love misunderstandings abhigya (episode 7)


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after lunch everyone assembled in the living room to have some general talks inbetween dadi enquired pragya about her exams
dadi :pragya how many days left for your exams? and hw r u preparing
pragya :dadi 11 days left for my exam and i am preparing well
dadi :everything is okay na i mean books fees etc
pragya lowered the gaze which scattered the floor and said in a low tone “dadi i will pay exam fee tomorrow ”
dadi :but y didnt u pay till now?
pragya :it delayed bcz of marriage its okay dadi tomorrow is the last date to pay fee so i will pay tomorrow
abhi looked at her and said
abhi :hey fuggy get ready fastly
pragya knitted her eyebrows in confusion and looked at him
abhi too looked at her and said
abhi :y r u staring at me go we will go to your clg
pragya is about to say something but abhi said “come fast ” and goes to his room pragya looked at him and followed him

in abhigya’s room
abhi is talking on phone about reception arrangements and looked at pragya who is standing before him and cuts the call and says
abhi :go get ready we should return early na
pragya :y to go now i said na i will go tomorrow
abhi :but y to go tomorrow lets go now itself
pragya :y dont u understand before paying fee i should go to my maa’s house
abhi :y to go there ?
pragya lowered her head and said “i dont have money to pay my exam fee so i should ask maa na
abhi in confusion says “if u dont have money u should ask me y will u ask your maa?
pragya remains silent and her looks scattering the floor
abhi looked at her and says ” its okay come lets go its getting late” and moved towards the door and looked back and saw pragya rooted there not even moved a bit now he is really angry and walked to her and holds her by arms and says “come ” but pragya freed her hand and whispered “no” abhi clenched his jaws and grinted his teeth and yells”whats your problem” pragya moved a bit and says “how can i take money from u

abhi says “whats wrong in that now u r married and for your kind information i am your husband …………
pragya looked at him and again lowered her gaze abhi says “okay fine i know u didnt accept me as your husband but u r my responsibility i cant move away from my responsibilities finally i am telling u if u want to come with me to your college then come otherwise i know how to handle your fee” …….saying this he went out
pragya looked at him and thinks to herself”why did i made him angry for such a silly reason and more over what he said is right till now i didnt accept him as my husband and i dont even know why i didnt accept him he is so caring his presence make me feel better but why i didnt accept him”…………and looks around her room and goes out
after 10 min……
she saw abhi waiting for her in car she just let out an audible breath and smiled looking him abhi looked at her and turned his face pragya narrowed her eyes and looked at him sarcastically and sat in passengers seat abhi started to drive he drove very fastly and pragya is even tilting from her seat and said “slow down its not plane” and smiles but abhi drove more fastly pragya looked at him and shook her head and thinks to herself”really he is impossible to understand what alia said is right ” and smiles

before 10 minutes
abhi went out of his room in anger pragya recalled his anger and felt bad for him with alot of questions in her mind she stepped out of her room and say alia outside she looked at pragya and took her again into the room and both sat on bed and alia says
alia:bhabi i listened your conversation………….and looked at pragya
pragya gives a small smile and again lowered her gaze alia cupped her face with one hand and made pragya to look at her and says “bhabi may i ask u one thing?”
pragya nooded her head and looked at alia
alia :bhabi wt is your problem about taking money from bhai
pragya continued to look down and didnt reply anything even pragya doesnt know the answer then how can she tell it to others
alia :wt bhai said is right he is trying to move out of his past but y cant u move do u have any past relations………….and looked at pragya with soft eyes
pragya nods no alia continues
alia :then wt is your problem bhabi u can share with me even i am like bulbul only
pragya :alia i dont know the reason why i didnt accept your him i know he makes me happy he cares for me but ……………
alia :bhabi dont worry still now u didnt accept your marriage then how can you accept bhai
pragya looks at her as she didnt get him
alia :bhabi first accept your marriage i know there is alot of distance between u and bhai and u both also know about that distance but none of u tried to bridge it move a step forward in your relation bhabi i bet u will not regret for anything in your life
pragya gives her a hopeful smile and hugs her back and says thanks alia thanks for your suggestion and leaves the room
pragya says out “yes i have accepted this relation ship” and smiles out brightly and looks at abhi who is already looking at her in confusion
pragya realises that she shouted out and dropped her gaze abhi too shook his head and drives to her college

they reached the clg and abhigya got out of the car and abhi looked all around the clg its a peaceful place with a vast open area pragya said “lets go to office room we have to pay fee their only”abhi looked at her yet with a serious face but pragya smiled at him and she walked forward to show abhi way to office room
they paid their fee and are returning to parking slot pragya doesnt know how to start speaking to him and suddenly shouts”stop” abhi jerked and asked what happenedby placing his hands on her shoulder pragya looked at him and doesnt know what to say now and points her index finger towards a building and says”that is my campus” and looks at abhi for his reaction he gives a sarcastic look and took away his hand from pragya’s shoulder and moves aside pragya slowly slaps her forehead and slightly smiles that is when pragya heard someone calling her abhi and pragya turned to see the person its suresh he comes running to pragya and says
suresh :hey pragya u here? why r u not coming to clg these days some are saying that u got married is that true? and looks at abhi and says he …rockstar why is he with u ?
pragya smiles at him and says “suresh he is my husband “and looks at abhi and says suniye he is my classmate suresh
abhi smiles at him and suresh looks at pragya and almost in a yelling tone said “pragya how can u marry ”
pragya in confusion looked at him and abhi said “why cant we marry? saying so he plased his arm on pragya’s shoulder in a secure way
suresh looks at abhi and says “i mean u didnt invite me na” and gave a fake smile pragya looks at abhi with a bright smile as he for the first time placed his arm around her abhi too looked at her face and noticed that he placed his hand around her shoulder and slowly brings his hand back and smiles slightly

looking at their gesters suresh fumes and abhi looked at him and says “then today evening come to our reception ”
suresh smiles and says “sure” abhi looks at pragya and says “shall we go” pragya nooded her head and followed his foot steps placing her foot steps exactly in his foot steps imprints and says to herself “i wish to follow him throughout his life ” and smiles
abhi looked at her childish activities and smiles and thinks to himself “she should be happy always like this only and i wish my arms should always protect her and smiles and thinks about suresh behaviour and suspects it

precap :dadi gives pragya a beautiful saree and asks her to get ready for reception abhi looks pragya in saree and smiles

Credit to: udaya

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