Love or Money? Episode 3

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Love or Money?

Episode 3

Recap: Armaan and Shaurya bring their perspective brides, RagSan to have been introduced.

Ragini and Sanskaar turn around and see Trisha at the door, Trisha smiles at them. Trisha walks inside.

“Sorry, I was just…” Trisha says and looks at Ragini and Sanskaar.

Ragini and Sanskaar get confused seeing her.

“Oh, how stupid, I forgot to introduce myself, well my name is Trisha” Trisha says and smiles.

“Hi, I’m Ragini” Ragini says.

“And I’m Sanskaar” Sanskaar says.

“Hi Ragini and Sanskaar” Trisha says with a smile on her face.

“Didn’t you say you would stay in the same position? Then why did you turn?” Trisha adds.

“Uh..” Sanskaar says and scratches his head.

“First you were telling big big things and now what happened?” Ragini says and looks at Sanskaar.

“But seriously, how can someone love someone so much?” Trisha says.

“You haven’t fell in love have you? That’s why you’re saying this but trust me, one day you would know yourself” Sanskaar says and smiles at Ragini.

“Khana smells nice” Trisha says while sniffing.

“I’m sorry but I haven’t seen you…?” Sanskaar says.

Trisha: Oh, I’m Trisha…

Just then they hear RP shouting, they rush out.

“Papa!! Why did you do this? This can’t happen!” RP shouts and cries.

DP and the Vakeel look at him, Trisha, Ragini and Sanskaar come out and look at RP, Armaan, Laksh and Shaurya come out half asleep and walk down the stairs.

“What happened?! Why are you shouting early in the morning?!” Shaurya says irritatedly, he also rubs his eyes.

Shanaya also comes down and looks on, she is wearing a yellow anarkali suit with the stole on her right shoulder.
Armaan looks around and then sees Sanskaar and is stunned, he widens his eyes.

“Listen Mr Ramprasad, this was what was written, there are more conditions…” Vakeel says but gets interrupted.

“I should’ve got my right ages ago! But Bapu had to make it after he left this world! Not fair, why can’t me and Bhaisa get it NOW?!” RP shouts.

“Don’t shout too much, or else it would be your the end!” Shaurya says.

“You stay out of it! Pehle se hi Mhari property pe apni Gandi and kaali nazar laga Rakhi hai!” RP shouts.

“Listen everyone, his property? When did the property become yours?!” Shaurya says while glaring at RP.

“Bas!!” DP shouts.
“Enough! But Vakeel Saab, is there any other way?” DP adds.

“I’m sorry Mr Maheshwari, this is what is written in the first folder of the Will, I can only access the second one if three of these conditions are agreed and only one has been” the Vakeel says.

DP looks on and RP is mourning. All look at RP who is sniffing and is wiping his tears.

“What happened?” Laksh asks confusingly.

“Why is Papa doing so much drama?! There is a limit!” Shaurya says.

“If you hear the conditions, then you would also receive a heart attack and faint!” RP says and rolls his eyes.

Ragini and Sanskaar are confused.

“Tell him Vakeel, tell them!” RP adds on.

“Well, Mr Maheshwari’s, in order to gain you Dadaji’s will, you would have to get married and…” The Vakeel says and gets interrupted.

“We are married!” Shaurya says.

“First listen Mr Shaurya Maheshwari, you have to get married, have a child and do the housework for a month, also live out of Maheshwari mansion for a month and…” Vakeel says.

All are shocked, Shaurya is shook and moves back, Laksh feels like his ears bursted and could hear the crackers bursting, Armaan opens is eyes wide and drops his mouth.

“What?!” All three shout.

“It’s the truth, this is what was written in your Dadaji’s will, in fact we can unlock 2nd part of the will after three of these condition is fulfilled and one is done.” Vakeel says.

“What property?” Sanskaar asks confusingly.

All of the men look there and are shocked to see Sanskaar.

“Chore, when did you come? And did you hear anything?” RP says while looking at Sanskaar.

“Dad, I came back today morning, what am I hearing?”

“Oh no, another competitor! Were these four enough that another one came?!” Armaan, Laksh and Shaurya say to themselves.

“Nah nah, there’s nothing, chore, I think your tired, there’s no property or anything” RP says and laughs it off.

“Why are you lying Mr Maheshwari? Beta, your Dadaji’s has left a will and a property…” The Vakeel says.

All look at the Vakeel and glare at him while Sanskaar looks at him confusingly.

“Sala Buddha Vakeel, if he opens his mouth then he will die from my hands!” Shaurya says.

Armaan and Laksh hear only.

“Why did he have to open his mouth, now another one?” Laksh says angrily.

“Just because we’re not saying anything, his wings have come out!” Armaan says and glares at the Vakeel.

The Vakeel starts telling Sanskaar. DP is shocked.

“No, I can’t let anyone take this property, this property is mine!” DP says to him self.
“I guess I have to fight all of them to make this property mine” DP adds and looks on.

Sanskaar, Ragini, Trisha and Shanaya are shocked listening to the whole matter.

Shanaya thinks “Oh, so he married me for the property?”

“What? Dadaji’s left the property for us and only one of us can get it?” Sanskaar says.

The Vakeel nods yes. Sanskaar looks at DP, Armaan, Shaurya, RP and Laksh who have their heads down and look around.

“So Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, welcome to the property game, you have also got married but these three have too, now the other two conditions have to be completed in order to gain the property.” The Vakeel says.

Sanskaar looks at Ragini, he then nods while the rest are shocked.

Trisha smells something,
“Something is burning” Trisha tells.

Ragini remembers and rushes in to the kitchen. Trisha follows on.

“Let’s sit on the table and talk” Sanskaar says.

Armaan, Laksh and Shaurya come down and sit in the table with Sanskaar, Vakeel, DP and RP.

Shanaya goes to the kitchen.

Ragini is cooking, she finishes and looks at Trisha.

“So Armaan married you?” Ragini asks.

Trisha nods yes, Ragini looks at Shanaya,

“And Shaurya married you?” Ragini asks

Shanaya nods yes.

“It’s good, I thought I would be in the house alone but I guess I got my devranis” Ragini says and puts the dish in a bowl.

Trisha smiles and Shanaya faintly smiles.

“So shall we take this out and we will talk?” Trisha says.

Ragini nods yes and the trio take the food out, they put it on the table and hear the Vakeel, Sanskaar, Laksh, Shaurya and Armaan talking. DP and RP are listening.

Sanskaar: So according to the will, Aadarsh Bhaiyya should’ve got it and he can now.

Armaan drops the spoon, Shaurya, Laksh, DP and RP look at Sanskaar.

RP (shocked): What are you saying chore?!

Sanskaar: Yes Dad, he got married and is having his 2nd child but the house work…?

The Vakeel thinks. All the men are shocked.

Shaurya thinks: Why is he bringing trouble for us?! No! Now a 6th competitor?!

Shaurya squeezes the glass. DP’s eyes widen. RP’s mouth drops. Armaan huffs, Laksh thinks.

Vakeel: But I think it has to be a boy, but we will see what happens.

All nod and think. Ragini and Shanaya serve the food. Trisha sits down near Sanskaar.

Trisha smiles at Sanskaar: Hello.
Sanskaar: Hi.

Ragini finishes serving.

Trisha: Bhabhi, you forgot to serve Jetji.

Sanskaar looks at Ragini. Trisha stands up and makes Ragini sit near Sanskaar and sits near her. Ragini serves Sanskaar.

Ragini: Shanaya, sit down.

Shanaya looks on.

DP: Haa beta, sit down.

The only seat left was near Shaurya, Shanaya forcefully had to sit near Shaurya.

Everyone start eating.

While eating Trisha asks a question.

Trisha: Bhabhi…?

Armaan thinks: What is she doing? Can’t she keep quiet for one minuet?!

Ragini: Hm?

Trisha: If you don’t mind, then can I ask how you and Jetji met?

DP looks up and all look at her, Sanskaar chokes and clears his throat.

RP: What happened to you chore? Did a blast happen in your stomach while eating?

Ragini gets the water and hands it to Sanskaar.

Trisha: Sorry, I just asked a question, if you don’t want to answer then it’s okay.

Armaan thinks: This girl will get me killed one day.

Armaan: You’re disturbing their eating, they don’t want to share so…

Sanskaar: No it’s okay, we will tell.

All look at Sanskaar, RP is upset and eats slowly, DP looks up and eats.

Sanskaar eats and starts telling.
“So, we met at a..”

In the plane:
Sanskaar is shown sitting on his seat and reading a newspaper.

Sanskaar: Oh god, it’s my first time going back to India after 10 years. Shaurya, Armaan and Laksh must’ve already reached there.

Just then a girl enters and finds her seat, she sits next to Sanskaar and is looking nervous, Sanskaar sees her. Everyone come in and take their seats.

The announcements are made, the girl closes her eyes and folds her hands.

Girl: Oh God, please help us travel safely.

Sanskaar looks at her and smiles, after a while the aeroplane starts moving and the girl holds the arm rester tight. The flight starts taking off. The girl is revealed to be Ragini who is closing her eyes tight also.

Ragini starts saying something to her self. The plane takes off and Ragini’s heart was beating fast. After the plane was in the air, Ragini opens her eyes and thanks god, she relaxes.

After a while the aeroplane starts wobbling, Ragini worries, Sanskaar sees Ragini.

Sanskaar: Excuse me Madam, are you okay?

Ragini nods without looking at him.

Sanskaar: Sorry to say but you don’t look like you’re fine.

Ragini then looks at him innocently and with fears on her eyes.

Sanskaar: Don’t worry, I…

The plane starts wobbling again, Ragini holds Sanskaar’s arm.

Sanskaar: Calm down, nothing’s going to happen, trust me. Okay, look over here.

Ragini looks at him, Sanskaar starts talking to her to distract her. After a while the aeroplane also lands in India. Ragini smiles.

Sanskaar: Sorry, in all these talking, I forgot to ask What is your name?

Ragini: R…Ragini.

Sanskaar: And I’m Sanskaar.

Ragini stands up and so does Sanskaar, they come out of the airport.

Ragini: Thank you.

Ragini smiles and leaves, Sanskaar also smiles.

Then after few days Sanskaar and Ragini meet, he asks her out for a coffee and they get to know each other, then after 5 months they get engaged after making DP agree, then after 1 year they got married in London.

End of Flashback.

Sanskaar: And this was how we met.

Trisha: Wow, a unique one.

Sanskaar: Yeah and a weird one.

DP and RP look down and eat.

Sanskaar: How did you guys meet?

Armaan drops his spoon and Shaurya chokes, RP, Vakeel and DP look up to know. Trisha and Shanaya get shocked. Shaurya drinks some water.

Trisha: Me? Don’t even ask, it’s not worth telling…

Sanskaar: We told you ours, now your turn.

Ragini: Yes, don’t worry, tell us.

Trisha looks at Armaan, Shaurya avoids the question.

Sanskaar: Shaurya, you tell us how you two got married.

RP: (laughs) I’ll tell you, he probably kidnapped her family and forced her to marry him. Otherwise who would want to marry THAT?!

Shaurya and Shanaya look on.

Shaurya: No! We met during…

Shanaya: During the summer.

All: Summer?

Trisha: Sounds interesting.

Shanaya: Well, it was a hot day, I was out with my sister and…

Shaurya: And…and we met at a Icecream parlour and then became friends, after that we decided to take our relationship to the next level and now here we are, husband and wife after a year.

Shanaya fake smiles and nods yes, Shaurya also fake smiles.

Laksh: Oh… What a story, anyways let’s hear yours Armaan.

Laksh and Shaurya glare at each other.

Armaan: M..mine?

Sanskaar: Yes, tell us yours and Shaurya, yours was a unique one.

DP, RP and Laksh in mind: Unique?! It’s a fake and rubbish one!

RP: Ha ha chore, now you tell us how you got married, mhare ko Lagta hai that you hid your face while you got married to her. Otherwise who would want to marry you seeing your face.

Laksh: Agreed Chachu.

Armaan: Oh hello, all the girls die seeing me, well she’s the lucky one. You want to hear Na? I’ll tell.

Armaan thinks how to start it off.

DP: Aaj I want to hear as well.

Armaan: Well… We…we were… Haa, we were eating….

All, including Trisha: Eating?!

Armaan: No, I mean yes, we met in a restaurant.

All: Oh.

Trisha: Offo Armaan, I will tell you all.

Armaan in head: What will she blabber now?

Trisha: So we were friends in school, he used to tease me so much, he always used to make me cry.

DP: I thought I was the only one.

All look at DP and get confused.

Ragini: Armaan used to make you cry?

Trisha nods and Armaan remembers.

Sanskaar: What did he used to say?

Armaan: Kaali, moti, third class and I forgot the rest.

Trisha nods yes.

Trisha: He was my senior in college also, he used to tease me then as well, then a miracle happened as we went out with our friends to a restaurant and that’s how we met each other as we had the same dish preference, we spent time together as friends and he proposed to me and I said no, later, after a lot of convincing and promises I said okay, then we thought to get married but then he had to go London for a year so we decided we will get married after he comes back so now he fulfilled his promise and married me.

Armaan: Yes!

Laksh: Calm down, we heard.

Armaan: Well Lucky, you got married also didn’t you? You said Bhabhi was coming here, where is she? I don’t see her.

Sanskaar: What?! Laksh got married too?

Shaurya: Yes, didn’t you know?

RP: Unfortunately yes, if one son apna Moh Kala kar Ke ata hai then how can the rest be left behind?!

Armaan, Shaurya and Laksh glare and RP.

RP: My breakfast is done.

Vakeel: Same here.

DP: Me also.

RP remembers something.

RP: Ohhhhh…

DP: What happened Ram?

RP: Bhaisa, I forgot, Sujata asked me to throw a party, reception Party for Ragini and Sanskaar but now we have to for more people!

Shaurya: He became son and we became people?

Sanskaar: Papa…

RP: Na Na, I didn’t mean that, anyways Bhaisa, shall we throw a party?

DP thinks,

Vakeel: That would be great, then people would know your sons got married.

Laksh thinks: Where should I get a wife and children from?

Laskh is thinking, then suddenly he remembers someone.

Laksh in his head: How can I forget her? Yes! Now no one can stop me from owning this property, this property would be mine!

Shaurya thinks: I know Laksh wouldn’t step back, he would do something to get that property, as far as I know, he would bring a wife and a child, but he doesn’t know I’m one step ahead of him.

Armaan thinks: I won’t let them take my property, I have to stop them and do something. They think their smart, well Armaan will outsmart them!

RP thinks: I won’t let these chore receive a penny, this property is mine, what do they think that I’m merciful? Arey, I can’t let Shaurya get this property because he is greedy and selfish, he would kick me out but Shaurya, I’m also your father!

DP thinks: I can’t let anyone take Papa’s property, it’s only mine and I cannot let Shaurya, Laksh and Armaan take this property because they’re selfish, they would even sell me for money! Property would be mine!

Sanskaar thinks: I can’t let this property create rift between all of us, I need to keep us one and as a family. I don’t care about the property but I have to make sure our family doesn’t separate.

Screen splits into Sanskaar and DP’s serious face while RP, Shaurya , Laksh and Armaan’s smirky face.

MM is shown being decorated, Ragini and Sanskaar are getting ready, Sanskaar ties his sherwani button and looks at Ragini, Ragini gets ready and looks at him,

Ragini: Are you okay Sanskaar?

Sanskaar: Yes, why? What’s wrong?

Ragini: You seem upset, something is bothering you.

Sanskaar: Nahi toh.

Ragini: Are you sure?

Sanskaar smiles and nods yes, both RagSan share a hug.

Just then a woman enters MM, she is wearing a yellow and black Saree and a black blouse, she has hair out and looks around, her face is shown.

Episode ends on RagSan hugging and on the lady’s face.

Precap: Laksh enters with his ‘wife’. Party in MM, Dance and celebration.


Hey everyone, my friend decided to write this FF a while ago but she is very busy and got caught up with massive work and couldn’t continue so I’ve decided to write some episodes.
Sorry for any mistakes, I’m not feeling well so I think I might have made a mistake.

Thank you for commenting and sorry we couldn’t reply but we will today.

So do comment to tell us how it is.

I know it’s less lively as you all would like romance, especially between the couples but don’t worry as RagSan and the other pairs would bring it for you.

The 4th episode of this FF would come out on the 1st July if we’re not busy tomorrow. Well it’s not only me, it’s us so we will reveal our name later.

Thank you for reading.

Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya (23)
Armaan Malik (Singer) – Armaan (21)
Namish Taneja – Laksh (23)
Varun Kapoor – Sanskaar (26)

Khushi Kapoor – Trisha (18)
Charlie Chauhan – Shanaya (22)
Tejaswi Prakash – Ragini (24)

Chandra Mohan – Vakeel/ Mr Malik aka Rishi (45)

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