Love in Movies SwaSan Part 1 (TS)

Swasan : pyaar thoda filmy Hain

Hello this is a small 3 SHOT by me!!!!!



Sanskar is working out when he hears a sound from down its his fiancé and mom fighting

Sanskar – O My god again these started fighting I did a mistake engaging with Kavita!!! Actor Sanskar between jungli cats….

Yes Sanskar is a hero of Bollywood who is going to get signed for movie YEH HAI AASHIQUE


Down stairs

Sujata – chori you need to learn all this modeling is not everything

Kavita – my to mom appoint maids why do I have to spoil my make up and nails….

Sujata and Kavita keep arguing when Sanskar come there…..

Sanskar – shut up both of you?? and Kavita go home Kaveri aunty is waiting for you

Kavita leaves frowning as Sanskar didn’t hug or say love you

Sanskar – mom what is this?? Why are you fighting with her it’s useless

Sujata – chore marry some one who you love not who you pity on I know after her dad death ur dad pity on Kaveri and promised her to get married to laksh but he fell for some one and you have to sacrifice

Sanskar – leave it mom it’s useless

Sujata – ok have ur (interrupted by a call from her friend Sharmishtha)

SHOMI – Suji I am sending my daughter please find a match she is a heroine but doesn’t have time for herself

Sujata – ok send her

SHOMI – ok I think she reached out of your house

Sanskar – who was it mom

Sujata- SHOMI her daughter had come out I’ll go receive her come with me

Sanskar and Sujata leave for there and wait for Swara

Suddenly their eyes fall on a girl in blue dress with roses as sleeves long hair at back curled from down and cute earrings she is coming… Sanskar is mesmerized seeing Swara and Sujata gets thinking

Sujata (in mind ) – she looks so good I wish she was my Sanskar soul mate

Swara come to them

Swara – namaste aunty

Sujata – namaste meet my son Sanskar I know you are Swara

Swara – yes hello Sanskar

Sanskar is lost when he hears he comes back to sense – Hi Swara

Swara – OMG it’s my dream I am meeting the Oscar actor Sanskar o my it was my dream God Sanskar sir I love ur movie specially the scene when you were fighting with those Hero your expression nailed it

Swara keeps talking Sujata and Sanskar keep admiring her acts

Sujata – she is so cute and beautiful? right??

Sanskar – very cute and innocent?

Soon Sanskar realized and blushed kind of and went from there!!!

Sujata (in mind) – O my God my son is in love.. Love at first sight ?.. Sanskar papa is not home Kavita is gone out for some days I can bring Swara Sanskar close and Sandhaya will help me…

Sandhaya is director and producer and best friend of Swara she listens to Sujata everytime (jasmin bhasin)

Soon Sujata and Swara go in the house and Swara keep talking and Sujata enjoys her company!!!!


Sujata and Swara are taking Swara is going home so Sujata tell Sanskar to drop her home


There is a awkward silence ??

Soon Swara breaks it

Swara – so sir what are your likes??

Sanskar – I love working out in gym and my dislike is people who lie to me

Swara – cool… My likes are making friends dislikes are people who don’t trust me?

Swara switches the radio on

1 song – bolna

2 sing- tumhe apna banane ka junoon

Soon Sanskar off the radio and the car stops in middle

Sanskar – darn the car’s engine broke we have to live in that hut

Swara – ok

They get out suddenly it rains and Swara runs and dances and Sanskar moves in

Sanskar – Swara get in its raining heavily

Swara – sir you will not enjoy this moment any time

Sanskar keeps seeing her but high time he then moves to her and lifts her in his arms and she stares at him and he stares back



Sanskar – Swara see now you are feeling cold.. Here wear my shirt I have a spare one

Swara – ok

Swara goes behind curtain and wears his shirt on her pants and leaves her hair open… Sanskar is mesmerized seeing Swara and goes deep

Swara – sir I’m feeling sleepy

Sanskar – come sleep near the fire

Swara – ok (dozes off)

Sanskar – how cute Swara is I wish she gets a good partner or wish she was my partner??

Now Sanskar understood he was in love with Swara



Sandhaya – Sanskar your new co star had come this is going to be a eternal love story YEH HAI AASHIQUI

Sanskar – who is the lady love

Girl – me

Sanskar is shocked he says – SWARA?❤️

Swara – hi sir I got selected I am so excited u are like my frem boy

Sanskar smiles at my dream boy

Sandhya – let’s start the first shot


Swara Sanskar meet first time and bla bla bla



Many days goes like this SwaSan became close friends and now have soft corners for each other which Sujata and sandhaya happy but Swara is still un ware of Sanskar being engaged to Kavita



Swara entered and was shocked hearing sandhaya Sanskar talking and runs away

Sandhaya – Sanskar Swara should know u are engaged to Kavita

Sanskar – I know but (shocked) S…Sw…..Swara

Swara – you all betrayed me you broke my heart go away bye bye I am going I am not doing this movie any more

Swara runs and Sanskar runs behind finally he catches her and takes her to a empty room and locks it

Sanskar knows Swara so he puts a song and tells his feelings…..

Besharmiyaan barbaadiyaan
Hain ishq ki shaitaniyaan
Yeh fitoor jo, sar pe sawaar ho
Jeena bhi phir, dushvaar ho

Kiski mazaal koi rok de
Kiski mazaal koi tok de
Ishqe junoon, rukey nahi

Hai bawari, yeh aashiqui
Gustaakh si, yeh aashiqui
Bebaak si, yeh aashiqui

Badi hai ajab kaisi yeh talap
Hai yeh aashiqui..
Ziddi badi, badi sarfiri
Hai yeh aashiqui..

Hota hai yun iska asar
Duniya jahan ki na khabar
Mazhab yahi, khuda yahi..

Hai bawari, yeh aashiqui
Gustaakh si, yeh aashiqui
Bebaak si, yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf si, yeh aashiqui.. aashiqui..

Jo yeh rang chadhe
Jo yeh sang chale
Toh kya fikar koi, kya kahe

Yeh woh aag hai, jo na bujh sake
Aisi baarishein, jo na tham sakein
Ishqe junoon, ruke nahin…

Hai bawari, yeh aashiqui
Gustaakh si, yeh aashiqui
Bebaak si, yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf si, yeh aashiqui

He lifts her and twirls around in the end they have head to head joined and they cry bitterly!!!!!



Wait for next part I’ll try uploading soon but no guarantee so share your views for this part!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????? and its my first time 

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  1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Fabulous dear…. Sujju is super mom…. Loved her… Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  2. Its really filmy but nice after all its swasan

  3. Kakali

    Soo many shock all together Tvisha… Oscar award,, love at first site,Sanskar blushing, n last bye bye m not doing this movie….actually m laughing…
    loved it dear…thnk u..

  4. Stuti

    love it pls update soon

  5. Vyshu10

    awesome…i love ye hai aashiui title track

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    hahhaha, i can’t stop laughing.. i just want to say.. i love sujata mom

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