Love or Money? Episode 5


Love or Money?

Episode 5:

AP and Sujata are shocked.

AP: What are you saying?

RP: Bhabhi, it’s true, Armaan and Shaurya and Laksh got married.

AP walks up to Armaan.

AP: Is this true?
Armaan: Uh…

AP then slaps Armaan and Shaurya and Laksh feel the pain because it was hard.

AP: I can’t believe you got married! My sons are so grown up that they didn’t even invite me to their wedding?!

Armaan: Mom…
AP slaps him again.

All are shocked. DP enjoys the scene but doesn’t show it.

RP thinks: Only if Shaurya gets slapped like this then I will feel peace.

Sujata walks up to Shaurya.

Sujata: What is this Chore? You got married? Where was I?

RP: You were too busy enjoying your holiday.

Sujata: Who’s your wife?

Shaurya: Shanaya.

RP: She’s so Sanskaari and shusheel while your Chora…

Sujata: Ji, don’t say anything about my son okay.

DP: You all take rest, we will talk at Lunch.

AP ignore Laksh and Armaan and leaves, one by one everyone leaves.

Each couples go to their perspective room.

Armaans room

Armaan enters his room and sees trisha lying down on the bed trisha luks up and sees armaan who luks angry
Trisha to annoy armaan “tut tut tut”

Armaan luks back and gives trisha the angry luk

Trisha: wat happened awwww did the slap oops I mean slaps hurt a bit too much

Armaan puts his index finger up to stop trisha but she carries on

Trisha: see only u got slapped oh god I keep forgetting u didn’t get 1 slap but 2 right

Armaan gets angry: listen just shut up ok dnt test my patience right nw I hav got slapped dw even ur turn will come u never knw tommorow u might get slapped

Armaan smirks and leaves the room

Trisha thinks”what is he upto I hav to
Find out”

Shauryas room
Shaurya is relaxing on his bed wen shanaya comes

Shanaya: other than just siting here and doing nothing do u not knw anything else

Shaurya gets angry and gets up from his bed
Shaurya holds shanayas arm with full force
Shaurya: wat r u trying to say

Shanaya jerks shauryas arm

Shanaya: stay in ur limits mr shaurya maheshwari otherwise u dnt knw wat I will do

Shaurya let’s out a 2 second laugh

“Oh really do u even knw who u r threatening me the shaurya even my own dad does not hav the guys to stand infront of me then who r u”

Shanaya: huh u knw wat instead of armaan u should hav got slapped

Shaurya gets angry and punches the wall

Shanaya:shaurya wat r u doin control ur anger u will need it wen the whole property will go out Of ur hands

Shaurya luks up shocked

Shaurya: wat do u mean

Shanaya: well by luking at ur antics I can see that ur not gonna get even a single penny

Shaurya: wat antics this is called brain which u dnt hav

Shanaya laughs and says”dnt forget that it won’t take me long to expose u so if u want me to keep my mouth shut then ur gonna hav to listen to me”

Shaurya gets shocked and feels as if smones sweeper the ground off beneath his feet

Shaurya: ww what

Rp is walking down the corridor and hears some noise from shanaya and shauryas room decides to spy on them

Shaurya: u r threatening me shaurya

Shanaya: Xcuse me I knw ur name u dnt need to remind me so let’s hav a deal

Shaurya: wat deal

Shanaya: hmm nw ur on the right line

Shaurya: I dnt hav all yr for this hurry up and tell me

Shanaya: ok I’m saying I’m saying calm down first…….well I want 25% of the property
Shauryas eyes pop out

Shaurya: WAT

Shanaya: hmm I’m keeping such a big secret I wanna a reward for it and if u throw any tantrums whilst giving it to me or refuse to give it then u knw wat will happen oh and be happy I asked for 25 not 50 or the whole property

Shaurya thinks In his head: wat the hell first was that sala laksh and armaan and how can I forget the 3 budeh not enough that even she wants to join the line anyways let her also join in the end the property is all mine and he smirks
An agrees to shanaya

Outside rp has his ear right next to the door and tries to listen to the conversation between shaurya and shanaya but unfortunately he couldn’t hear anything


Swara is putting the kids to sleep whereas laksh is roaming around the room “saale armaan and shaurya wat did they think tht I’m behind them no they r wrong I’m always gonna be ahead of them”

Swara interupts him
Swara: laksh be quite the kids will wake up and 1 more thing don’t use any sort of bad language especially Saale and saala I dnt want them to turn out like u

Laksh: swara first of all they hav my blood and 2 they hav my genes also so if they turn out like me then it will be Normal

Swara: huh..I hope they dnt turn out like u

Laksh: whatever all I’m thinking is how could that budah Vakeel get such a hot girl

Swara glares laksh

Laksh: wat

Swara: shame on u laksh
And she leaves the room

Ragini is folding the clothes whilst sanskaar is lost in thoughts ragini goes upto sanskaar and puts her hand on his shoulder

Ragini: wats wrong sanskaar

Sanskaar: ragini I dnt understand one thing all of a sudden this property issue

Ragini: I understand sanskaar but we hav to keep our family together

Sanskaar nods his head

And then pulls ragini’s Hand and she falls into his lap

Ragini: sanskaar wat r u doing

Sanskaar: nothing just romancing with my wife I even hav a license for that

Ragini eyes him

Sanskaar gets close to ragini

He puts her on the bed and shuts the light and both consummate

Rp is waking down the corridor and thinking

RP: Mhare jeete jee, Shaurya would not get a penny, I need to do something.

RP makes a phone call, he then disconnects the phone. The Vakeel Saab is waiting and both DP and RP are walking down the stairs.

The song starts playing (Bad Boy by P Diddy)

We ain’t, go-in nowhere, we ain’t, going nowhere
We can’t be stopped now, cause it’s Bad Boy for life

RP and DP are walking down with style.

We ain’t, go-in nowhere, we ain’t, going nowhere
We can’t be stopped now, cause it’s Bad Boy for life

The Vakeel looks at them and a smile appears on his face.

DP: Vakeel Saab, what’s happening? Did you call us?

Vakeel: Yes.

Shaurya laksh and armaan also come with their respective wife’s

Shaurya: jaldi kar budeh I dnt hav all yr for this

Vakeel Saab makes an embarrassed face

Armaan: Vakeel Saab where is ur better half who is much better than u

Vakeel Saab gets shocked

Vakeel: ji wat did u say
Laksh interupts

Laksh: nothing he was just saying where is shivanaya

Both trisha and swara glare at armaan and laksh

Dp: enough let’s go ahead with why Vakeel Sab has summoned us not with his wife

Rp: bhaisa mhare ko lagta hai that these chore r right anyways wats the harm in telling if anyone asks me where sujata is right nw I will tell that she is havin a shower

Dp glares at rp

Dp: bas ram with the kids even u turned like a kid Vakeel Saab u plz carry on

Vakeel: well it’s just like a shock for u all

Shaurya: after receiving so many shocks and heart attacks wat else is left to receive

Laksh: yes the biggest heart attack was ur wife

Armaan laksh and shaurya make faces
Whilst trisha shanaya and swara nods in disagreement and in disgust

Armaan: Vakeel Saab hurry up and tell us dw we hav got used to these shocks I’m sure we will be able to bear another one

Vakeel:ok If u say so…. So according to the next condition all of the Maheshwari men will hav to do the housework for a whole month

All gets shocked
Rp touches his chest and a sad song plays at the bg
Dp nods his head whist he is about to fall
Armaan also touches his chest and starts sweating
Shaurya falls on the floor
And laksh faints
The Vakeel gets shocked looking at their expressions
Trisha swara and shanaya give a victorious smile luking at Their hubby’s conditions

Vakeel: I thought u said that u will be able to handle this shock but luk at u all anyways it’s just a month

Shaurya:shut up sale budeh 1 month r u gone mad smone send him to the metal asylum sala budah has gone mad

Rp touches his chest and starts breathing heavily: Bhaisa bhaisa wats happening to me I think I I I think I’m dy dy dying bhaisa

Shaurya: go and die somewhere else not her u will get the whole house dirty go and die outside

Rp gets shocked and so does the Vakeel

Armaan tries to speak but he can’t get his words out

Armaan: w wa wa wat water
Armaan luks at trisha but she luks away
Armaan goes himself and gets the jug and drinks all the water in one go from the jug
The Vakeel gets shocked and swallows his saliva down
Dp: Vakeel Saab r u sure

Vakeel: yes if u want u can read it

Rp: na na after listening to it I was about to get a heart attack imagine if we read it we will actually get one

Shaurya: then why dnt u read it

Armaan turns and sees laksh on the floor unconscious

Armaan: dad I think laksh is no more
All get shocked
Swara luks at lash and quickly gets water for him and sprinkles it on him
Laksh wakes up with a shrud

Laksh: housework NOOO

All luk him

Shuarya: Bach Gaya sala

Laksh: I had a really bad dream that dada ji said that we hav to do housework for a month

Rp: chore it wasn’t a dream but a sad reality

Lakshs eyes pop out and he falls back

Rp gets an idea

Rp: Vakeel Saab I was thinking that if smthing happens to us god forbid but let’s assume if it did then will we not hav to do the housework and still hav chances to get the property

Vakeel thinks and then nods his head
Rp gets happy but doesn’t show it

After a while

Armaan and shaurya r sitting thinking about the condition wen rp comes

Rp: chore

Both armaan and shaurya luk up

Shaurya: kya hai why r U showing ur manhoos face

Rp glares at shaurya whilst armaan laughs

Rp: I hav some money 2 lakhs I was wandering to get my tyres fixed by some stranger and then give it to a stranger

Armaan:wat come on chachu why a stranger wat r we for

Rp: will u both

Armaan:yh why not then u can give the money to us it will stay at home right

Shaurya thinks then agrees

Both shaurya and armaan go out to fix rp’s car tyres

Laksh is walking down the stairs with a bag
Rp sees it and thinks of it as a golden chance

Rp: laksh chore where u going

Laksh: to drop this bag of sumwhere

Rp: is that it

Laksh: yh why

Rp: here give it to me I’ll drop it off u spend time with ur new family
Rp smiles at laksh
Laksh thinks then gives the bag to rp

Rp: laksh write ur name on it
Laksh puts his name on the bag and hands it over to rp

Armaan and shaurya come in after fixing rp’s car tyre

Rp with the bag heads out

Laksh:aree I forgot to tell chachu where he needs to drop the bag

Shaurya: forget it let him go finally at least one sara hua Buddah is gone

RP was driving, he had to stop but he tried to stop but couldn’t.

RP: Hain? What happened? Why isn’t the car stopping?

RP applies the breaks but the car wouldn’t stop and is moving.

RP: Lagta hai Shaurya, Armaan and Laksh want to kill me?! Nahi,
I’ll never let this happen!

RP then rolls the window down and starts shouting.

RP: Bachao! Help!

RP wasn’t looking and the Lorry was coming from ahead, he hears the horn blow and looks forward and is shook, he quickly turns his car and it smashes into the tree and….BOOM! A blast happens.

All the people crowd around the place and see RP bleeding and on the floor.

Precap: RP slips into coma.

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