love misunderstandings abhigya (episode 6)


hi everyone thanx for your support i am happy that u all r liking my fiction

lets get into our story…………

abhi is still sleeping while sleeping he places his hands on his forehead and shouts fuggy its paining my head is aching like anything do something fuggy………………..saying this he sits on the bed and opens his eyes and looks all around his room is very neat and very silent and he remembered how he messed up everything last night
meanwhile pragya comes in with a coffee abhi looks at her and says to himself
abhi(himself) :abhi,what is this yar yesterday i messed up everything yesterday she should be angry on me na then why did she come now that too with a coffee for the first time ………………..and thinks himself
pragya forwarded him coffee and smiles

abhi looks at her with knotted eyebrows and says to himself
abhi(himself) :abhi sure something is wrong why she is giving coffee and see she is smiling dont know wt she is upto what if she mixed poison in coffee to finish me………………and looks at pragya with a shock expression
pragya :suniye i didnt mix any poison in this take it
abhi(himself) :oh no how she is understanding my inner talks may she know some black magic
pragya :i dont know any magic take it na i have so much work in kitchen…………….and smiles
abhi looks at her in confusion and takes coffee from her and looks at her pragya signs him to drink he drinks it and says
abhi :did u prepare it
pragya :yaa but y r u asking like this isnt it good
abhi :noo it made me to remember my mother………….and gets teary eyes
pragya :i know your mom and dad passed away in your childhood but hw u know her coffee taste
abhi :actually when i was 8 years old my mom used prepare coffee for my dad i used drink that coffee without knowing to anyone so i know that taste and any ways its nice
pragya(smiles) :okay then go and fresh up and come down for breakfast
pragya was about to go but remembered some thing and said
pragya :suniye

abhi :haa??
pragya :my name is pragya ….pragya abhishek prem mehra………….and gives a small smile
abhi(himself) :how did she know that till now i dont know her name………….and looks at her in a confused expression
pragya :yesterday only u said na u know my name ……………..and smiles and leaves to kitchen
here abhi thinks to himself
abhi(himself) :oh no abhi what did u tell her what ever today i will definitely speak to her…………and goes to washroom to fresh up

after some time every one gathers for having breakfast abhi came and wished everyone and sat to have break fast pragya came out of kitchen with a bowl of kheer and about to serve it in dadi’s plate but dadi signed her to serve to abhi first she went near him and looked at him for his permission
dadi :pragya wt r u waiting for serve him
pragya :dadi vo……he doesnt like to eat sweets dadi so……………
abhi looked at pragya and smiles and says

abhi :fuggy i am feeling hungry serve that sweet na
pragya smiles and serves little only as she knows that he doesnt like sweets but abhi took spoon and served more kheer and ate it and looked at pragya and said
abhi :fuggy tomorrow also prepare it i really liked it verymuch………….and smiles
dadi dasi and all smiles pragya blushes
soon everyone completes their breakfast and dadi says to abhi
dadi :abhi i know u both got married very hurriedly but lets arrange a small reception as most of your friends dont know pragya and even pragya’s family members also dont know about your marriage so lets arrange a reception party tonight wt do u say
abhi and pragya looks at each other and abhi sighed her to say yes or no pragya just smiles at him so abhi says okay to dadi and takes his phone and asks his assistant to prepare all arrangements and goes to his room
after some time pragya too goes to her room to arrange it and gets into the room and looks for abhi but he is not there she thought he must have gone to arrange all things and closes the door and went near the closet and about to open it but abhi from otherside opened the door and both of then dashed their heads and shouts ouch!!!!!
pragya says sorry abhi comes to her and cups her face and bring it near his face pragya’s heart beat began to rise abhi again makes her to dash his head slowly and looks into her eyes and they have a long eye lock………..allah wariyaan plays in bg

soon they both break the eye lock and pragya says
pragya :vo……i came here to arrange the room properly and turns to oppsite side but abhi catches her hand and makes her to turn towards him
abhi :listen fuggy on the day of our marriage only i wanted to tell u about my past relations but i didnt get a chance then so now i wanted to tell u
pragya(smiles) :u no need to tell anything to me already yesterday night u told me everything……..and about to move away from him but abhi pulls her towards him and says
abhi :i dont know what i told u yesterday but i wanted to tell u now because yesterday i am not in my senses but now i will tell u……..
pragya :suniye yesterday whether u said me true or not i dont know but yesterday i saw your pain in you eyes i saw your love towards this family in your eyes and anger for tanu in your eyes more over care for me in your eyes
abhi left pragya after listening to this and turns to other side pragya continues
pragya :u can share your feeling with me as a friend if u want and one more thing plz dont pretend to be happy i know the pain now u r undergoing i cried out my heart so i am feeling better now but u didnt even shed a tear cry out your heart ……………..and places her hand on his shoulder and the next moment abhi hugged pragya hard and cried out loudly

pragya is shocked by abhi’s behaviour its first time pragya is too close to a boy she gently patted his back and consoled her after some time abhi comes to his sense and break the hug and says sorry to pragya she just smiles and asks felling better abhi just smiles and nods yes she says okay then and opens the door and about to go but again turns towards abhi and says
pragya :suniye i am really happy here more over i am happy with this relation also dont feel guilty for my tears and i must say if ii am with u there is no need of tears only and smiles and leaves the place
abhi is really happy for pragya’s words and thinks about her and smiles

precap :abhigya invites suresh for their reception abhi suspects suresh intensions
abhigya dances very closely in reception and suresh fumes……………..

Credit to: udaya

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