love misunderstandings abhigya (episode 2)


hey hi i am back i am really happy to recieve such a huge response i thought geting two comments is more to expect but when i read your comments i an unknown smile appeared on my lips and riya as u said i wont stop writting this fiction if i stop also i will definately inform u all and priyanka i dont know tamil so i request u to comment in english and vaishali i am a girl not boy and i completed my +1 exams last week
lets start our story…………

its almost 5 pm every one r busy in their works dadi is looking after all works abhi comes down stairs with mobile in his hand dadi looks at him and asks
dadi :abhi r u ready everything is fine?
abhi :ya dadi everything is perfectly alright
dadi :then what about tanu
abhi :she said she will directily come to marriage hall
dadi :then fine

and goes from there soon everyone reached marriage hall pragya and sarla maa also reached its almost 6:30 but tanu didnt come abhi and dadi became restless every one began to worry then purab rushes to abhi
purab :abhi i need to talk to u
abhi :oh purab u came tanu didnt come till now do u know anything about it
purab :she will not come abhi
abhi(in shock) :what r u speaking purab i didnt get u
purab :plz ask anyone to put on news u will come to know
abhi asked one of his assistant to put on live news in marriage hall and he does so every one are shocked to see the news

all r shocked abhi could’nt speak even a word pragya felt bad and went to dadi and patted on her back dadi went near abhi and spoke
dadi :atleast now open your eyes she(tanu) does’nt love u
abhi is just muted
dadi continues :u opposed me for her but now u should do what i say
abhi looks at her
dadi :in this muharth only u should marry a girl of my choice
abhi(in protest) :but dadi i…..
dadi cuts of his words and continues
dadi :if u dont want to marry now then tell me the reason for tanu’s secret marriage
abhi dont know what to answer and bent his head in defeat
dadi :u dont have answer na so just do what i say other wise u will see my death
abhi :no need of dying for me dadi do as your wish…………and stand silently

dadi goes to sarla takes her hand in hers and says
dadi :sarla ji i want pragya as my bahu what do u think and looks on
sarla :i also like abhi abhi very much even i wanted them to marry i am happy with this decision and smiles
dadi :thank god then lets start our ritual……….and stops as pragya starts to speak

pragya :here no on wants my opinion …..all r doing as per their wish
dadi :no beta we all respect your opinion but try to understand this situation
saying this dadi alked towards pragya and placed her hand on pragya sholder but pragya in diebelief moved from there and walks to sarla and says

pragya :maa we came here to see this marriage maa but u all r arranging my marriage what is this ma?? and get tears
sarla :pragya try to understand this situation any how after exams u have to get married na then whats your problem ?? says in a polite way
pragya( protest saying) :i dont want to marry ma
sarla in angry takes pragya from there to a room (generally rooms are given in marriage halls na) and locks the door
sarla (in anger) :whats your problem pragya what is the need of protesting there?
pragya :why dont u undersatand ma i dont want t marry im having exams in two weeks ma
sarla (in anger holds pragya by arms) :okay do whatever want but remember u r going to see my deadbody after going from here ……………and leaves the room and closes the door
pragya dont know what to do and cries
here sarla comes to dadi and says
sarla :dadi start all rituals she is ready to marry
dadi(smiles) :thank god i am soo happy
listening to this abhi goes to another room thinking what will happen
dadi calls alia and says
dadi :alia go and give bridal dress and jewellary to pragya
alia nods and goes to pragya alia see pragya crying
alia :bhabi plz dont cry everything will be fine bhabi control yourself i came here to give u this dress so plz get ready and leaves from there
alia comes to sarla and says
alia :aunty i think bhabi dont like to marry she is crying
sarla :nothing like that beta u tell me is your bhai good or bad?
alia :good aunty
sarla :will he take care of pragya
alia :haa he will
sarla :then …….no need to worry she will be happy after this marriage
alia smiles and leaves from there

priest calls bride groom to come dadi says purab to go and call abhi purab goes to abhi
purab :abhi everyone r waiting for u come down
abhi doesnt respond so purab goes near abhi
purab :wt happened abhi
abhi :i love tanu but how can i marry another girl whom i didnt even know
purab :abhi just leave about tanu she doesnt deserve u she married some other person and she betrayed u and now u have to move on abhi dont think about anything
abhi looks at purab and hugs him and goes to mandap

priest calls bride to come mean while bulbul comes there dadi shouts alia to bring pragya
bulbul puzelled listening this and asks sarla about this
bulbul :maa why they r calling di as bride ma
sarla :oh bulbul when u came beta
bulbul :ma i am serious first ans my question
sarla :i will tell u later
bulbul :but ma………..and stops when alia starts to speak
alia :bulbul u r sister of pragya bhabi na come i will tell u first we will bring pragya bhabi
and holds bulbul hand and goes from there
she narrates whole incident to bulbul .bulbul opens the door where pragya is there and sees pragya crying sitting on bed and shout di
pragya turns to her and comes and hugs her bulbul breaks the hug and says
bulbul :u dont cry di i came na i will help u alia go and close the door
alia nods and closes the door
bulbul:di run from here live your life happily
alia and pragya r shocked
pragya :no bulbul then what is the difference between me and tanu moreover dadi and maa kept all hopes on me come lets go and opens the door and goes

priest ask abhi to put mangalsuta around pragya’s neck abhi takes it and waits for a minute and took a deep breath and put it around pragya’s neck and priest ask abhi to fill pragya’s maang with kumkum abhi takes it and about to put but pragya moved a little back which clearly shows her dislike for this marriage but no one can help abhi and pragya so he filled her maang when he kept kumkum pragya closed her eyes and a tear drop escaped from her eyes
abhi felt bad for her situation
soon marriage got completed every one are happy except abhigya and bulbul
dadi comes to sarla and says
dadi :sarla ji we r going now
sarla :haa dadi and smiles
dadi :alia bring your bhabi we should leave na
alia nods and bring pragya to car abhi is already sitting in car and he opened car door from inside and moved so that pragya would sit
pragya walked as a life less body towards the car and about to sit but bulbul shouted di and came to pragya crying and hugged her but but pragya doesnt react bulbul breaks the hug and asks
bulbul :di what happened respond di
pragya looks at her and places her hand on bulbul’s cheak and places a kiss on forehead and gives a fake smile and leaves and walks towards car
sarla cries and calls out pragya name but pragya doesnt respond and sits in car beside abhi and closes car door and look down
she tries her level best to control tears
car slowely started to move when they passed that street a drop of tear rolled on pragyas cheak and slowly tears started to follow one after the other and she cried bitterly
abhi doesnt know how to console her and looks at her with a helpless face

precap :abhi takes pragya in arms and places her on bed ……………..

Credit to: udaya

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