Love or Money? Episode 2

Love or Money?

Episode 2:

Two men are shown entering MM,

“Bhaisa, I can’t walk anymore, mhare ko araam chahiye” one of the man says.

“Bas, we have have reached Ram!” The other man says.

The two men are revealed to be DP and RP, DP is shown wearing white dhoti Pajama with red kameez and maroon coat jacket with black Nike air maxes.
RP is shown wearing grey trousers with grey blazer shut like a professional coat and black normal men shoes.

RP gets confused,
“Yo kon hai Bhaisa? And why is he here? Have we come in the wrong house?” RP says while looking carefully.

“Yes, this is our house, but who is he?!” DP says with his head held high.

DP and RP walk down the stairs while the servants take their luggages. They see the Vakeel sitting and drinking tea.

“Oh, Mr Maheshwari, it’s good to see you back” the Vakeel says and stands up.
“Well Mr Ramprasad Maheshwari, it’s good you came also” the Vakeel adds.

RP and DP look at each other confusingly.

“What are you saying?” RP says.

“Vakeel Saab?” DP asks.

“Yes, I am your Vakeel, Mr Rishi Malik.” The Vakeel says.

RP’s jaw drops and DP gets shocked.

“What? Are you our Vakeel? What happened? I mean you changed so much in a year” RP says confusingly and shocked.

“What do you mean what happened Mr Ramprasad?” The Vakeel asks.

“Bhaisa, don’t you think the lawyer has gained some weight?” RP says and looks at DP.

(Funny tune plays)

The Vakeel looks at RP,
“First your son and now you…?” The Vakeel utters.

Laksh hears the noise and comes out, he is walking down and sees RP and DP but doesn’t know it’s RP and DP as their backs are faced towards him.

“Who’s here?!” Laksh says.

RP and DP turn around, Laksh is stunned.

“You two?!” Laksh shouts while being shocked.

“Yes, why? Aren’t you happy?!” DP utters and holds his head high.

Just then RP and DP are shocked, Laksh he’s confused and thinks “What happened to them two?”

RP holds his heart, DP widens his eyes, Laksh turns around and is shocked to see Armaan and Shaurya with their perspective brides. Vakeel is also shook.

Armaan is dressed in a grooms attire and his wife is dressed in a brides attire.
Shaurya is in his clothes, so is his wife, but both have the varmala around their neck and Shauryas wife has Mangulsutra with Sindoor and a red chunri on her head. She is looking down.

(A crack is heard, then a shocking reaction tune plays)

Shaurya and Armaan are also stunned to see DP and RP.

“Told you I will be back, how is this shock?” Shaurya say to Laksh.

Laksh glares at him.

“What is this?! I mean it hasn’t been 4 hours and you two already got married?!” Laksh angrily says.

DP moves back and sits down on the sofa while being shocked. RP widens his eyes and continues touching his heart.

“Na… Please tell me this is a illusion or a dream” RP says while breathing heavily.

“Papa…” Shaurya utters and before Shaurya could complete his sentence, RP faints.

All look on shocked.

“Is he dead?” Shaurya asks.

DP stands up and glares at both Armaan and Shaurya.

“What Drama is this?!” DP strictly asks.

“It’s not a drama, it’s reality…” Armaan says but gets interrupted.

“Bas!! Stop this and get out!” DP shouts.

Armaan and Shaurya look on, Laksh takes the advantage of the situation and walks to DP.

“Papa, how can a person get married without inviting you?” Laksh says.

“Oh hello, if Bade papa is kicking us then you pack your bags too” Shaurya says.

“Exactly, anyways Papa, I’m your only son who you love right? How can you kick me out?” Armaan says.

“The day you were born brought bad luck, so why would I love you? Only to see this day?!” DP says and angrily eyes Armaan.

“Papa… Laksh also got married, didn’t you hear? So he should get kicked out and so should Aadarsh Bhaiyya and Sanskaar Bhai.” Armaan says and looks at DP.

DP looks at him,
“Why should Laksh, Aadarsh and Sanskaar get kicked out?” DP asks angrily.

“Because they also got married” Shaurya says.

“Plus Laksh got married” Armaan adds.

DP looks at Laksh, Laksh fake laughs and looks at DP and nods no.

“Papa, they’re joking, me? Papa, they’re ruining my name” Laksh says.

“Point to be noted!” Armaan shouts quickly.

All look at him, RP was still lying unconscious on the floor.

“He said he hasn’t got married Vakeel Saab” Armaan says and looks at Laksh.

Laksh realises and looks at the Vakeel, the Vakeel is thinking and nodding.

DP gets confused,
“What’s going on?! Laksh… Tell the truth!” DP asks.

“Nothing Papa, they got married, remember” Laksh says.

“Well Mr Laksh Maheshwari, you did submit your marriage certificate and your wife is coming tomorrow as you said” the Vakeel says.

DP looks at Laksh, Laksh thinks “If Papa finds out about the property then he will not let us obtain it and fight for it, also if he gets the property then he will not give us a penny”

“Dad, you’re back early, I swear you two were coming in 3 months?” Armaan says

“Thank god I came before, now I know what you three were planning to do behind my back!” DP says.

Shaurya rolls his eyes, Armaan looks at DP and Laksh looks away.

DP looks at Armaan and Shaurya and shakes his head.

“What have these two Nalayak said to you that you two girls married them?” DP asks the two brides who are standing innocently and quietly.

“I’m sure they must have threatened you” Laksh adds.

“Otherwise who would want to marry these two rotten rats that find shelter after getting thrown out!” DP says.

Shauryas bride looks up innocently, her eyes are shown full with tears, her face is shown, she was about to says something when Shaurya takes his phone out, she sees that and nods no.
Laksh sees this and finds something fishy.

“Don’t be scared, tell me beta” DP says while looking at Shabaya.

“Wah, calling us Rats and her Beta? What has the world come to? A father doesn’t even respect his son.” Armaan says dramatically.

“What respect? When both of you defamed me, what respect do you want?” DP says.
“Now another one defamed me” DP says while looking at Shaurya.

Shaurya signs and looks away, Armaan looks at him.

“So Aadarsh Bhaiyya and Sanskaar Bhai doesn’t get kicked out, why?”
Armaan says.

“Please Mr Maheshwari’s, your brother Mr Ramparasad Maheshwari had fainted from the past 20 minuets and you all are arguing?” The Vakeel says.

All look at RP who is shown lying unconscious.

…..After a while…..
RP opens his eyes and finds himself in a room and the Dr checking him, he also sees the Vakeel standing and so is DP.

“Bahisa!” RP shouts.

“Calm down Mr Maheshwari” the Dr says.

“Bhaisa, I had the weirdest dream ever” RP says.

“It wasn’t a dream Mr Maheshwari, it was reality, Armaan and Shaurya got married” the Vakeel says.

DP nods yes and RP starts laughing.

“Yo kaisa mazaak kar rahe Ho? Who would want to marry them? Arey, girls will scream seeing their faces” RP says while laughing.

“Ram, it’s true, they did get married” DP says.

RP stops laughing and is shocked.

DP tells him what he had said and it goes into a flashback.

“I’m only letting you stay here for these innocent girls, or else I would’ve kicked you two out! I mean three!” DP shouts

Shaurya, Armaan and Laksh glare at DP. DP calls the Dr and takes RP to the room
With the help of the servants.

Ends of Flashback.

RP lies back and looks on shocked. The Vakeel nods and DP looks down.

“I know the girls must’ve have been forced to marry them, we need to find out” DP says.

“Well…” The Vakeel says.

“Mr Maheshwari, you have to rest and not take stress” the Dr says and leaves.

RP and DP look at the Vakeel. Vakeel then tells them about the property and RP and DP are amazed and shocked. They have mix of emotions.

Night in MM:

Shaurya is shown sitting on the bed, he is thinking.

“Sala, what does he think of himself?! He wants to kick me out? If I wasn’t tied for the sake of the property then I would’ve kicked him out! This property is mine and I wouldn’t let that Buddha take a penny!” Shaurya says angrily and throws the glass on the floor.

“Buddha Vakeel must have told them two by now, one day that Buddha will die from my hands, what was the need of him to open his mouth at every stage?! Now I got two more competitors, Laksh and Armaan were enough that now two more came, I hope the other two don’t!” Shaurya says and looks up angrily.

Shauryas bride comes out from the washroom, she sees the broken glass on the floor and looks at Shaurya. Shaurya angrily stands up.

“Stay in your limits!! Don’t fly like the other or else…!” Shaurya says and heads out of the room.

Shauryas bride gets teary eyed, it goes into a flashback of how Shaurya had married her.

Shaurya is shown angry and walking down the road.

“What does that Buddha Vakeel and Laksh think if themselves? Especially that Kamina Armaan!” Shaurya says angrily.

He then bumps into a girl and both fall in the floor.

“Sorry” the girl innocently says.
She stands up.

“What the hell?!” Shaurya says and gets up.

The girl bends down and puts the fallen stuff from her bag back in her back. Shaurya looks down at her and could only see her long black hair.

She stands up and turns around,

“Stop” Shaurya says.

The girl stops and turns back around. Shaurya picks her ID card and looks at it, he then hands it to her.

“Thank you” the girl says and turns around.

“How will defeat Armaan and Laksh? All of them got married… So do I have to?” Shaurya says to himself.

The girl hears and starts walking away.

“Never!” Shaurya says.
“But, I need to for the property. But how will I find a girl?” Shaurya adds.

He then looks around and thinks, he then remembers the girl he bummed in to, he looks around and sees her walking. He remembers seeing her name on the ID card.

“Shanaya!” he shouts.

The girl turns around and looks at him confusingly. Shaurya walks up to her.

“I need a favour.” Shaurya says.

The girl looks on confused, she is revealed to be Shanaya.

“What favour?” Shanaya asks nervously.

“Come with me” Shaurya says.

“Where?” Shanaya asks.

Shaurya grabs her hand and takes Shanaya, Shanaya is shocked and confused.

After a while Shaurya and Shanaya reach a temple.

“Wh…why are we here?” Shanaya asks.

“You’re marrying me” Shaurya says.

Shanaya is stunned.
“What?” Shanaya says.

“Come” Shaurya says and grabs her hand.

She jerks her hand away and he looks at her.

“Shanaya, listen nicely, or else I have to use violence, which you probably don’t want.” Shaurya says.

Shanaya looks at him confusingly.

Shaurya phones someone.
“Hello, give it to her mother!” Shaurya says.

Shaurya gives the phone to Shanaya. Shanaya takes it.

“Hello?” Shanaya says.

“Beta, who are they? Why are they here? Come quick beta, they are being harsh to your Daadi and Daadaji” Shanayas mother says.

Shanaya gets shocked and looks at Shaurya, Shaurya takes the phone back.

“Namastay Aunty, could you please give it back to the person.” Shaurya says.

“Haa, make sure you kill them if she doesn’t listen, wait for my messages okay?” Shaurya says.

Shanaya is shocked, Shaurya disconnects the calls.

“Confused?” Shaurya aks nicely.
“Well let me clear that confusion, you know on the ID card, there is your address mentioned, and luckily I saw and sent my men at the right time.” Shaurya says.

Shanaya had no choice but to marry him to save her grandma, mum and granddad.

End of Flashback.

Shaurya’s bride is revealed to be Shanaya.

“Why?” Shanaya says and cries.

Then Armaan is shown looking outside the window,

“Thank you Arthvya, without you, I wouldn’t have found a bride…” Armaan says and relaxes.

Armaan walks out and goes to meet his friend, he meets Arthavya.

“I’m stuck in a problem” Armaan says.

“What problem?” Arthavya says

“My brother Laksh got married and that makes his one step ahead of gaining the property, I know Shaurya won’t keep quiet, he would also do something. I need to find a bride. I really don’t want to but now I have no choice.” Armaan says and kicks the can on the floor.

“Oh, I’m getting married today” Arthavya says.

“You? To who?” Armaan says.

“Do you remember your childhood friend? Trisha?” Arthavya says.

Armaan tries to remember, he remembers and gets shocked.

“What? Her? Are you and? You’re marrying that fat geek?!” Armaan says.

“Listen Armaan, I don’t want to hear anything about Trisha, I like her okay, I even proposed to her, she is a gem” Arthavya says.

“Oh please, her and a gem?” Armaan says and shakes his head.

“Well you stay here and think while I’m going to get get married” Arthavya says.

Armaan thinks “If I don’t like her and she don’t like me then there would be no love and no commitment, I can marry her and divorce her after I get the property.

“Arthavya!” Armaan says.

Arthavya stops and turns around.

“Well… Do you actually want to marry her? I mean…” Armaan says.

Arthavya thinks and nods yes.
“If you want her then I will take 50 Lakhs” Arthavya says.

Armaan is shook.
“50 Lakhs?! Are you mad? Where am I going to get that amount of money from?!” Armaan says.

“Well she is a gem. I can’t give her up easily” Arthavya says.

Armaan then looks disgust and says “No one would pay a rupee for her”
“I’ll pay you 20 now and I will pay the rest in a week.” Armaan adds.

“Why in a week?” Arthavya asks.

“Because I’ll take 20 Lakhs from Papas account next week and then the 10 will given by Laksh” Armaan says.

“Since when did you family become caring?” Arthavya says.

“They’re not, it’s just their cards that’s bestowing mercy on me” Armaan says.

Arthavya thinks and laughs, both laugh.

Then Armaan enters as the groom with the Sehra and Trisha and him get married.

After they’re married Armaan sees her face and she sees his, both are shocked.

“Who are you?!” Armaan says.

“I should ask the same, where’s Arthavya?! Who are you?” Trisha says.

“You’re Trisha?!” Armaan says shocked.

“Haa! Where’s Arthavya?” Trisha says worriedly.

“Shit!” Armaan says and touches his head.

“I, I can’t marry you, Arthavya? Where is he?” Trisha says and looks around.

“No wonder he’s taking 50 Lakhs” Armaan says to himself.

He then tells Trisha that they’re married now so she should come to him, she unwillingly goes as she has no where else to go.

End of flashback.

“Sale Arthavya cheated me!” Armaan says and looks on.

“Cheated you?” A voice is heard.

Armaan turns around and sees Trisha standing there.

“He sold me!” Trisha shouts.

“Listen, he…” Armaan says but gets interrupted.

“Don’t! I can’t believe he cheated ME! He said he loved me but sold me for 50 Lakhs!” Trisha says and cries.

Armaan looks on and thinks how she knows.

“Thank god my friend sent the video to me, or else I would’ve have thought Arthavya still loved me” Trisha says and sits on the bed and cries.

Armaan looks at her.

“Anyways why am I crying? I should make him cry!” Trisha says and wipes her tears.

“You changed” Armaan Utters.

She looks at him and stands up.

“Who are you?” Trisha says.

“I’m, Armaan, don’t you remember?” Armaan says.

Trisha tries to remember.

“I can’t believe you changed so much, it was hard for me to recognise you” Armaan says.

“Armaan Maheshwari?!” Trisha says.

Armaan nods yes and Trisha looks at him.

“Oh yeah, how can I forget you do these cheap stuff! He sold me and you brought me for your selfish purpose? Well Mr Armaan Maheshwari, I will never let you succeed, you ruined my life 6 years ago and now you’re back! I hate you!” Trisha says and heads towards the bathroom.

Armaan looks on.

Laksh is also thinking.

“Armaan and Shaurya got their brides already but where am I going I get mine from? No! I can’t let Shaurya or Armaan get the property, now Papa and Chachu joined, I won’t let them receive a penny!” Laksh says and looks on.

“What should I do? The certificate was fake, I need to do something fast.” Laksh says to himself and stands up.

He looks on.

Armaan gets changed and sits on the bed.

“It’s been a long time since she’s in the bathroom, did anything happen to her?” Armaan says and looks towards the door.

Just then it opens and Trisha comes out while drying her hair. She is wearing white leggings with while Kurti on top. She then sees Armaan on the bed.

“Listen, I’m not sleeping on the floor or sofa okay?” Trisha says and then turns towards the mirror.

“And? I’m not either and this is my room!” Armaan says and lies down.

“Really? I didn’t know did I?” Trisha says.

“Well, I’m not moving” Armaan says.

“Fine, you know what, your family members would be glad knowing why you married me, Nai?” Trisha says and looks at him.

He gets shocked and sits up.

“Listen, you can’t threaten me in my house and especially in my bedroom!” Armaan says and glares at her.

“Well you should’ve thought about that before marrying me, as your wife I have 50% rights on your stuff, like your property, bedroom and others!” Trisha says and finishes drying her hair.

She walks up to him while he looks on angrily.

“Listen..” He says with his index finger pointing at her.

“Your loss!” Trisha says.

Trisha then goes on the other side and lies down, Armaan looks at her, she puts the blanket up and closes her eyes.

“I can’t let her boss me!” Armaan says and pulls the blanket.

Trisha opens her eyes and glares at him, she sits up and both start pulling the blanket and arguing.

The bathroom door opens and Shanaya comes out wearing a white Pajama trousers with Kurti on top. She looks around and doesn’t find Shaurya.

“He won’t let me sleep on the bed” Shanaya says.

She starts fixing her bed on the floor, she lies down and closes her eyes.

After a while Shaurya opens the door and comes in, he sees Shanaya sleeping on the floor.

He then sits down on the bed and takes his jacket off.

“Ji Vakeel Saab, call Mrs Malik here as well and you should stay here as it is your rights” DP says.

This is heard by Shaurya and he is shocked.

“Oh no, both Buddhe are heading this way, if they see this then they will understand why I married her” Shaurya says and stands up.

He walks towards the door to shut it but moves back as he sees DP and Vakeel near the window. He looks at Shanaya and picks her up.

“Okay Mr Maheshwari, I will stay, I will also call my wife tomorrow.” Vakeel says.

DP and Vakeel start moving forward, they see Shaurya picking Shanaya up and look on.

Shaurya puts her on the bed, Vakeel is stunned.

“Chi chi! He could’ve closed the door!” DP says.

Vakeel moves forward and closes the door, Shaurya turns around and sees the door closed. He lets out a sigh and moves back,

” I can’t be asked to drop her back there, she might as well sleep here tonight” Shaurya says.

He fixes the cushions and goes to sleep on the other side.

The Vakeel and DP are walking and there is a silence as they could not speak due to what they had saw (assumed) earlier. They walk past Armaan’s room and hear sounds.

“No! It’s mine!” They hear Armaan shout.

“I don’t care, your fault!” They hear Trisha shout.

Vakeel and DP look at each other.

Trisha is seen standing on the bed.

“Get down and let me sleep!” Armaan says looking stressed.

“I also want to sleep but you’re not giving the blanket!” Trisha says softly but load.

Armaan is seen off the bed standing with the blanket behind him.

“Oh god, this is my blanket!” Armaan shouts.

“You wanted to go to sleep!” Trisha shouts.

Both glare at each other.

Vakeel moves forward to knock but as soon as he touches the door, it opens. DP and Vakeel walk forward.

Armaan gets up on the bed, he grabs Trishas hand and pulls her, she looses her balance and holds Armaans hand but Armaan also looses her balance and both fall on the bed.

The bed breaks as soon as DP and Vakeel enter.

“Aaaaahhhhhh!!!” Trisha shouts.

Laksh, Shaurya, Shanaya and RP wake up. RP and Laksh are shocked.

“What happened?! Huh?” RP says.

Vakeel and DP look on. Armaan puts his hand over her mouth.

“Shush!!” Armaan says.

Trisha sees her arm and caresses it.

Shanaya finds her self on the bed and looks on. Both Shanaya and Shaurya stand up and head out, they see RP and Laksh coming out from their rooms.

“What was that sound?” RP says.

“I don’t know, it’s coming from Armaan’s room” Shaurya says.

They head there and enter and look on.

Armaan and Trisha get up, they see
DP, Vakeel, RP, Shaurya, Shanaya and Laksh and look on.

“What is all this?!” DP says.

Armaan and Trisha look down.

“It happens, sometimes, um… Shaurya, if you do not mind then can Choti Bahu stay the night with Badi Bahu?” The Vakeel says.

“Then where would I sleep?!” Shaurya says.

“Same here, where would I sleep?” Armaan says.

“Well, Shaurya, you could sleep with Ramprasad Ji and Armaan, you could sleep with DurgaPrasad Ji” the Vakeel says.

Armaan and DP both shout “Nahiiii!!!”

“Ey Buddhe, have you gone mad? I’m not sleeping with…” Shaurya says and looks at RP.

“Mhare ko bhi iske saath Nahi rehna, I’m not gone mad Vakeel Saab and neither has a pagal dog bit me and Na hi mere bure din aye, that I would sleep with him!” RP says and glares at Shaurya.

“I’m sure Laksh wouldn’t mind taking me” Armaan says and looks at Laksh.

“Well, I would’ve said…” Laksh says but gets interuopted.

“Thanks Laksh, I knew you had a big heart” Shaurya says and walks out.

“Thanks bro” Armaan says and also walks out.

“When did I say yes?” Laksh says and also walks out while shaking his head.

DP, RP and Vakeel leave while shaking their heads. Trisha looks at Shanaya and smiles innocently.

“You can come with me…” Shanaya says.

Trisha nods and they leave to Shauryas room.

Vakeel is then shown reading the whole will, he puts the folder down and is stunned, he then nods and looks on.

Morning in MM:

The sun rises. It is early morning, the clock is shown and the time that is displayed is 7:30am.

Trisha wakes up and yawns, she looks and sees Shanaya sleeping.

“Now, this is our first time in the house. I don’t know what her story must be, I really want to know but I will ask her after she gets comfortable with me. I don’t know how to cook, so what am I going to eat?” Trisha says to herself and looks at Shanaya.

Just then she hears someone humming, a smile appears on her face, she stands up and goes out, she walks down the corridors while following the humming. She then walks down the stairs and heads towards the kitchen. She stands outside the kitchen and looks on.
She sees a man hugging a woman from behind and both their faces aren’t revealed.

“I love you” the man says to the women he’s hugging from behind.

“Ha ha, all this love will stay there after everyone comes out Nai?” The woman says while stirring a dish on the gas and in a utensil.

Trisha smells the food and closes her eyes.
“Wah, what a smell, it reminds me of home” Trisha says quietly to herself.

“Well Mrs Maheshwari, this love will stay here forever, it’s not going to run away.” The man says and hugs the woman tighter.

The woman turns the gas level low and breaks the hug, she turns to him and he holds her by the waist and pulls her closer, her hands rest on his chest. Both of their eyes are shown looking at each other.

A song plays in the BG while they share an eye lock.

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Both of the woman and man are staring at each other intensely.

Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

(Song stops)

“So Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, if anyone comes, you would still be in this same position?” The woman says.

The mans smiling face is revealed and its Sanskaar.

“Yes Mrs Ragini Sanksaar Maheshwari.” Sanskaar says.

The woman also has a smile on her face and is revealed to be Ragini.

“Koi kisi se itna Pyaar Kaise kar sakta hai?” Trisha says loud.

Both RagSan look there and see Trisha at the door. Trisha smiles at them.

Precap: Trisha to ask RagSan how they met and got married. RagSan ask the same question back after telling their story to Shanaya, Trisha, Shaurya, Laksh and Armaan. DP, RP and Vakeel eager to know.

Hey everyone, my friend decided to write this FF a while ago but she is very busy and got caught up with massive work and couldn’t continue so I’ve decided to write some episodes.

So do comment to tell us how it is.

I know it’s less lively as you all would like romance, especially between the couples but don’t worry as RagSan and the other pairs would bring it for you.

The third episode of this FF would come out on the 29th June if we’re not busy tomorrow. Well it’s not only me, it’s us so we will reveal our name later.

Thank you for reading.

Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya (23)
Armaan Malik (Singer) – Armaan (21)

Khushi Kapoor – Trisha (18)
Charlie Chauhan – Shanaya (22)

Chandra Mohan – Vakeel/ Mr Malik aka Rishi (45)

Sorry for the delay X

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