Love or Money? Episode 4


Love or Money

Episode 4:

The lady enters MM, she looks around and sees the decorations going on, the servant comes out and sees her.

Servant: Ma’am, how can we help?

The lady looks at him and says “Is Vakeel Saab here?”

Just then RP, DP, Armaan and Vakeel come out, Shaurya comes in and sees the lady.

Vakeel: Shivanya, come in.

The lady is revealed to be Shivanya,

Armaan: Wow, what a beauty.

DP hears and glares at Armaan,

DP: You have a wife now! Focus on her!

Armaan makes a face and looks at DP,

RP: Mhare ko yo batai ye ke who is this?

Vakeel: This is my wife.

All are stunned, RPs mouth drops.

Armaan: Nah!

Shaurya: Are you gone mad Buddhe, this isn’t your wife.

Vakeel: I’m telling the truth, she is my wife.

Shaurya: Kaha yeh and Kaha tu? Sale, did you threaten and marry her?

Shivanya: He’s my husband.

DP: But she’s your daughters age and…

RP: I thought our chore are gone crazy but Vakeel Saab?

Armaan: She’s wow and your eww, how? Why? When? What?!

The decorators come out,
Decorators: Sir, we finished the decorations, we will come back tomorrow to collect the money.

DP nods and they leave.

RP (irked): Bhabhiji, come inside.

Shivanya walks in and smiles at everyone.

Shanaya comes in, she looks around, Ragini and Sanskaar come down stairs.

Ragini: Shanaya, you haven’t got changed?

Shanaya: I will, I’ll be back.

Shanaya goes up and gets changed.

Shaurya angrily looks at her,
Shanaya had gone to meet her Mum, Grandma and Granddad but they kicked her out. Then Shaurya comes there and smirks, she turns around and sees him.

Shaurya: What did you think, that you would get away with it?

Shanaya doesn’t say anything and looks down.

Shaurya: Shaurya is 2 steps ahead everyone. You can’t meet your family!

Shanaya looks at him.

Shanaya: I will and I will see who stops me!

Shaurya looks at her.

Shanaya: Ebough is Ebough! I married you to keep my family safe but now their safe, it’s better if you stay in your limits Mr Shaurya Maheshwari because you will be doing the wrong thing by messing with the wrong girl!

Shaurya: How dare you?!

Shanaya: How dare you?! It wouldn’t take me 1 second to expose you! I would send you to jail for blackmailing and then the whole property would go to your brothers!

Shaurya glares at her and Shanaya walks away. Shaurya angrily looks on.
End of flashback.

Ragini: All of you are ready but Armaan and Shaurya, you two aren’t.

Armaan and Shaurya get shocked, their mouth drops. All look at their directions and get shocked.

DP: Who is she?!

They see Laksh with Swara and two little children.

Laksh: Vakeel Saab, meet my wife, Swara Laksh Maheshwari and my children, Ahaan and Ahaana.

All see Swara and the 6 year olds,
Ahaan and Ahaana.

RP: How did you do this chore? It was just today that the child was in the will and you brought it today?

DP: What is this Laksh?!

Laksh: Papa, she is my wife and these are my children.

DP: What joke is this?!

Laksh: Swara, come lets go.

Laksh grabs Swaras hand and takes her upstairs, Ahaan and Ahaana follow them.

All get ready and come downstairs, the guests also starts arriving. RP is thinking about something, DP is talking to some of the guests, Shaurya is sitting down, Armaan is flirting with some girls while Laksh is talking to Swara. Sanskaar sees everyone spread out.

Sanskaar (thinks): They’re all minding their own business, they should be together. We should be together.

Trisha sees Shivanya is is stunned.

The lights go off, Sanskaar is seen in the middle.

A song starts playing.

Sanskaat: Tere siwa main sochu to kya tu hi bata
Tu na mile to maangu main kya meri
Tu hi dua aa.. tu hi dua

Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan, dhadkan x (2)

Ragini gets shy while Sanskaat starts dancing, he asks Armaan and Shaurya to join but they nod no. Armaan finally gives in.

Armaan: Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tujhmein laga hai mera mann (he is aiming for the property)
Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan, dhadkan x (2)

Pyar tera hi meri hai panah
Door rahun tujhse to hai gunah
RP imagines big mansions and him bathing in minute while the song plays in the background, he also joins the floor.

Laksh: Barson se aadat hai teri
Harpal, har shab, har din
He pretends it’s for Swara but is thinking about ruling in DP and having cars.

Armaan: Tu hi ibaadat hai  meri
Na koyi bhi kahi tere bin
Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan, dhadkan x (2)
Armaan thinks to have money and he’s partying.

All: Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tujhmein laga hai mera mann (DP, Laksh, RP, Shaurya and Armaan think about the property while Sanskaar means it for Ragini.)

Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan, dhadkan x (2)

Shaurya: Na haal se mere anjaan hai
Mujhpe nazar ho to ehsan hai
Tu door bhi hai, paas bhi tujhmein
He imagines hitting RP with a hunter and him ruling the MM and has money.

Hi rahun main magan
RP: Teri talab hai, aas bhi
DP: Yehi zid hai, yehi hai lagan

Sanskaar:Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan, dhadkan x (2)

RP, Armaan, Laksh, DP and Shaurya: Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tujhmein laga hai mera mann
Tujhmein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan, dhadkan x (2)

Song finishes.

Ragini smiles.

Ragini: We are no less too.

Shanaya thinks: They’re so cheap, they sang the song for the property.

Swara stays away from Laksh.

6 years ago:
Swara and Laksh were friends in college, they fell in love but Laksh was a player, Swara was time last for him, they made love and after Swara got pregnant, he kicked her out of his life.

Then after 6 years Laksh came to Swara.
Laksh: I need you Swara.

Swara: Go away!

Laksh threatened Swara to come with him, he also sees his son and daughter, he tells them that he will get their mamma jailed if she doesn’t come with him, Swara had to agree because of their children.
End of flashback.

Swara, Shanaya and Trisha think: This will cost you!

All trio give a revengeful look.

Lights go off, Ragini is shown, the flashlight points at her.

Ragini: Sukh dukh jhoothe
Dhan bhi jhootha
Jhoothi moh-maaya
Saccha mann ka wo kona jahaan
Prem ratan paaya
Prem ratan paaya..

Ragini looks at Sanskaar, the lights turn on.

Some ladies/dancers join her: ni ni sa sa re re sa sa…
Payo… Payo…
Laayo… Chaayo
Aayo… Gaayo.. Ragini signals Trisha, Shanaya and Swara to come.

Ragini: Saiyan tu kamaal ka
Baatein bhi kamaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera
Hui main kamaal ki
Ragini also dances, Trisha holds Shanayas hand and makes her join the floor.

Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo (Shanaya and Trisha dance)
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..) 
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Rut milan ki laayo
Prem ratan.. They make Swara join and they dance.
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo

Shanaya (glares at Shaurya): Kya main dikha doon
Yaa main chupa loon
Jo dhan hai mann mein
Yeh bhi na jaanu
Bajne lagi kyun sargam si tann mein

Ragini: Khushiya si hai aangan mein
Chehre pe aaye meri rangatein gulaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera hui main kamaal ki

All: Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..) Shivanya also joins them.
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Mann gagan par chayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo

Swara: Mujhko the ghere jitne andhere
Ho gaye door sabhi
Sab sapno ki
Sab rishton ki paa li keemat bhi

Shivanya: Prem ko main samjhi
Kisi ne na ki meri
Tune jo sambhaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera hui main kamaal ki

All: Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)

Armaan, Shaurya, RP and DP look at Vakeel who is enjoying the dance of his wife Shivanya.

Aaj mann bhar aayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo
Chaayo.. Aayo..
Laayo.. paayo..

Song finished.

All clap, Armaan stands near Laksh.

Armaan: You know that girl there with a orange Saree with gold blouse and open hair?

Laksh: Yeah?

Armaan: She’s that Vakeels w…

Laksh: Daughter?

Armaan: Wife!

Laksh gets shocked.

Laksh: What are you saying? He can get some for that, how old is he and how old is she?

Armaan: She looks 20 and he looks 40.

Laksh: You’re lying.

Armaan: If you don’t believe me then ask everyone.

Laksh: She’s soft as a feather and he’s hard like a rock, she’s sweet Rasgullah and he’s Sarahua Gulaab Jaman, she’s a rose and he’s a thorn. She’s Jawaan and he’s a Buddha, how? When? Why? What?

RP: She looks like his daughter.

Armaan and Laksh turn around and see RP. Just then two ladies enter, they are revealed to be AP and Sujata.

Sujata: Wah, Jiji, Bhaisa did a great job, nai?

AP looks around and nods. RP and DP see them, Trisha is looking upset, Shanaya notices and takes Trisha to the side.

Shanaya: What happened? Are you okay?

Trisha: I’m fine.

Shanaya: You don’t look like you’re okay.

Trisha: You also look upset.

Shanaya: I’m okay.

Trisha: This is not the right place to talk about this. Come let’s go.

Both head to the kitchen, they enter and see Swara crying.

Swara: Why did you do this Laksh? I hate you!

Shanaya and Trisha get shocked.

Shanaya: What do you mean?

Swara turns around and sees Trisha and Shanaya at the door. Swara quickly wipes her tears. Trisha and Shanaya walk in.

Swara: Sorry, I was j just…

Shanaya: It’s okay, you’re not the only one who had been through this.

Swara looks at her, Trisha nods yes. Trisha then shuts the kitchen door.

Trisha: We have been forced to marry them.

Swara: What?

Shanaya: Shaurya married me by abducting my Mum, Grandad and Grandma, he even poisoned them against me so I couldn’t go to their house.

Trisha: What?

Shanaya nods yes and Swara looks at her.

Swara: Laksh didn’t even marry me, when I was 16, he got me pregnant and ran away, then after 6 years he remembered me for his selfish reasons and brought me here with Ahaan and Ahaana.

Shanaya: What? How can someone stop this low? What about you Trisha?

Trisha: My story is complicated, forget it.

Swara: you might as well tell us.

Shanaya: Yeah, tell us, don’t worry we won’t share it with anyone.

Trisha: It’s a long one, are you ready to listen?

Swara and Shanaya nod yes.

Trisha: So, it started off with me when I was 16, I had an older sister who was 18, we were very very poor, our father couldn’t even afford for his medicines. Then one day, our land was in trouble, we needed to save it so Papa got a lawyer who would do it and he said he will ask his price later. We won the case, then Papa was lying on the bed, I went inside to make tea and when I came out I saw Di crying and Papa had took his last breath, the whole neighbourhood came, the lawyer then started saying that our Papa promised him Di. All of them neighbourhood nodded while I disagreed, the lawyer threatened to kill me so my Di married him but I ran away hoping that my Di wouldn’t marry him. Then after 2 years I only came Kolkata with one motive, that was to take revenge from Rishi, so I met his brother Arthavya and lied I loved him, I thought I would get close to my Di but Armaan, he ruined everything! I had it all planned but at the last minuet he married me and ruined my plan!

Swara and Shanaya look at her.

Trisha: But guess what, I saw my Di here, in this party.

Shanaya: So Vakeel Saabs wife is your sister?

Trisha nods, Swara and Shanaya look at each other.

Trisha: I need to help my Di, would you two support me?

Swara and Shanaya look at each other and then nod yes. Trisha looks up and gets shocked to see Ragini and Shivanya at the door. Shivanya looks at her with teary eyes.

Shivanya: Trisha? Tru?

Trisha nods yes with teary eyes and runs to hug her but Shivanya moves away.

Trisha: Di?

Shivanya: I don’t know you.

Ragini: But she’s your sister.

Shivanya: She’s not, why did she leave me and run away?

Trisha: I’m sorry.

Shanaya: She had reasons, she wanted to save you by running away and from Vakeel.

Trisha: Di, we promise you that we will get you out from that Rishi’s clutches.

Shivanya looks away,

Shivanya: He’s way dangerous than you think, he’s here for the property.

All get shocked, those words echo in Shauryas ears as he was walking past but stops after hearing that the Vakeel is here for the property.

Shivanya: He wants to get rid of them and take the property in his name. He’s only here to destroy them and take their property.

Shaurya and all are shocked, from opposite Shaurya, RP was listening, RP buts his hand on his heart, (sad and shocking tune plays)

Shaurya to him self: That Buddha Vakeel wants my property and wants to finish us? I’ll finish him first?

Shaurya then looks up and sees RP, RP looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. Shaurya walks near him.

Shaurya: Why are you going to get our kitchen dirty? Go die somewhere else, like outside the house!

Shaurya says and leaves, RP looks on with his eyes widen.

Party finished.

Sujata gets happy seeing Shaurya,

Sujata: Shaurya, Mara chora, have you ate anything?

Shaurya: Mom, please!

Sujata: Ke Mom please? You’re gone pale.

RP comes out, he is still shocked about what he had heard.

RP: Sujata, get water for me.

Sujata: Go get it yourself! Shaurya, what would you like to eat?

RP looks on, all look at RP.

Shaurya: Mom, I’m not in the mood! Go get him something to eat or else he would eat us!

RP glares at Shaurya.

Sujata: Chal, koi ni, I’m going to cook your favourite dinner.

Shanaya, Trisha, Swara, Ragini and Shivanya come out.

Sujata and AP get confused seeing them.

Sujata: Who are these Choriyan? I know Ragini, but the rest?

RP: One is your Bahu.

Sujata: I know Ji, Ragini.

RP: There’s another one, your Ladla Son grew up so big that he got married.

Sujata looks at Shaurya.

DP: Not only him, even your sons Annapurna.

AP gets shocked.

Episode ends on APs and Sujatas shocked face.

Precap: AP to slap Armaan and all feel the pain. Men do the housework for a month and RP to have an accident. RagSan moments.

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Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya (23)
Armaan Malik (Singer) – Armaan (22)
Namish Taneja – Laksh (23)
Varun Kapoor – Sanskaar (26)

Khushi Kapoor – Trisha (18)
Charlie Chauhan – Shanaya (22)
Tejaswi Prakash – Ragini (24)
Angela Jonsson – Shivanya (20)

Chandra Mohan – Vakeel/ Mr Malik aka Rishi (45)

Credit to: Unknown???

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