Love a morning star ~ a twinjraj ff ~ intro and chapter 1

Hello everyone… as I got 4 votes for twiraj n 6 votes for twinj n plus mine too?after all I m also a reader??so I will continue it with twinj n don’t be upset twiraj fans firstly twiraj romance will be there. Now keep smiling n read further.


Kunj sarna – elder brother of mahi(only 3minutes elder) n younger brother of yuvi. Kuvi has a good bonding. Kunj share her every problem with her bro. Kind-hearted n loving person. The biggest business tycoon.

Yuvraj sarna – elder brother of kunj n mahi. loves both of them a lot. An army officer n loves twinkle a lot.

Chapter 1
In Amritsar
Winter season
Taneja house
A girl is shown sleeping in the corner of the room pulling her small blanket to her legs. her eyes were swollen. Her face has some cuts. She is revealed our twinkle. Another girl comes to the room with a jug of cold water n through the whole water on twinkle. twinkle got up with a jerk.She is revealed to be amaya.
A- u r not a princess u r a maid n maids get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast.
T- sorry amaya I was…

A- again amaya call me mam.
T- sorry mam.
Twinkle wakes up n makes bf for everyone n all left to their respected work. When tw comes to the dining table she saw a single piece of bread only(vo the upper bread which I never eat) she eats the bread n do all the work while she was having a severe headache as she was having high fever n amaya throws the cold water too.

Twinkle’s pov

Mom dad y u left me alone y u didn’t take me with u. Dad see I was ur princess na see ur princess is having fever n know one is there to give her medicine or soup. My life has became hell here. They all say that I m a bad omen I made u both die. Y dad y mom. I loves u a lot n started crying vigorously.
Now I have to go to chemist n have crocin but let me see the money. There is not a single rupee I have to earn it somehow.
Pov ends
Twinkle goes out of the house n sees some women were cleaning the roads. She went to them
T- kaki let me do this plzz
W- y

T- I need money for medicine plzzz kaki
W- okay okay I will give u only 50 rupees
T- ok thank u kaki
She cleans the road n take the money n directly went to nearby chemist.
T- bhaiya ek crocin dena

M- ok
A boy is shown at the same chemist shop. Handsome smart n tall boy girls were drooling on him. He is revealed to be yuvraj sarna.He straight went to the chemist n gave a list of prescribe medicine by the dr. N stand beside twinkle.
Twinkle was also standing there n taking her money when she suddenly lost his balance due to which she falls on yuvi n yuvi holds her on time. He saw her face n get lost in it for few minutes. Twinkle became unconscious there. Yuvi checked her body n get to know about the fever he takes twinkle to the car by lifting her in a bridal style n drive to hospital.

Precap- twiraj marriage.

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