Love a morning star ~ a twinjraj ff ~ chapter 2

Chapter 2
Yuvi rushed to the hospital having twinkle in his arms. He started shouting for the doctors. He himself don’t know why he was doing so but something was there. Twinkle was taken in ICU. Doctors yell yuvi she is having fever from so long so she will take time to recover n she have to be under observation. Yuvi agrees to this n do all the formalities n take care of twinkle 2 weeks but both of them didn’t utter a word.
After 2 weeks
Twinkle was discharged
T- hi I m twinkle taneja
Y- I m yuvraj luthra
T- Thank u so much for helping me I find know how will I repay u give ur address I will give u the money in installment.
Y- u need not to repay twinkle it’s ok lets go to my home
T- no it’s ok I will manage
Y- I m not saying u to go to ur home I said come to my home
T- but how can I come to ur home what will ur family will think.
Y- they will not think anything bcoz
T- bcoz
Y- twinkle I want to confess something to u I really didn’t think that I will got my love n biggest happiness of my life in this way. When u fall in my arms then only I saw ur face n i fall for u. I fall for ur innocence, for ur nature ,for ur everything twinkle. I love u twinkle. I love u to the moon & back. Will u marry me plzzz. Will u be Mrs. Twinkle yuvraj luthra(although it does not suitπŸ˜‰)
Twinkle was on a verge of crying but she manage n utter some words
T- I love u too yuvi. First time in my life I m feeling so special.
They hug eo n went to their home.
Yuvi told earlier about twinkle to his family. No one was happy except his brother n sister but their parents got agree as he announced that he will not marry anyone. They directly went to home n then the whole family went to a small Mandir n twiraj got married in the absence of twinkle’s family.

Precap- some romance
Hello everyone thank u so much for commenting. I was in cloud nine to know that u all like it.
Sorry I couldn’t post it as my school reopen n then tests also started so got busy n most imp. That tuitions… I just don’t know y we have to study this much. Let it be.
Cp I have readed ur ff hamdard it’s awesome n i was reading it from starting I know the story but forget the tittle but plzz update the next part soon I m waiting for it.
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