Love in Movies SwaSan Part 2 (TS)




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Chapter starts

The dance Swasan join heads but suddenly someone jerks sanskar

Ramu (spot boy) – sir where are you dreaming


Sanskar – yes you go I will come

Sanskar (in mind) – OMG sanskar you have gone mad stop thinking aboutswara she is just a CO STAR.. and kavita no no

But then he remembers swara smile , hair her talks and everything and just says “I’M IN LOVW WITH SWARA” I love you swara I love you

Pal Bhar Thahar Jaao
Dil Ye Sambhal Jaaye
Kaise Tumhe Roka Karun
Meri Taraf Aata Har
Gham Phisal Jaaye
Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharun
Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karun
‘Gar Tum Saath Ho
Sanskar is on cloud nine and dances all around he decides to tell swara his feeling he tells this to sandhaya and she tells this to sujata… all are happy not knowing the upcoming storm in their life KAVITA…………



Shoot was done and now swasan saw each other and were moving to each other slowly… soon they reach to each other

Swara – hello sir

Sanskar – swara first remove sir and call me sanskar only

Swara – ok… hello sanskar

Sanskar – hi.. I need to tell something will you listen

Swara – yes tell

Sanskar – swara I I I lo……. (interrupted)

Kavita – sanskar (comes and hugs him) baby I missed you so much baby you didn’t call because of this movie YEH HAI AASHIQUI.. I saw it its just mindblowing

Suddenly kavita spots swara (swara is just wearing and black skirt white top with flowers and a black jacket) so kavita thought she is a maid

Kavita – hey you servant don’t you have manners when rich people are talking poors shouldn’t listen to them..

Sanskar gets furious and says – shut up kavita she is my CO STAR + BFF swara !!!! don’t you dare talk about her like that.

Swara is somewhat happy as she has importance in his life where as kavita fumes and leaves thinking sanskar will come behind her to pacify her!!!!!

But her bad luck sanskar came there and said something really shocking

Sanskar – kavita I know you are sad but I have to tell you something

Kavita – what happen sanky

Sanskar – I want too breakup!!! I never loved it was my dad who forced me to marry and from that day I hated love but now I got felling of first love its from SWARA

Kavita was shocked but says – OK

Sanskar is happy and hugs kavitaand goes from there leaving kavita alone

Kavita – (smirky face) I will never let you both get one!!!


Kavita comes there and greets swara with an evil smile swara is unware so replies an angelic smile..

Kavita – hello

Swara – hi kavita whats up??
Kavita – I am fine but you are going to suffer soon..

Swara – what do you mean

Kavita hits a rod on swara and was going to chok her when sujata comes and hands her to police and sanskar comes there too and slaps kavita and she reveals something shocking.. and swara was just bleeding and fell unconscious leaving sanskar tensed

Sujata – hey you kavita don’t you dare hurt swara.

Kavita – who are you to tell me..

Sujata – because of ur dad I made u engage my son

Kavita – I loved sanskar from start of college I killed my own dad for him because RP uncle melts ever single time so I planned my dads murder and he died but now you will die too

She takes knifes and comes towards sujata but suddenly sanskar comes and hits

Sanskar (comes forward hold knife) – police catch her she is a murderer

Kavita – listen

Sanskar – just shut up I heard everything

Police takes kavita with them and sanskar runs to swara and hold her in his lap and carries her to the hospital

Doctor – she is loosing now only a miracle can save her

Sanskar gets in and starts talking – swara you know first time I saw you I felt something for you but ignored it but now I understood its love but you are leaving me pls swara don’t leave me I love you yes sanskar maheshwari said so I LOVE YOU PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME

Swara hands move which is noticed by sanskar he calls the doctor and doctor informs that she is okay and moves her to the normal ward



Swasan are alone and swara gains conscious and sanskar helps her sit

Sanskar sits besides her – are you okay swara

Swara – yes I am perfectly fine.. but what did you say in the ICU

Sanskar – I….. I ….I…. I ….I said

Swara – don’t worry I LUV YOU TOO <3

Sanskar – I love you swara.. will you marry me

Swara – yes I will

They both hug passionately and then sujata and ram enter

Sujata – ahem ahem
Swasan separate and and feel shy.. meanwhile shomi shekhar come to swara and tease her

Shomi – oho shona some one used to tell me that you will never fall in love

Swara – mom

Shekar – yes I agree with shomi.. but today

Swara -mom dad.. I hate u guys go shona will not talk to you

Shemi – ok ok sorry I am really sorry

Ram – shekhar ji lets keep their marriage in a week

Shekhar – ok

All agree and swasan smile at eachother



Swara descends down in a lehenga (the one she wore in the promo of happy married life)


OMG my swara she looks so good in this dress I am waiting for our night I can’t stop thinking

Swara sits besides him

Sanskar (husky) – swara I can’t wait for our suhaagraat you are making me desperate

Swara gets shy and sanskar holds her hand

MARIAGE STARTS (guys forgive me for this as I don’t know about hindu wedding more I know south indian wedding more)

Pandit does the mantras and calls SHEMI for kanyadhan ahead and they do that then he calls them for phreas

SANSKAR : You will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide welfare and happiness for you and our children.

SWARA : I am responsible for the home and all household responsibilities.

SANSKAR : Together we will protect our house and children.

SWARA : I will be by your side as your courage and strength. I will rejoice in your happiness. In return, you will love me solely.

SANSKAR : May we grow wealthy and prosperous and strive for the education of our children. May our children live long.

SWARA : I will love you solely for the rest of my life, as you are my husband. Every other man in my life will be secondary. I vow to remain chaste.

SANSKAR : You have brought sacredness into my life, and have completed me. May we be blessed with noble and obedient children.

SWARA : I will shower you with joy, from head to toe. I will strive to please you in every way I can.

SANSKAR : You are my best friend, and staunchest well-wisher. You have come into my life, enriching it. God bless you.

SWARA : I promise to love and cherish you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow. I will trust and honor you, and will strive to fulfill all your wishes.

SANSKAR : May you be filled with joy and peace.


SWARA : I will always be by your side.

SANSKAR : We are now husband and wife, and are one. You are mine and I am yours for eternity.

SWARA : As God is witness, I am now your wife. We will love, honor and cherish each other forever.

Soon swasan sit for other rituals then its mangalsutra time and he puts that then its sindoor time and he decorates her maang with sindoor and they both are officially MR & MRS SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

They take blessings from elders and swara cries a lot as she is leaving her parents


Sanskar – shhhh swara don’t cry

Swara – sanskar mom – dad I want them..

Sanskar – shhh for pagphera you are meeting them so don’t worry

Swara – really I love you (she hugs hi and he hugs her back)



Swara enters and does grah pravesh and its ring finding ceremony

Swasan sit for ring ceremony


They both are playing and suddenly catch each other hands and keep cuddling all wait long suddenly

Priya ( his sister) – bhaiya leave bhabi hands under milk

Swasan feel embarassed and swara wins and sanskae whispers

Sanskar – if I leave you then only you will rule on me

Swara gets it and is very shy and leaves to go as all ladies take her



Swara – I am nervous Priya

Priya – don’t worry wear this saree and go

Swara nods and goes to her room with ghoogat and sanskar enters too




Hope you all liked it sorry for late update please shower your comments..

Guys also I need help : actually my editing app isn’t working so if anyone interested can make for me a collage of swasan pics for the last chapter of this TS.. plzz if anyone can make..


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