love misunderstandings abhigya (episode 8)


hi everyone hope u all r fine kumkum bhagya successfully completed 2 years i heartly congratulate each and every cast and crew to go ahead and one more thing till now i am having a problem with my internet connection but now its cleared so i will update daily if not atleast in alternate days and thanks for all your support

lets get into our story……………….

the episode starts with where we left pragya and abhi gets into the car and abhi from rear view looks at suresh who is going on his bike and thinks some thing is wrong ………..and involves in his thoughts and drives the car pragya thinks to thank him and looks at him she says “suniye” abhi looks at her and pretends to be angry and again looks at the path he is driving pragya smiles and some what louder again says “suniye “but this time abhi doesnt even look at her she keeps a small pout and thinks how to thank him and an idea struck to her and starts looking for something and looks at back seat and finds her hand bag and takes it and from the bag she took her mobile and starts dailing a number abhi observes this and looks at her phone she too looks at him with the pout and tilts her mobile towards her abhi again looks at the path pragya calls to bulbul and says

pragya :hi bulbul

bulbul :haa di how r u …………….and smiles

pragya :(looks at abhi ) thanks for everything what u have done today and sorry for my behaviour please forgive me please………..

abhi continues to drive and smiles slowly on the other side bulbul looks at her mobile and says to herself “its di number only they why is talking with no meaning ”

bulbul :di what happened to u why are you speaking like this are u speaking to me or some one else

pragya :haa bulbul i am speaking to u only anyways leave it and tell me how r u and how is maa

bulbul :everything is going well and everyone are good and tell me how r u and what about jiju

pragya :(looks at abhi and notices that he is smiling ) u forgave me na ?thats why u r smiling na?

abhi stops smiling and again pretends to be angry

bulbul :diiiiiiiiii wt happened to u what r u speaking ?

pragya :haa bulbul i will call u later bye.

bulbul :di but…… the time pragya ends the call

pragya looks at abhi and says i too can be angry if u will not talk i too will not talk and turns to other side and looks through the window abhi looks at her chieldish behaviour and smiles

dadi comes to abhigya room and looks at abhi who is busy writing some lyrics and pragya who is arranging flowers in her mandir dadi widened her eyes in shock and asks

dadi :pragya ,mandir in abhi room oh my god how did he accept
abhi and pragya looked at dadi and dadi walked toward pragya and placed her hand on abhi shoulder and says
dadi :hey pragya how did u make him accept for this
pragya :dadi …………vo…..
abhi gets up from the recliner and says

abhi :dadi whats there in this she believes in god so she arranged a small mandir thats it
dadi looks at him and smiles and says”okay then i came here to see whether u both r ready or not but u completely forgot about the party
dadi comes to pragya and gives a saree along with some jewellary and says “pragya get ready soon ” and points at abhi and says “you also with in 30 minutes get ready ”
abhi nods and walks towards the closet and pragya to walks towards it both look at eachother and abhi says

abhi (pretends to be angry) : what ? u too wanna come in for me no problem

pragya looks at him and narrow her eyes and again looks at dadi with a helpless expression
dadi looks at abhi and says
dadi :abhi let her go and get ready
abhi :then when should i get ready ?
dadi thinks for a while and says “okay i have an idea pragya will get ready in closet and u in this room ”

before abhi saying pragya says “thanks dadi ” and looks at abhi and smiles and goes into closet dadi too goes from there abhi knocks the closet door and says “i am not agreeing for this come outside i want to get ready inside
pragya from inside says “didnt u hear what dadi said” and smiles…………

after 20 minutes abhi gets ready and comes near mirror to adjust his hair and about to leave but his gaze fell on a small box and takes it and opens it its pragya’s kumkum and looking at it he remembers how pragya felt when he filled her maang with kumkum and closes his eyes and thinks about it that is when he heard the sound of closet door and looked towards that direction

pragya with green net saree with light makeup and simple jewellary comes out she looks at him and pretends to be angry and turns her face and walks towards mirror and looks at the table her kumkum is missing there her eyes scatter all over the table and finally fell on abhi hand who is holding it her gaze travels from his hand to his face whose eyes are failing to express some thing she points her forehead with her index finger and again points kumkum abhi looked at her actions for some time and finally understands and looks at her carefully pragya slowly blinks her eyes clearly telling him to fill her maang with kumkum

he slowly takes kumkum and and fill her maang with it the eyes which had disappointment when he filled kumkum before now turned to happiness and abhi is just looking into her eyes they had a long eye lock with out breaking it abhi hand moved towards her nose and wiped off the kumkum which fell on it and slowly came near her and moved his hand and places it on her cheek and placed his other hand on her arm and slowly brushing her cheek pragya doesnt even know how to react with each passing second the distance between them is constantly decreasing her heart began to pound in her chest her eyes stopped looking into his eyes and are closing by themselves her lips began to shiver her cheek which is normal before sometime became hot that is when the door opens and shouts “oh no sorry” with that sound pragya all of a sudden pushed abhi and looked towards the door and abhi too looked toward pragya and looked towards the door

Credit to: udaya

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    Hope you are health is fine now.

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