Love or money episode 1

Love or money episode 1
An old man is lying on the bed wen suddenly he starts breathing heavily 3 young boys r playing in his rooom wen they notice that the old man who is their grandad is breathing heavily
Gd: aaa armaan la la laksh sh shaurya beta
The three boys r revealed to be armaan laksh and shaurya who r brothers
All three rush to him
Laksh: dada ji wat happened
Gd: my my property my wi will
All three get shocked and before dadi ji could say anything else he dies

………….. 10 years later………..
A man Is shown wearing a black top with a brown jacket with black jeans and ray bans with Black colour Torbay shoes he comes out of the airport and ask the driver to put his suitcase in the boot
Man: aay driver put my luggage in the car boot and take me to mm
Driver: yes sir
The man reached mm
He enters and gets shocked
Man: what the hell wat r u doing here
Another man: wat a surprise shaurya
Shaurya: shut up armaan and tell me wat r u doing here u were meant to be with the rest of the family in London right
Armaan: correct but even I can ask u the same thing
Shaurya: wat ever
Just then a man comes in wearing a white shirt and a black coat with a black folder in his hand
Armaan and shaurya both get happy seeing him
Armaan: Vakeel Sahab come in
Shaurya: budeh Vakeel hurry up and tell us wats in dada ji’s will
Vakeel: ji but where is the rest of the family
Armaan: they r enjoying sanskaar bhai’s wedding
Vakeel: and how cums u guys didn’t go I mean he’s ur brother
Shaurya: eh budeh kaam se kaam rakh
Armaan: Vakeel Saab dnt mind my brother
Vakeel: that’s wat I’m trying to do
Vakeel Saab opens the file and is about to read wen another man enters and he claps all turn around an get shocked seeing him and a servant runs upto him
Servant: malik malik why r u standing cum inside wat would u like juice water malik plz come and be seated and feel comfortable I will get juice for u nw
Both armaan and shaurya get shocked
Shaurya: malik wat the hell
Armaan:malik my foot
Vakeel: oh mr laksh maheshwari I recieved ur marriage certificate
Shauraya: wat marriage
Armaan: yh wat marriage
Shaurya: wen why wat
Armaan: sale shaadi bhi kar li
Laksh: Vakeel Sahab wat r u waiting for open the will
The Vakeel open the folder and gets shocked
Shaurya: budeh wat happened
Vakeel: ur dada ji was very clever
Armaan: why
Shaurya; did he eat all the property
Laksh: shaurya how can u say that about our dada ji our mahan dada ji who I miss a lot
Shaurya: Saale u didn’t even shed one tear wen dada ji died then wat the hell r u saying nw
Laksh: that’s becuz I was young then
Armaan: watever but Vakeel Sahab tell us wat happened
Vakeel: ur dada ji has put some conditions on before anyone can get the property
Shuarya and armaan: wat
Armaan: wat kind of conditions
Vakeel: the first one is that the first grandson to get married will be one step ahead to achieving the property
Laksh: ha guys I’m one step ahead of u all
Shaurya: not so fast bare bhaiyaa
Armaan: yes bare bhaiyaa I hope u haven’t forgot that we also have 2 other older brothers that r married well the second one is probably married by nw
Laksh gets shocked and speechless
Vakeel: yes so that means mr adarsh and mr Sanskaar maheshwari r ahead of u three
Laksh: but still I’m married I have a certificate to prove
Shaurya: let us see ur golden egg
Vakeel takes out the certificate and shaurya snatches it from the Vakeel
Shuarya and armaan both luk at the certificate and rip the certificate and throw the pieces In the air
Armaan: oh no wat hav we done lucky where is ur marriage certificate ur prof ur golden egg
Shaurya: forget that but think about bhabhi where is she I can’t see her lucky where is she bhabhi bhabhi
Armaan: yes where is she Vakeel Sahab ask him
Vakeel: they r right mr laksh maheshwari it is important for ur wife to he here
Laksh: actually she is London
Armaan: bhai u left her alone to celebrate her honeymoon alone
Laksh: it’s nothing like that and yh she’s comming back tommorow
Armaan and laksh get shocked and thinks In their heads
Armaan: I need to get married before shaurya does
Shaurya: I need to get marrow before this Pukhar armaan takes my propery away from me
Shaurya: I hav some work I need to leave
Armaan: same here even I have some work
The servant comes with a glass Of juice in a tray for laksh but shaurya picks the glass up and drinks it
Shuarya: after all the shocks I needed something to cool me down
Both of the leave

Precap dp and rp come back home whilst armaan and shaurya get married

Thank you for liking ??
Shuarya – vatsal Seth
Armaan- armaan malik( singer)

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