Love or Money? Episode one

Love or money?

Episode 1:


An old man is shown lying on his bed, the man is breathing heavily.

4 young boys are playing around the old man.
They notice the old man-their grandad- starts to cough loudly.
“Sanskaa…Sanskaar,Ar…Armaan” Dadaji says while coughing,he adds on “Laksh, Shourya!”

The 4 young boys are revealed to be, Sanskaar, Laksh, Shourya and Armaan.
Sanskaar gets worried and rushes to get help.
“I’ll be right back” Sanskaar who was 16 years old at the time ran out of the room to get DP.
The remaining 3 were, 11, 14 and 14.

They huddled round Dadaji as he took his last breaths.

” bache, meri, meri property, meri vaseat” Dadaji says with his eyes open wide.

Sanskaar enters the room panting for breath with DP,

“P…property” Dadaji says

They hear nothing after that and look on confused and upset.

10 years later…

A flight is shown landing, announcements are heard, then a man is shown coming out from the airport. His black raybans are shown, he is wearing black Torbay shoes with black jeans and plain top with brown leather jacket. He is dragging his suitcase and is walking, he stops and looks up at the sun.

“Oh god! That’s why Kolkata isn’t loved by me!” He sighs while saying. He looks around and a car stops, the driver hurriedly rushes out.

“Ey! Where were you?!” The man shouts.
“Sir, I was…” The driver stammers. The man interrupts and says “Chup! Now put my luggage in the car!” The man sits in the drivers seat, he fixes the mirror and sees the driver shut the car boot. The driver was about to walk forward when the man drives off.

“Sir!” The driver shouts while the car zooms off. The driver looks on upset.

The man is seen driving,
“Sala driver, what does he think of himself? Now he has to feel what I felt!” The man angrily expresses.

After a while the man reaches his destination. He steps out and takes his black raybans off and examines the place, a smile appears on his face.

“I’m back!” The man exclaims happily. The man then takes his luggage from the car boot, he then walks in. The destination is shown and it is revealed to be MM (Maheshwari Mansion)

The man enters with a smile on his face, his smile was there only to disappear after what he has seen. “Tum?! What are you doing here?!” The man says while dropping his luggage.

“Careful, don’t get too shocked, you’re branded and expensive suitcase might break” a new voice is heard. A smile is shown on his face. His black roshe runs are shown with him wearing jeans and white top with silver chain around his neck.

“What the hell?!” The man with the black raybans shouts.

“Don’t shout Shaurya, even I can, why aren’t you at the wedding?” Asks the other guy.

The man with Black Raybans is revealed to be Shaurya who is glaring at the other guy.

“I should ask you the same question, why aren’t you at the wedding Armaan?” Shaurya says.

The guy with Black Roshe runs is revealed to be Armaan. His face is shown.

Armaan laughs and says “Shaurya, it’s your brothers wedding. Anyways the wedding finished yesterday, so I thought why not come back. after all i miss my home. It’s been a year without seeing this lovely house”

“Whatever!” Expresses Shaurya.
“He’s your brother too” Shaurya adds on.

“I know he is but you’re is blood and I’m his brother” Armaan says.
“If it was Laksh’s wedding, then it would’ve been different” Armaan adds on.

Shaurya and Armaan glare at each other.

“Since when did you start growing love for Laksh?” Shaurya suspiciously asks.

“He’s my brother, why wouldn’t I? We’re brothers from the same mother, like you and Sanskaar are. But mine, Bhai (Aadarsh) and Laksh’s mother is Annapurna and your and Sanskaar’s mother is Sujata.” Armaan explains.

“Anyways, you don’t need to do this drama, I know why you’re here, you’re here for the same reason I’m here for, where is that Buddah?!” Shaurya says and looks around.

It goes into a flashback, in London, there is a wedding going on, Sanskaar is shown taking pehres with Ragini, Armaan and Shaurya throw flowers and roll their eyes. Shaurya gets a call and goes to the side, Armaan also goes and hears everything Shaurya said.

“Don’t worry, I’m coming Kolkata” Shaurya says and disconnects the call.

“Property would be mine!” Shaurya says and laughs.

Along with Armaan, someone else hears too but that person isn’t revealed.
End of Flashback

Then a man is shown entering MM, he is wearing a black cloak with white shirt and black trousers, he is holding a red folder, Armaan sees him walking inside, a smile appears on Armaans face.

“Vakeel Saab, come in, aap Ka hi intezaar Ho raha tha” Armaan says with a fake smile.

Shaurya turns around and sees the Vakeel coming down the stairs. The Vakeel is revealed and is happy with a glowing smile on his face that is visible from miles away.

“Buddhe, careful, because of too much happiness, you will fall! Control! Anyways we don’t have time for your slow walk, open the folder and tell us what is written!” Shaurya rudely say.

The smile disappears from the Vakeel’s face.

“Arey Vakeel Saab, mind him, he’s a little rude and mannerless but you come, what would you like to eat and drink?” Armaan says nicely.

Vakeel in his mind says “A little? A lot! He has crossed all his limits, I wonder how Durgaprasad Ji must handle him, I feel sorry for Ramprasad Ji as he is his son, kaha vo aur kaha yeh!.”

Shaurya looks at the Vakeel,
“Buddhe, are you deaf along with blind?! Didn’t you hear what I said? What are you thinking?!” Shaurya says.

The Vakeel fake smiles and says “Kuch nahi, anyways you tell me, how have you been? How was your vacation?”

“It was boring Vakeel Saab, don’t even ask, I missed Kolkata a lot, I can’t believe I stayed away for a year.” Armaan says.

“I have been okay and open the folder!” Shaurya exclaims.

The Vakeel nods and opens the folder.

“Vakeel Saab, at-least sit down” Armaan says with a fake smile.

“No Armaan beta, I’m okay, thank you for asking” the Vakeel says.

“Will you be talking all day? How long does it take to open the folder?!” Shaurya irritatingly says and rubs his forehead.

The Vakeel looks at Shaurya and then at the folder. He starts reading.

“Will you read the whole information quietly?! At least let us hear!” Shaurya says.

“My grandsons have to get married to obtain this will and…” The Vakeel says but stops as he sees Armaan and Shaurya’s face expressions.

Armaan is shocked and feels like fainting as this news is a heavy news for him as he believes he’s too young to marry.

Shaurya is shook and can’t talk, getting married is a big nightmare for him.

“Ey Buddhe, have you gone mad?! Get glasses and if you have then change the number! Saley! You want us to marry?!” Shaurya angrily shouts and holds the Vakeels collar.

“Listen Mr Maheshwari, your DaadaJi had written this on his will, not me! And leave my collar” the Vakeel says. Shaurya lets go and glares at the Vakeel, the Vakeel fixes his collar and looks at the paper.

“If you don’t accept this condition then you wouldn’t receive a single penny” the Vakeel adds.

Shaurya flares at him,
“Aisa mein Nahi, your Daadaji said it” the Vakeel hurriedly says while looking at Shaurya.

A paper then falls down, the Vakeel bends down to pick it, Armaan is still shocked and Shaurya is angry and is thinking.

“I’m only 21 years old, I haven’t even lived my life and marriage?!” Armaan says to himself.

“Sala Buddha, he died but didn’t let us live in peace and he calls himself our so called Daadaji!” Shaurya says in his mind.

The Vakeel looks at the fallen paper and gets shocked.
“Well, what do I see here?” The Vakeel immediately says. Shaurya and Armaan look at him.

“Now what shock is left to receive?!” Shaurya annoyingly says.

“His conditions are no less than a shock” Armaan adds and gulps.

“Well..” The Vakeel says but gets stopped by Shaurya.

“Would you just say Well or speak ahead?! Buddha kahika!” Shaurya angrily says.

The Vakeel gets hurt and looks down,

“Talk with respect! He’s our lawyer and you have no rights to talk to him with that attitude, in that tone and like that manner!” A new voice is heard from behind them.

Armaan, Shaurya and Vakeel turn around, Armaan and Shaurya are stunned and shocked. A faint smile appears on Vakeel’s face. A man is then shown wearing maroon converses with maroon chinos and black shirt, he is also wearing a black jacket.

“Oh really? Now will you teach me how to speak so called Bade Bhaiyya?!” Shaurya says while glaring at him.

“If you don’t know chote then yes!” The man says.

“Chote Bade? When? In fact you two are in the same age group and I should be calling Laksh bade Bhaiyya! You both are 24 but Laksh is 3 months older” Armaan says confusingly.

The man with Maroon chinos is revealed to be Laksh aka Lucky.
It also is revealed that the other person in London listening was Lucky.

“So? Anyways my dear friend, Vakeel Saab, you tell me, how have you been?” Laksh asks nicely.

Shaurya and Armaan look at him.
“He’s buttering him up” Armaan whispers to Shaurya.
“Why did this Sala come here and why?” Shaurya whispers back. Both then glare at Laksh who is talking to the lawyer with a smile on his face.

Laksh claps his hands and a servant comes out.
“Ji Malik?” The servant says.

Shaurya and Armaan get shocked, both say “Malik?!”

“Take my luggage up to my room” Laksh says.

“Ji Malik, and do you need anything to drink or eat? In fact Malik, I will make your favourite dish” the servant says. Laksh nods and the servant starts taking Laksh’s luggage.

“Malik my foot! He’s not worth becoming a beggar also!” Shaurya exclaims.

“Beggar Toh Kya, no one would want to make him their servant! Anyways Vakeel Saab, you come back tomorrow, we will talk then” Armaan says.

“But it’s good that Mr Laksh Maheshwari came, I mean now I can talk to him about the conditions in your DaadaJis will.” The Vakeel says.

“Can’t you understand once? Go!” Shaurya shouts.

“One minuet! I have rights to know! Anyways Vakeel Saab, what has our Mahan Daadaji suggested?” Laksh says.

“Mahan? Saley, you didn’t shed a single tear and Mahan?” Shaurya says.

“At that time I was young, now I realised and I miss Daadaji a lot” Laksh says emotionally.

“Don’t worry Mr Laksh Maheshwari, I just told them about one of the conditions… That you have to get married to be one step ahead” the Vakeel says.

Laksh nods and Armaan and Shaurya look at Laksh and are surprised.

“He said marry lucky!” Armaan shouts.

Laksh nods okay and Armaan and Shaurya are confused.

“But we received your marriage certificate Mr Laksh Maheshwari” the Vakeel adds.

Armaan and Shaurya are stunned, you could hear the clouds making sounds and lighting striking.

“Marriage certificate?!” Shaurya and Armaan shout.

“Yes, see” the Vakeel says and forwards the certificate, Laksh looks at Armaan and Shaurya and smirks.

Armaan takes the certificate and reads it properly, Shaurya then snatches it and rips it, all get shocked, Armaan takes the other half and rips it in front of Vakeel and Laksh.

“Where’s the proof?” Armaan says innocently and throws the paper in the air.

Shaurya throws the paper too.

“Don’t worry Vakeel Saab, I have loads of copies” Laksh says while looking at Armaan and Shaurya.

“Really?” Armaan says, he then makes an innocent face and says “Bhai, where Bhabhi?” Armaan adds and smiles.

Shaurya looks at Armaan then Laksh and nods, “Yeah, where is Bhabhi by the way? I want to meet her and probably this Vakeel too”
Shaurya says and Laksh glares at them.

“Well, Mr Laksh Maheshwari, we do have to see your wife before taking any decisions.” The Vakeel says.

“Yes, Bhabhi, where are you?” Armaan says and looks around.

“She’s coming tomorrow!” Laksh says with a serious tone.

“Okay, but since you gave proof..” The balme says but gets interrupted.

“Not so fast Buddhe, you’re forgetting about Aadarsh Bhai and Sanskaar bahi.” Shaurya says.

“Exactly, Aadarsh Bhaiyya and Sanskaar Bhai are one step ahead of you Lucky so don’t get too happy, Nai Vakeel Saab?”

The Vakeel is thinking and Laksh is shocked and speechless.

“What happened?” Shaurya softy says.

The Vakeel also looks at Laksh.

“I guess they didn’t want the property, so that’s why they didn’t submit their marriage forms or certificate!” Laksh says.
“Well I’m one step ahead all of you, Nai Vakeel Saab?” Laksh smiles and says leaving Armaan and Shaurya speechless.

The Vakeel nods. The servant then comes out with a glass of water on the tray, Shaurya glares at Laksh.

“Excuse me!” Armaan says and leaves with his hand leaning inside his pockets.

Shaurya walks up and before Laksh could take the glass of water, Shaurya does and drinks it quickly, Laksh looks at him.

“After all, I should drink it as you gave me shocks but watch when I come back with a big one!” Shaurya says and glares at Laksh, Laksh glares at him back. Shaurya leaves and Laksh looks at the Vakeel.

The episode ends on Laksh’s face.

Precap: DP and RP arrive and have received a shock of their lives.

Hey guys my friend decided to write this FF a while ago but she is very busy and couldn’t continue so I’ve decided to rewrite it. So do comment to tell us how it is.

I know it’s less lively as you all would like romance, especially between the couple but don’t worry as RagSan and the other pairs would bring it for you, I can’t promise RagSan early but will try. Maybe in episode 3. The second episode of this episode would come out on the 28th if we’re not busy tomorrow. Well it’s not only me, it’s us so we will reveal our name later.

Thank you for reading.

Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya RP Maheshwari
Armaan Malik (Singer) – Armaan DP Maheshwari

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