love misunderstandings abhigya (episode 5)

hi everyone i dont even know how to face u all really regreting for late update these days i am not feeling well at all i could find blood stains during cough so went to hospital and they did all tests and finally said that its due to overheat thats it due to all those lood tests and all i could’nt update my fiction really sorry hope u understand

geting intoo our story………..

abhi and pragya in car returning to MM its almost 7pm in car pragya is constantly looking at abhi and thinks he is really good i should thanks him abhi looked at her and knotted his eye brows and raised his eyebrows in a question pragya just nods as nothing and looks through window and smiles abhi stops the car as its red signal on the opposite side he saw a car which is familiar and identified it is the same car abhi gifted to tanu on her birthday and in that tanu and karan are sitting and tanu is hugging him and kissing him looking all her actions abhi is unable to tolerate and meanwhile its green signal so he drove to MM very fastly pragya doesnt know why he is driving that fast and looked at him he is looking really angry so she kept quite after reaching mehra mansion abhi got out of the car and didnt even help pragya in carrying her luggage and all he went inside without looking at pragya

pragya wondered what happened to him and got out of the car she is about to take her luggage but aakash came there
aakash :bhabi give it to me i will carry them
pragya :no need aakash u go i will take them
aakash :wt is this bhabi how will i allow u to carry all these u give it to me
and helps pragya in carrying her luggage to her room aakash kept her luggage in her room and left pragya looked for abhi to thank him but he is not in his room she thinks to wait for him and arranges her clothes and books in shelf

abhi in anger goes to dadi’s room and she saw him and asked him to come in so abhi went inside and sat on bed beside dadi
dadi :wt abhi anything serious why r u looking tensed?
abhi didnt reply anything and looks down ……….dadi places her hand on his chin and made hin to look at her and asks
dadi :anhi tell me what happened u r looking serious
abhi looks at dadi and says :dadi i saw tanu today
dadi becomes angry listening tanu’s name
dadi(serious) :abhi i asked u to forget about her but still u r thinking about her only why dont u understand u r married now pragya is your responsibility now
abhi :dadi i am not thinking about her but today i saw her with her husband that too very closely i know pragya is my responsibility i am moving on in my life but…………..and looks down
dadi :what but? by the what is the meaning of moving on? unfolding blankets making room untidy?? abhi i know u didnt accept pragya as your wife but remember on thing tanu got married and she betrayed u now she got more wealthier perso so she married u thats it i dont want pragya to cry because of u remember it otherwise i am not gonna live in this house

abhi looks at dadi and angrily goes from there and he comes to his room and shuts the door forcefully by that sound pragya from closet comes out fastly abhi begans to break all the stuff which he got into his hands he even threw his CD’s on floor pragya went near him and asked him to stop but also abhi continued to do the same she tried to stop him but failed finally she shouted suniye she shouted very loudly so that abhi stopped throwing the stuff and looked at her pragya too looked at him leting a breath out in sign og relief there was a minute silence in the room againg abhi is about to break tv remote but pragya caught his hand and said
pragya :suniye wt happened
abhi freed his hand from pragya and sat on couch and looked down in anger
pragya sat beside him and said
pragya :wt happened answer me i am asking u na
abhi(serious) :what should i say
pragya :reason for your anger and y r u breaking all the stuff
abhi :this is my room its my wish
pragya :its our room and u cant do like this
abhi in anger gets up from the couch and about to leave but pragya caught his hand and says
pragya :i think u r in anger dont go anywhere
abhi :its my wish leave my hand and freed his hand and opens the door
pragya :okay its your wish u can go anywhere and u can do anything but what ever u do remember one thing u have a family and a wife waiting for u until u come home safely
listening to this abhi turned and looked at pragya and went from there pragya doesnt know what happened to him(abhi) she thought to ask dadi and went to her

in dadi’s room
pragya :dadi may i come in
dadi :beta this is your house y to ask just come in
pragay goes inside and sat beside dadi and says
pragya :dadi dont know what happened to him(abhi) he is angry about something do u know the reason behind it
dadi :beta did he say anything to u did he scolded u
pragya :no dadi y will he scold me if u know the reason plz tell me dadi
dadi :beta toay he say tanu with her husband thats y he is a bit angry but u dont worry he will be fine by tomorrow morning and beta plz dont feel bad about him i know he didn’t accept u as wife but trust me he will really care for u oneday
pragya :dadi i am not feeling bad about him because he is really taking care of me he really makes me happy always i am happy with this relation even he accepted me to continue my studies also
dadi :beta i am happy that u r really happy with abhi where is he
pragya :donno dadi he went out angrily dont know what he is gonna do
dadi :pragya dont worry i know about him he cant hold on his anger for long time its okay come lets have dinner
pragya :dadi i will wait for him and we both together will have dinner
dadi smiles and says as your wish and and left the room to have dinner and pragya too followed dadi and went to kitchen and brought to plates to her room and kept them on the white recliner(a white on usually seen before their bed where abhi do his exercise) and began to arrange the room

its almost 11pm pragya completely arranged the whole room and sat on the couch with a book and reading it and she slowly fell asleep
its 12:30 am when abhi returned the room and closed the door by that sound pragya woke up and saw abhi fully drunk and went to him and supported him and made him to sit on the bed and asked
pragya :wt is the need to drink now
abhi :u wont understand everyone here only looks at your pain no one cares about my pain
pagya :nothing like that everyone cares for u
abhi :no u know what i loved tanu alot i made her as a model i thought she is my life i gave her everything what she wanted but dont know what happened to her she marrid another boy and left me and dadi made me to marry u i dont want to marry u but because of dadi we got married i thought of telling u about my relation with tanu but no one gave me a chance to tell u
pragya :what relation
abhi :dont worry i am not like tanu to betray u i loved her its true but i didnt cross my limits remember that
pragya smiles at his honesty and looks at him
abhi :see i want u to smile like this only i know because me only u r sad today i am the reason for all your tears so what i thought of making u happy always i am pretending that i am happy so that u too will be happy but now i cant pretend any more i thought of speaking to u but u didnt give any chance only na fuggy
pragya gets teary eyes and about to say something but abhi again says
abhi :haaa u know y i call u fuggy?
pragya nods as no
abhi :till now u didnt even tell me your name only so wt i kept that name for u ……………..and smiles
pragya looks at abhi and she too smiles
abhi lies on bed and somewhat closes his eyes and says :u also dont leave me fuggy plz dont leave me and falls asleep
pragya goes to him and caresses his hair and kisses on his forehead and coveres him with blanket and turns to sleep but she see dinner plates on recliner and turns to wakes him but looks at him and thinks he is sleeping like and without waking him she too sleeps on couch

precap :dadi says that there is small reception party in the evening abhi pragya smiles looking at each other…………………
abhi pragya goes to pragya’s university to apply for her exams and invites suresh for evening reception suresh looks angry at abhi…………………

Credit to: udaya


  1. prasu

    hey hi it was prasu .& i loved your ff very much.i please take care of your helath
    as it was summer i may happen

  2. vaishali

    awesome episode waiting for ur episode for long take care of ur health first then u can post yaar ur health is important tc and todays episode i loved it

  3. kaif

    nice episode your apology will accept but you have to upload every day without fail and get well soon

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