love misunderstandings abhigya (introduction and episode 1)


hi everyone i am udaya i am a big fan of abhigya so i thought of writing a fiction here hope you all will support me
abhi mehra -rockstar loves his dadi very much care or her sister
alia mehra -sister of abhi loves her dadi very much very polite girl
dadi -head of mehra mansion loves her grand children
tanu -a model her aim is to earn money always girlfriend of abhi
pragya arora – a student completing her phd her aim is to become a professor a very simpe girl loves her sister and mother
bulbul arora -a naughty girl works in a software company
sarla -runs kumkum bhagya marriage hall a very simple person
purab khanna -best friend of abhi has a secret crush on bulbul who is working in his company
suresh -completing his phd with pragya he loves pragya alot he wants her by hook or by crook
characters include raj,mithali,bunty,bubbly

lets start our story……….
its a bright evening a big house is shown a board is shown its written as MEHRA MANSION in the hall everyone are busy in their works its beautifully decorated a celebration atmosphere is there a lady comes to dadi and speaks to her
lady :good evening dadi how r u
dadi :haa saritha(a guest) i am fine thanks for coming to this party
lady :oho dadi its abhi’s marriage function na why wont i come by the way dadi its mehandi function till now u didnt introduce your bahu to me plz introduce your bahu na
mean while some one from back calls dadi so turns back and see its pragya pragya comes and hugs dadi dad too hugs her
dadi :hi beta how r u why this much late?
pragya :oho dadi went to college na so what became late
sarla from back comes and says to dadi

sarla :dadi dont speak to her she said that she wont come here but i forced her to come
dadi :pragya is it true?
pragya :(in slow voice) actually dadi i have in two weeks that too final exams after that i will complete my studies so i thought of preparing for exams
dadi :its ok i am happy that u came to mehandi function
mean while mithali comes there and she scolds bunty and bunty is crying
dadi :mithali what happened why are you scolding my bubty
mithali :dadi he has exam tomorrow but he is not at all studying and he came down to enjoy party
pragya :oho such a small problem i will make him study within half an hour
mithali :pragya why to trouble u go and enjoy the party
pragya :no bhabi u wait and watch
and pragya and bunty goes from there to study here dadi says to sarla
dadi :i always wanted a bahu like pragya but god didnt listen my prayers so what that abhi loved tanu and he is marrying her i dont even like her
mithali :ha dadi even i too hate her she doesnt even care for any one but how come abhi loved her
sarla :haa i too want abhi and pragya to be married but what can we do now
mean while pragya and bunty comes dowm

mithali :i said na pragya this idiot will not study
pragya :bhabi dont scold my champ he completely prepared for his exam tomorrow he will definitely score full marks
mithali :(in exitement)oh pragya thanks for helping me
pragya :by the way what are you discussing and dadi wont u show your bahu to me
dadi :no need pragya u will definitely not like her she is too posh her dressing style her behaviour oh my god i cant tolarate her
pragya :dadi please show na

dadi points finger towards tanu
tanu is in a short frock and while coming she hung one of her male friend
pragya (in her mind) :oh my god what dadi said is true her dress her behaviour whats the need of hugging him
dadi :i said na pragya i hate her just leave it go an d put mehandi
pragya :y for me dadi first ask tanu to put mehandi
dadi :i asked her but she said that her hands will spoil if she puts mehandi but you na come with me
dadi takes pragya to a girl who puts mehandi and asks her to put mehandi to pragya that girl nods and starts putting mehandi
pragya gets a call from her friend and she attends it
pragya :ha asha tell me
asha : pragya i have a doubt i will ask you that question and i will give four optins a,b,c,d tell the correct answer and asks the question
meanwhile the girl who is putting mehandi to pragya asks

girl :mam which letter should i write on your hand
pragya doesnt listen to her she thinks about the question which asha asked and in phone she says A
asha :oh thanks pragya for answering and cuts the call
mean while mehandi girl writes alphabet A on pragyas hand
abhi just then enters there (allah wariyaan plays in back ground)

after putting mehandi pragya searches for dadi and she walks mean while abhi searches for tanu abhi thought that tanu would be in her room and he thinks to say any girl to cal her he sees pragya and calls her(THEY BOTH DONT KNOW EACH OTHER)
abhi :hey miss
pragya :ya tell me do u want any help
abhi :ya can u plz call tanu
pragya :okay but may i know whats should i tell to her about u
abhi :we both r getting married tomorrow
pragya : oh sorry i dont know u so u r abhi right
abhi :ya now will u plz call her
pragya smiles and goes from there here abhi thinks i am so popular but this girl doesnt even know me how disgusting and goes from there
after half an hour abhi thinks where did this girl go and where is tanu first of all i should go and search that girl (pragya) and i will give her a nice class goes from there and searches her atlast he finds her but she is sitting on floor and infront of her a small girl is also sitting
and crying pragya is putting bandage to that kid abhi looks at her and smiles

after finishing the bandage the kid gets up and kisses pragya on cheeks and says thanks and goes
from back abhi looks all this and smiles pragya gets up from floor and turns back and looks at abhi and thinks that now he will definitely me and looks at him
abhi comes to her but just then his phone ring so abhi goes from there its tanu’s call
tanu :hey abhi y r u calling me?
abhi :tanu today is mehandi function na where r u

tanu : oh come on abhi u too are speaking like your outdated dadi i dont believe in all there things what ever i already told dadi that i wont put mehandi so thereis no problem at all and that too now i am dealing a contract worth 12 crores so plz dont disturb me and cuts the call
abhi (to himself) :oh no already dadi hates tanu very much now what will dadi think i should talk to her to night and goes from there
here pragya ans sarla also left to their home
in sarla house
pragya :maa shall i ask u one thing
sarla :ha beta tell me
pragya :ma dadi said that she hates tanu then after marriage how can tanu be happy in hat house?
sarla :but abhi loves tanu na u know pragya if a guy loves a girl alot he will always support her no matter what circumstances they have to go through
pragya thinks about tanu’s behaviour
sarla :beta dont think too much i always pray god that u also should get a husband like
abh……..and she stops
pragya looks at her

sarla continues : go go and sleep tomorrow evening we should go to marriage na and bulbul will
also directly come to marriage from her friends house
and sarla goes to her room to sleep and she thinks why i like abhi beta very much but from tomorrow abhi is going to become husband of someother girl and my pragya ?? and again thinks maybe this is their destiny and she sleeps
here pragya too slept

abhi comes to dadi’s room and see dadi sitting on bed and thinking something he goes near dadi
abhi :dadi didnt u sleep
dadi :no abhi not feel like sleeping
abhi :dadi i came to speak about tanu
dadi :plz abhi dont speak about her i am feeling sleepy so god night tomorrow is your marriage na sleep well
and she lies on bed and closes her eyes
abhi with disappointment left the room and came to his room and looks at tanu’s photo and thinks for some time and he too sleeps

precap :abhi puts mangalsutra around pragya’s neck and fill her maang with kumkum …………..
dadi ,mithali,sarla are happy bulbu looks confused……………….

Credit to: udaya

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