Love you mom: A simple story of Raglak

Mom I know what to do. Don’t give me advices.
A girl is shouting on high pitch on her mom.

Ragini darling, I’m telling for your welfare..

Ragini joins her hands
For gods sake please stop controlling me in name of being mom. I’m not a kid.

Ragini steps out of house arrogantly with her bag. Misty falls on her knees crying for her.

Later a grey color bike stops before that house. A guy gets inside.

Aunty, Ragini, anyone there?
He steps inside and startled to see misty is lying in floor.

In hospital,

She is suffering from heart attack. Try to ask what she need and bring it to her back.
Doctors advice.

Aunty.. Laksh asks.

Bring my daughter back Laksh. She is a kid. She don’t know about good and bad. She is believing her friends. Save her. Please.

Don’t worry aunty. I will bring Ragini back at any cost.

Laksh goes to stand up in his promise.

Ragini is in a hotel. A boy comes.

Hey Ragz baby. Don’t worry.

I came out turning opposite to mom. I want to fulfill my dream. I want to join in miss India competition.

Don’t worry. I will take you there. Freshup and come.

Ragini along with that boy going somewhere.

Where are we going.

Don’t you participate in program.

But why are you taking from lonely route.

That boy changes the way and takes car in between trees. There are some more boys waiting for him. They all look at Ragini with bad intentions. She is scared. That boy about to keep hand on Ragini…

Laksh comes. Hero comes what happens? All bad boys lying on ground. He is taking Ragini with him. Ragini is crying.

How is mom.

No answer from laksh. is mom???

Why shd I say? You came not caring for her.

Ragini cries. Laksh melts. He keeps hand on her shoulder.

Don’t cry. Everything is fine.

Ragini puts her head on his shoulder and cries.

It’s Ragini’s mom who looked after her always when her father left them. Laksh is just the neighbor boy. Ragini was always under influence of her friends, she don’t have any friendship with Laksh. With this incident she has changed completely.

Misty was already gone into coma by time Ragini came. Ragini cries and cries wake up mom. She stays in hospital itself.

Laksh used to take care of Ragini and about all medicines of Misty.

“Ragini, I will drop you in home. Take rest for a while.”

I won’t come anywhere leaving mom here alone.

But, at least freshup a little.

Ragini nods her head. Laksh drops her at home.

Laksh I’m sorry.

Laksh looks at her.

I always used to shout on you whenever you used to help my mom. But still you helped us. Why?

Because we are human beings. And your mom is a nice lady.

Ragini looks on.

Laksh was helping them in everything. Slowly Ragini starts liking him. She remembers once when her mom asked her to marry Laksh, she says many stubborn words. She feels guilty. Now she is ready to accept Laksh completely.

Misty is discharged from hospital and she is brought to home.

Mom, I’m sorry..

It’s ok darling. Did you say thanks to Laksh.

I will say now only.

Ragini decides to say that she loves him. But shocks to see that Laksh was just engaged to other girl. They exchanged rings.

Laksh comes out looking at Ragini.

It was sudden engagement Ragini. Her parents came just now. Asked my parents. They agreed because they are friends from childhood. I too agreed..

Ragini looks at the other girl.

How is she? Asks Laksh.

She is lucky Laksh. Congratulations. Says Ragini and turns back with tears. She goes into her house.

Laksh can’t understand her feelings.

Ragini doesn’t express her sorrow even to her mom as she feel bad about her again. It was all her fate. Ragini thinks.

When Misty sleeps, Ragini cries badly in other room.

Ragini as usually behaves friendly with Laksh without showing her feelings but she is dying inside.

One day, just in the day of Laksh’s marriage, Misty makes Ragini get ready as bride.

Mom, why this much decoration to me today?

It’s your marriage today.


Yes Ragini. Don’t you trust your mom.?

Mom, I will do as you say. You know what is correct to me. Once I didn’t listen to you I fell in problems, and it is you who sent Laksh to save me. It’s because of your goodness we got a nice friend as Laksh. Mom, You know everything about me. You always think good of me.
Ragini says emotionally.

Misty hugs Ragini.

So now listen to me…she says, ragini nods her head.

Misty brings Ragini to the wedding planks. Ragini doesn’t even know who is the groom. But she is ready to do whatever her mom says.

Ragini bends her head. A boy sits beside her. She remembers Laksh. She always wanted only Laksh beside her, but now…
She looks beside and surprises.

It’s Laksh himself. Ragini with amazement teary eyes looks at Misty. Misty nods her head happily. Ragini smiles with happy tears.

Laksh marries Ragini.

Ragini, actually i loved you a lot. But you always used to fight with me. Never liked me. I thought you would never like me. Later we became friends. I didn’t like that sudden engagement at all. But, on that day itself misty aunty came. She talked with my parents and convinced.

Ragini amazed, “but how mom knows that i love you?”

Ask your mom only.. Laksh winks his eye.

Ragini goes near Misty.

How mom..? She asks emotionally.

I’m your mom. Not only your likes. I also know your every beat of heart.

Ragini hugs Misty emotionally. Laksh looks them in a smile.

The end.

Hai all, I just wanted to share something on mothers. So there are no raglak SceneS much. But, i hope you all like it.

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