love misunderstandings abhigya (episode 4)


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lets start our story………………

abhi and pragya went downstairs dadi looked at them and asked pragya to come with her to their mandir soon everyone went into mandir but abhi was standing somewhat far and looking at everyone dadi called abhi also to remove his footwear and come into mandir but abhi said no as he doesnt believe in god dadi insisted him but also he didnt come dadi asked pragya to handle him now pragya doesnt know what to do and just look at abhi and asked him to come but abhi again refused so she bent her head down in defeat looking her abhi with smirking expression came into mandir everyone were happy bcz its for the first time abhi came into their mandir pragya also had a bright smile he said to dadi
abhi :now i came know ask your bahu to start pooja
dadi smiles and looks at pragya pragya noded and started her pooja she litted the diya and about to give aarthi but dadi started to speak
dadi :abhi u too give aarthi to god with pragya
abhi :but dadi i dont believe in all these plz dont force me dadi
dadi :i am asking u to give aarthi only for one day that too with your wife na
abhi in a disliked way noded and went to pragya and took the aarthi plate and gave aarthi to god
meanwhile bulbul came there and looked her di and jiju giving aarthi to god and somewhat felt happy
everyone prayed god to make abhigya relationship strong after completing pooja pragya turned and looked bulbul standing there and shouts bulbul
pragya goes to bulbul and says
pragya :bulbul how r u when did u come
bulbul :just now di
dadi comes to them and asked pragya to take bulbul to her room and speak there pragya noded and took bulbul to her room
in abhi pragya’s room
bulbul :di your room is so nice di
pragya(smiles) :ha bulbul just leave it and tell me how is maa is she fine?
bulbul :haa di she is fine but she is somewhat upset
meanwhile in living room all gathered at dining table to have breakfast dadi asked abhi to call pragya and bulbul to have break fast with them abhi went to call them both but stopped near the door when pragya and bulbul are speaking something seriously so he listened to their conversation standing near the door
pragya :but y maa is upset i did as per her wish only na
bulbul :now she is blaming herself for that di she is thinking that u r not happy here
pragya :go and tell maa that i am happy here………….and tears rolled down her cheeks
bulbul :but di why r u criying
pragya wiped her tears and said :no bulbul i am happy here but u all very badly thats it u saw naa how every one is loving me
bulbul :haa di especially jiju he really cares for u di today he came to home the way he spoke to maa and dadi was really too good even now also he only asked me to come here and speak with u so that u feel somewhat better
pragya is surprised to see his concern towards her and asked bulbul

pragya :really your jiju only asked u to come ? that too for me …………….and smiled
bulbul :haa di and u know what he asked about your ambitions goals about your studies and all
pragya :oh so didnt u go to office today
bulbul :no di i took leave for today and di i wanted to go home maa will wait for me na
pragya :okay then again when will u come
bulbul :dont know di u know na my boss(purab) he doesnt like to give holidays only
abhi then enters into the room looking him bulbul stood up and said
bulbul :hey rockstar jiju how r u?
abhi :haa too gud dadi called u both for breakfast
bulbul :jiju i already had my breakfast and its getting late so i have to leave
bulbul goes to pragya and cups her face and says
bulbul :di plz take of yourself and dont cry if u cry na i will complaint to maa and hugs her and leaves from there
abhi smiles looking at them and asked pragya to come down to have breakfast so they both went down and had their breakfast
after sometime abhi goes to his room and sees pragya sitting on bed and thinking something abhi comes to her and says
abhi :hey fuggy get ready
pragay(puzzled) :but where?
abhi :to your house
pragya (more puzzled) :but y
abhi :dont u want to bring your clothes and books?
pragya :books ?? for what
abhi :dont u remember your final exam is nearing and u r asking me such a stupid question
pragya(in exitement) :what ?so u agreed for my studies??
abhi :whats wrong in that
pragya is on cloud nine and jumps in exitement ans shouts inbetween saying i will complete my studies…..and she even jumped on the bed and finnaly came to abhi and caught his hand tightly and says thanku very much thank u
abhi :but i have one condition
pragya :condition ?but what
abhi :u have to go to your mom and speak with her
pragya remained silent and thinks
abhi :fuggy listen aunty is feeling very bad about herself even i dont like to marry but my dadi insisted me did i stop speaking with her
pragya :no………..but
abhi :i will not hear anything u just get ready within ten minutes we r going to your home and u r speaking to your mom thats final and comes out of the room
just then abhi phone ring its purab
abhi :ha purab tell me
purab :i just called u casually and what about di(pragya)
abhi :she is good as u said i am trying my level best to make her happy
purab :good abhi but remember because of tanu’s betrayal only now di is suffering so take care of her try to make her happy always
abhi :haa purab i will try first i should tell her about my past relation with tanu
purab :haa abhi but when will u tell her
abhi :now we r going to her house after coming from there i will speak to her
purab :okay then bye take care
abhi :okay……….and ends the call
meanwhile pragya gets ready and comes to abhi and asks shall we go abhi noded and both left to pragya’s house

in arora house
abhi and pragya both came sarla dadi and bulbul are really exited as its first time a rockstar came to their house all children in that street gathered near pragya’s house for his autograph
as soon as pragya entered the house sarla came to pragya
sarla(somewhat tears in her eyes) :beta how r r happy na……….
pragya looks at bulbul and says
pragya(serious) :bulbul tell maa not to show false concern
sarla hold pragya by arms and says
sarla :beta plz talk to me i am sorry for yesterday but what can i do
pragya :maa you said u will die if i doesnt marry but by making me marry u really made me a lifeless body………….and she cries and goes to bed room
hearing this everyone is shocked sarla followed pragya while RSD(rockstar dadi) said abhi to sit on sofa and talked to him casually

in room
sarla :pragya plz talk to me na plz beta i know it was my mistake but plz
pragya doesnt respond but cries and turns to opp direction
sarla catch pragya’s hand and turns towards her and says
sarla :beta plz try to understand if u want to scold me or beat me or will kill…………..and stops when pragya puts her hand on sarla mouth and hugs her
sarla too hugs her and they both sit on bed and started to speak
sarla :thank god again u were talking to me and tell me how is your new life
pragya :nice only maa
sarla :how is your new house new relations and all
pragya :haa maa everything is really good and everyone in that family loves me alot after marriage i thought how to live in between them as i came and occupied someother’s place(tanu) but maa nothing is like that even dadi also loves me alot maa
sarla :i know beta u will get everything in that house so what i always wanted u to get married to abhi and what about abhi?
pragya(smiles) :he really takes care of me maa more than everyone……………and smiles
sarla :i know morning he came here and the way he spoke about u his concern towards u by seeing this i was really happy that u got a husband like that
pragya :maa lets go out everyone will be waiting for u………….and they both leave
looking at them bulbul says
bulbul :so jiju as u promised me u did that
pragya :what did he promise u
bulbul :di actually morning when jiju came here i said that u and maa were not talking to eachother then jiju promised me that it is his responsibility to make u both talk hey na jiju …………..and gives hifi to abhi
abhi smiles and all spent time with abhi
its almost 7pm abhi asked pragya to bring her stuff clothes and books as its getting late pragya noded and brought all her stuff and left with abhi in car….while going pragyabulbul and sarla maa hugs eachother and RSD blessed abhigya and sarla said abhi to take care of pragya and abhi noded with smile and left to mehra mansion
here sarla is really happy to get abhi as her daughter’s husband

precap :abhi looks tanu with karan(husband)…………………..
abhi came home i drunken state pragya is confused

Credit to: udaya

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