love misunderstandings abhigya (episode 3)


hi everyone thanx for your support hope u liked this storyline and ya thanx priyanka for commenting in english and vaishali so we both r of same grade good to find my age group frnd and everyone a big thanks to u all if u feel any problem with my language or anything feel free to ask me
lets start our story………………..

episode starts with where we end abhigya are in car and pragya is bitterly crying after sometime driver stops the car road side as abhi asked him to do so and after stopping car abhi sighed driver to leave them for few minutes so driver got down the car
in the car abhi took a water bottle and forwarded his hand to pragya so that pragya would take and drink water
pragya looked att him but didnt took water instead she got out of the car and again began to cry
abhi saw this and got out of the car and went to her and say
abhi(in a soft voice) :plz stop crying na even i am too feeling bad if u cry this marriage wont break na plz try to understand

pragya wiped her tears and took a breath and about to speak but abhi cuts off by saying
abhi :not here lets go to our house and speak everything now plz get into car na
pragya noded and gets into car and abhi too follows her and driver to looked at them and gave a smile and started driving to MM
after some time they went reached MM they finished all rituals and dadi ask alia to take pragya to abhi’s room alia nooded and walked with pragya towards abhi’s room
pragya and alia entered the room its fully decorated with flowers even the whole bed is decorated alia makes pragya to sit on bed and says
alia :bhabi dont feel bad about what has happened today dont blame yourself everything was just good only but bhabi trust me u will be happy with this relation and move over i am happy because i dont know how my mother was but i know u will take care of me like my mother and a drop of tear rolled from her eyes

pragya looked at her and felt emotional and hugs her alia also hugs her in return
they break the hug and alia smiles and about to leave but again come backand says
alia :bhabi my bhai is really good he will definitely take care of u …………..and smiles and leaves

pragya also remembers his concern for her in car and thinks alia is right but she doesnt know what is making her to cry even now
pragya(to herself) :why am i crying now what may be the reason am i crying for my studies or for my family or for this marriage or for my maa…………..
thinking like this she got up from the bed and sat on the floor beside bed leaning to wall and pulled her legs towards her chest and caught her legs and cried bitterly remembering her maa’s words ……………

after sometime abhi came to his room thinking to speak with her(pragya) about his past relationship with tanu
he opeaned the door and came in and locked the door but he didnt find her(pragya) anywhere so her is about to leave but his sight caught pragya who was sleeping in sitting position on the floor he thought to wake her up and speak but looking at her he thought to speak to her next morning
he came near her and took her in arms and placed her on bed and about to leave but one of her jewellary got struck to abhi’s sherwani button he looked at it and about to free it but he saw her face is somewhat moist as she cried bitterly he gently blowed air on her face to which she gave a small cute smile in sleep unknowingly a small smile formed on abhi’s lips looking at her and he went back to couch and just laid on it and thought about his marriage and tanu’s betrayal ………….soon his eyelids became heavy and went into a dreamless sleep hoping for a new start from tomorrow………………

soon the sun rays entered the room and pragya has been sleeping tightly but a rock music began to disturb her so she shouted without opening her eyes
pragya :stop playing this music maa
soon the music stopped ………pragya continue to speak wit her eyes close
pragya :maa make my breakfast ready i have to go to college
but no response…………..again pragya shouts but no response so she wakes up removing the blanket which covered her face and looks up

on the other side abhi stands with his dumbell and looks at pragya………pragya then realises that she is in her husband room not in her house and she thought to say something but abhi just smiles and nods his head as he understood her situation and turns to opposite side doing his exercise

pragya too gets up from bed and starts to fold blanket just then abhi remembers to speak with pragya about tanu and turns towards her
but while turning pragya too turns so they dashes eachother and pragya was about to fall where abhi caught her by placing his hand around her waist they have an eyelock..(allah wariyaan)plays in background

soon they breaks the eye look and compose themselves and pragya bends her head down and says thanks to which abhi just smile and says
abhi :i want to speak to u yesterday but when i came u slept so i want to speak to u now
pragya noded her head abhi sighed to sit so she sat on bed abhi was about to speak but some one knocked the door
dadi (from outside knock the door) :abhi,pragya beta open the door
listening to her words pragya stood up and walked towards the door to open but abhi asked her to stop and says
abhi :u shouldnt open like that
pragya(in a bit confusion) :but y?
abhi :because..because dont u watch movies?
pragya :no i hate movies

abhi :what did u achieve by not watching movies and your face fuffa ke tarah
pragya(with jaw down) :u called me fugga?
abhi :no fuggy…………….
pragya is about to speak but dadi again shouted and knocked door from outside
abhi :now stop speaking just watch what i do
and goes near the bed and unfolds the blanket and half removes the decoration of bed and throws decorated flowers on the floor
pragya looks all this in a puzzled and silly way
abhi then comes to pragya and about to touch her hair but pragya protested saying
pragya :now u targeted me ?? dont touch my hair it will spoil
abhi :meri maa nothing will happen
abhi makes her hair untidy and asks her to makes some folds to her sari so that is doesnt look neat

pragya with a small pout does as abhi says
abhi now ask pragya to open the door so she opens and dadi and dasi were outside
looking at pragya’s avatar they stepped inside abhi too comes and stands with pragya
dadi and dasi looks the whole room condition and their condition and they both smiles
dadi(smiles) :beta y r u looking too week
pragya :noo dadi actually no proper sleep last night(actually she cried a lot so her eyes swollen and pragya didnt sleep well so she answered like that)
dadi and dasi understood in another way and dasi says to abhi
dasi :oye abhi she will stay with u for this whole life let her sleep man
abhi understood her talks and doesnt know what to answer so just runs his hand in his hair and smiles

pragya doesnt understand what they r speaking so she looks confused
dasi observes pragya’s confusion and says
dasi :what pragya didnt u understand our talks
pragya with a smile nods no to that dasi replies
dasi :pragya just look at the room’s condition and ur condition …………..and smiles and dadi starts speaking

dadi :indu u wait beta go and fresh up and come down u have to lit the diya in mandir as its your first day in this house and u have give aarthi to god
pragya nods and dadi smiled and says to abhi
dadi :and u(abhi) bring her down after freshing up okay
abhi too nods and dadi and dasi smiles and leaves
abhi closes the door and looks for pragya’s reaction
pragya thinks about dasi’s words and says to abhi

pragya :why did dasi said like that do u know the reason?
abhi(stamering) i…i… i dont know …………and looks at her
pragya looks at the room and looks at herself and again thinks at dasi’s words and she understands and looks at abhi with smirking expression and about to say something but abhi understood that she will kill him today and says
abhi :plz fuggy i am sorry i didnt did it intentionally understand it na………….and puts a pout

pragya :its okay and goes to wardrobe ………… abhi smiles as he won the aurgument and pats his shoulder
without freshing up pragya again comes out and looks at abhi and abhi looks her and says
abhi :fuggy why didnt u fresh up ?
pragya :actually marriage took place so hurriedly na so i didnt bring my stuff so what should i wear after freshing up

abhi :oops sorry i forgot to give u …..and givs a cover
pragya opens it and its pragya’s dress
pragya(in exitement) :but how did u get this
abhi :i know that u didnt bring any dress so today morning only i went to your house and brought a dress for u
pragya(quite surprised) :thanks a lot

abhi :now go and fresh up and come fast dadi called u to do pooja na
pragya noded and left to washroom soon both gets fresh up and pragya too gets ready and abhi says
abhi :fuggy its getting late come dadi will wait for us na
pragya(infront of mirror putting her bindi) :haa coming and about to go but remembers something and again goes infront of mirror looking pragya abhi says
abhi :now what make up…………..and stops when pragya sighed with her hand as not to speak so abhi looks at her
pragya gave a deep look at her forehead as she forgot to fill kumkum so she fill kumkum on her maang and from mirror she looks at abhi abhi too looks at her

precap :abhi pragya both give aarthi to god in their mandir…………………………..dadi dasi alia looks on bulbul just then comes and sees her di and jiju together giving aarthi to god
abhi comes to pragya and says her to get ready as they should leave to her house to bring her books………………………..

Credit to: udaya

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