Love or money episode 6


Love or Money

Episode 6:


AP and Sujata prepare for Dinner, Armaan, Shaurya, Laksh and DP take a seat. Just then Shaurya gets a call. The Vakeel comes and sits down with his wife Shivanya.

Vakeel: I think someone’s phones ringing.

DP looks at Shaurya while Shaurya disconnects the call.

Armaan: It must be important.

Sujata, AP, Trisha, Shanaya and Swara put the food on the table.

Shaurya gets the call again and he picks it up angrily.

Shaurya: What?! Did you only find this time to disturb me?!

The caller informs Shaurya something and Shaurya nods.

Shaurya: Okay. What should I do then? Dance?!

Shaurya disconnects the phone and starts eating.

DP: What happened?

Shaurya: I had a son, why? Do you want to pick him up?!

Armaan: Really? I want to.

Shaurya then glares at Armaan whilst DP glares at Shaurya.

Sujata: Hayy! Chore, you had a son and I still didn’t know?!

Laksh: Chill Chachi, it was a joke, but who’s call was it?

Shaurya: Don’t know why they troubled me for that.

Shaurya continues eating.

Vakeel: Oh, anyways where is Mr Ram Prasad?

Laksh, Armaan and DP look around.

Shaurya: He had an accident and is in the hospital.

Shaurya then drinks water while all are shocked.

DP: Kya?!

Armaan: What?

Shaurya: Yeah, they called me and informed me!

Vakeel: But Mr Shaurya, you’re fathers in the hospital and you’re here

Shaurya: So? Why should I tense myself?! If you’re so concerned then you go to him!

Sujata: Chore, he’s in the hospital? Which hospital?

Shaurya: I think city.

DP and the Vakeel stand up, Shanaya, Shivanya, Trisha, Swara and AP shake their head in a disagreement while looking at Shaurya eat without worrying.

Just then the police come in, DP gets shocked seeing them.

DP: Inspector Saab?

Shaurya, Armaan and Laksh get shocked and choke. All look at them, including the police. Ragini and Sanskaar come down after hearing the noises.

Sanskaar: Inspector? Is everything alright?

Inspector: Well Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari had an accident and is now in the hospital.

Sanskaar and Ragini get shocked, Armaan, Laksh and Shaurya compose themselves and stand up.

Shaurya: He found this time to die! Were the other times occupied?! Sara Khana got ruined because of him!

Shaurya complains while all rush to the hospital with the police, Shaurya had to go as everyone else rushed.

Everyone reach the hospital, Swara left the children with one of the maid.

Shaurya: Where is he?

Nurse: Inside the ICU

Shaurya: What are the chances of survival?

Nurse: Well the Drs are trying their best.

Shaurya: Why are Drs working hard on him? Tell them to take rest, if he’s not waking up then why force him?

Shaurya sighs and sits, the nurse looks on, the police also looks on while DP shakes his head in a disagreement.

Sujata: Sister, don’t listen to him, do your best and save Sanskaar Ke Papa.

Shaurya thinks: Yes! Now one person is gone from the property, but what about the others?!

Sanskaar is in tears, Ragini consoles him.

Ragini: Sanskaar, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Papa

Sanskaar: I hope your words come true, but Shaurya? How can he say that?

Ragini: Take care of yourself, you can’t break apart.

Sanskaar then looks at Ragini and nods, Ragini then hugs him. The nurse leave, Swara smiles seeing Ragini and Sanskaar. The rest of the family members are looking at the ICU door but Shaurya is just relaxing on the chairs. AP consoles Sujata.

Vakeel: I hope god saves Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari.

Shaurya in his head: Saala Buddha Vakeel, why is he becoming our enemy?! Can’t he speak something good and auspicious today?!

The constables comes and whispers something in the inspectors ears. The inspector then nods.

Inspector: We want to take all of your statements.

DP: Ours? Why?

Inspector: Just to see what happened before the accident, well attempt of murder.

All get shocked.

Vakeel: Attempt of murder?

Sanskaar: What are you saying inspector?

Inspector: I’m telling the truth, someone failed his breaks and put a bomb in his car.

All are stunned, Shaurya stands up.

Shaurya thinks: Who wants to kill him? Wow, I should praise that person but I find something fishy.

DP: Brake fail and bomb blast?

Armaan looks on.

Inspector: Who was last seen near his car?

Shaurya: He was.

Inspector: Before him.

DP thinks: Armaan and Shaurya, this is a great opportunity to take them out of my way.

DP then looks at Shaurya and Armaan.

Armaan thinks: Shoot! Now Papas going to take advantage of this situation, the blame would come on me, I can’t let this happen!

Laksh thinks: Wah! What a opportunity, now I can get Shaurya and Armaan out of my way, Chachus already gone!

Laksh: Armaan and Shaurya were fixing his tyres.

Shaurya and Armaan look on.

Inspector looks at them.

Shaurya thinks: Oh fish! The blames going to go on me! No!

Shanaya secretly smirks.

Laksh: Shaurya and Armaan, I didn’t expect this from you! You tried to kill Chachu?

DP: Shaurya! He’s your father.

Shaurya: You all are gone mad, why will I kill him?

Armaan: He has reasons but I don’t!

DP: Oh… Now I understood!

Laksh: Papa, you used your brain?! Round of applauds for him.

Armaan chuckles while Laksh claps.

DP ignores Laksh.

DP: When the hospital informed you, you behaved normal because you planned all of this!

Shaurya thinks: Now there’s definitely something Fishy! Wow, he took advantage of that situation.

Shaurya: He’s lying! He faked his own accident and all of this is a drama, I can prove it!

All look at him.

Armaan: If Shauryas saying its a Drama then it’s defo a drama!

DP: Defo?

Armaan: Definitely

Inspector: What are you saying?

Shaurya: The truth, he’s a snake and a fraud, he can do anything for money, he can even change his colours!

Sujata: Chore! What will your father gain by doing all this drama?

Shaurya: Mom, I’m telling the truth.

Sanskaar: Enough Shaurya!

Just before Shaurya could speak, the Dr comes out, all look there, the constables then brings a bag.

DP: What happened Dr?

Dr: He survived.

All get happy, DP is a little happy, Lakshs and Armaan smile but sigh, Shauryas in a shock.

Shaurya: I think I didn’t hear that properly, he died?

Dr: No, he survived but…

Shaurya: But? But what?

Dr: He slipped into Coma.

All get shocked, Armaan, Laksh and Shaurya kind of get happy but something pops in Shauryas mind.

Shaurya: I knew it!

All look at him.

Shaurya: I knew it! He didn’t die! He went into Coma why? Because he didn’t want to die, he did all this act and it’s all Drama! If he didn’t put this act on then why did he survive? It’s all planned, he planned this whole accident drama to get me in jail so that he can take the whole property!

All are stunned to hear Shauryas words, Armaan and Laksh think.

Sanskaar: Are you mad?! Why will Papa do this?

Shaurya: For the property!

Vakeel: Mr Shaurya

Shaurya: Buddhe, did you get an invitation to speak in between us? No? Then shut your mouth!

Sanskaar: Shaurya!

Shaurya: What?! Why don’t you get it, he’s doing…

Sanskaar: Enough!

Sujata and AP get confused.

Shaurya: I can prove it!

Laksh: How?

Shaurya: First shift him to the ward!

RP gets shifted to the ward, all are in his room, including the police and the Dr, all look at Shaurya, Shaurya takes Shanaya’s pin.

Shaurya: When a person is in coma, they do feel any pain and but don’t react! So he shouldn’t either!

All are stunned, Shaurya then removes the blanket of RPs feet, RP is showing lying down with bandage over his head and oxygen mask over his mouth.
Shaurya pokes the pin in RPs feet, RP doesn’t move. Shaurya is stunned to see him still. RP starts bleeding from where Shaurya poked him.

Sanskaar: Have you proved or is there anything else left?

Shaurya: But

Inspector: Please Mr Maheshwari! Anyways who’s bag is this?

The inspector shows a bag while Shaurya looks at RP, he then walks and whispers something in his ears.

Shaurya: Why do you hate me? You got me framed!

Constable: It says Laksh Maheshwari on this bag.

All are shocked including Laksh.

Inspector: Wow, so Mr Laksh Maheshwari planted the bomb in his Chachu’s car.

Laksh: Me? No, I didn’t! I’m being framed inspector, this is all his plan!

Armaan: But why will Chachu do this?

Inspector: You tried to kill him!

Armaan: What? I didn’t, this is defo his plan!

Shaurya acts: Dad, why did this happen to you?

All are amazed to see Shaurya like this.

Shaurya: Dad, I know I never was your favourite son but I loved you.

DP: He changed his colours so quick?

Vakeel: I heard everyone will change but this quick? It didn’t even take him 1 minuet and he changed.

Shaurya notices everyone looking at him,

Shaurya: I’m sorry Dad, please forgive me, Dad, trust me, I thought you were joking with us because it’s your natural habit!

Inspector: Arrest Mr Laksh, Shaurya and Armaan Maheshwari.

Armaan and Shaurya and Laksh get shocked.

Shaurya continues acting: Dad, please wake up, you can’t do this to me, dad I will forgive you, dad, look, your son is getting punished for your mischief, I mean your state that he didn’t even do.

Sujata melts seeing Shaurya cry.

Sujata: My Chora can never try to kill his father.

AP: Yes inspector, you must be mistaken.

DP: You don’t know how low they can stoop.

Inspector: Please talk at the police station.

Shaurya: One minuet, Mom, why does Dad hate me?

Sujata: No Chore he loves you.

Shaurya: Mom, tell the truth, why does Dad hate me and prefer Sanskaar over me?!

Sujata: Well, it started off with when you were 8 years old…

There is a party in MM, all are dressed and ready for the ball, Shaurya was annoyed with his friend so he decides to do something.

RP was dressed in a shirt, blazer and trousers, he’s walking down the stairs, Shaurya sees his friend and runs there, RP comes down and stands in front of them, all are praising RP and his style. Shauryas friend was standing right behind RP.

Shaurya notices that his friend’s back is facing towards him, he runs there and closes his eyes, he pulls his pants down and laughs, as he opens his eyes, he gets the biggest shock of life, instead of pulling his friends pants down, he had pulled RPs which embarrassed RP a lot as he had only worn trousers, all laugh at him. Shaurya then runs to Sujata.

RP: Shaurya!!!!!!!!!!!

RP had never felt so embarrassed before.

Sujata: What happened? Why are you shouting?

RP quickly pulls his pants up.

Sujata: Chi Ji! You should’ve had some shame!

RP: It was your Chora!

Sujata: Leave my Chora alone! He made a mistake

RP: Mistake or a sin?!

Sujata then defends Shaurya while RP argues, all the guests leave.

RP: He didn’t even say sorry!

Sujata: Why should he? He made a mistake.

RP: The who would say sorry? You?!

Sujata: Shaurya, say sorry.

Shaurya: It was his fault, who told him to stand there?

Sujata: You’re right

RP is shocked along with DP and AP, RP then gets taunted, laughed at and made fun of when he goes out, he isn’t capable to show anyone his face again.

RP cries in his room,

RP: I will never forgive you Shaurya! You didn’t even apologise! Today you hurt me, tomorrow your kid will! I will never forget this day if forgive you! From now I have only one favourite son and that is Sanskaar!

Mar Dala…o…mar Dala plays…

RP then starts behaving liking Sanskaar more.
End of flashback.

All are shocked while Armaan Laksh and Shaurya laugh, Trisha giggles but Shivanya and Shanaya tell her off.

Inspector: Arrest them! (Controls his laugh)

Then the inspector also bursts out laughing along the the constables. Dr also laughs.

Dr: Well, you can take Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari home or leave him here.

Shaurya: Leave him here, why do you want

Shaurya the notices the police looking.

Shaurya acts: Why do you want to make him suffer there? It’s better he’s here all safe.

Inspector: All the evidence are against you so we have to arrest you.

The constable goes and puts handcuff on Armaan, Shaurya and Laksh. Shaurya faints, Armaan goes blank and Laksh freezes. DP give the victory smirk. The police take them.

Dr: You can take the patient home but tomorrow.

DP: But Shaurya is right, we think he would get the most care here.

Sujata: Bhaisa, you don’t worry, me, JiJi and our daughter-in-laws will help Ji, hai Na?

Swara, Ragini, Shanaya and Trisha nod yes.

Sanskaar stays with RP and makes the rest of the family go home.

Shaurya, Laksh and Armaan are shown looking upset, sad and shocked in one of the jail cell.

Sanskaar comes home with RP, RP is lying on the stretcher, Sanskaar tells the ward boys to take him to his room and shows them where it is.

After putting RP on his bed, Sanskaar goes to his room while the ward boys set some machines up. Sujata sits besides RP and looks on. The ward boys leave.

Sujata: My Chora, my Shaurya, what must have he ate? Why did you have to go now?

Sujata then cries, Shanaya comes in with a tray with breakfast.

Sanskaar comes in his room, he sits down and thinks about Shaurya and his words.

Sanskaar: Can Dad really do this? No, he can’t, Shauryas just lying and the Dr said that Papa’s condition is stable now. But Shaurya cannot also attempt to kill Dad.

Just then Sanskaar gets a call, he attends it.

Sanskaar: Hello? Do whatever you want but I want them three out of the police station.

Sanskaar then disconnects the call.

Ragini comes in and sees Sanskaar tensed.

Ragini: Sanskaar? What happened?

Sanskaar throws his phone on the bed and stands up. Ragini walks up to him.

Ragini: Sanskaar, is everything alright?

Sanskaar: Do you think Shaurya, Laksh and Armaan can do this?

Ragini thinks and then nods no.

Sanskaar: Do you think D Dad can to this?

Ragini is confused and then nods no.

Sanskaar: Dad nearly lost his life, but who would want to kill him?

Ragini and Sanskaar look on, Ragini then cups Sanskaar’s face.

Ragini: You look good smiling.

Ragini then smiles, Sanskaar gives a faint one.

Ragini: Yeh Kya? So small?

Ragini then moves back.

Ragini: Okay, I’ll find it somewhere else.

Ragini turns to leave but Sanskaar holds her hand, a smile appears on her face.

Mera Mann starts playing.

Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera man

Tujhmein laga hai mera mann

Sanskaar slowly pulls her towards him and turns her, both share an eye-lock.

Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann

Sanskaar then pecks her cheeks, Ragini is shocked.

Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan, dhadkan x (2)

But later she pecks his cheeks and runs out, Sanskaar is shocked but later a wide smile appears.

Precap: Bail on one condition and why DP dislikes Armaan and Laksh.

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Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya (23)
Armaan Malik (Singer) – Armaan (21)
Namish Taneja – Laksh (23)
Varun Kapoor – Sanskaar (26)

Khushi Kapoor – Trisha (18)
Charlie Chauhan – Shanaya (22)
Tejaswi Prakash – Ragini (24)

Angela Jonsson – Shivanya (20)
Chandra Mohan – Vakeel/ Mr Malik aka Rishi (45)

Credit to: Unknown

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