are really happy and hug each other



Swara is in her last month

Swara – where are you taking mah

Sanskar – wait

Soon they reach their sets of films

Sanskar – our journey started from here I proposed you here

Swara – yes I love you

In unison – love thoda filmy HAIN

They hug when Swara gets pain and is admited and she gives birth to two cute babies and they all live happy ever after


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