‘LOVE OR MISTAKE’ {DevAkshi} #FF (Episode 5)

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Let’s start wid a smile..
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Episode 5 ~
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
I reached home. Maa was sitting in front of the God’s idol and as usual praying for me. She turned around and saw me. ‘Dev? What did the doc said? Is everything alright?’ She held my hand and asked too many questions. ‘Maa, calm down. Don’t worry.. nothing serious. Doc told me that there is one best cardiologist who can help me. I’ll meet her as soon as possible.’ I replied. She thanked God. I went to my room and took out the laptop. I tried a lot to search about any cardiologist but failed. My eyes went up to a photo and a tear escaped my eye. It was her pic. I opened the folder and there were her pics thousands of hers. No matter what happens, I just can’t stop loving her. Although I hate her but I m not able to delete her pics. I tried several times but failed miserably. Because of our mistake, we both our apart. She didn’t trusted me and I didn’t trusted her. Without trust no relation can ever be successful. Same was with us. There was not trust so our relation broke. She left me. I left her. After that I became like this. I wasn’t able to live without her and became like this, a heart patient in this age. But now, I have learnt to live without her. The memories haunts me. Her smile, her words, her pain haunts me. I m not that Dev who was 4 years before. I m changed, changed a lot. I took the blame of killing her father. But I didn’t killed him. I can’t even think of that. She think that because of me he is not in this world. Dev, forget her. She forgot you, there is no need to remember her. It can only give me pain. I HATE YOU SONAKSHI BOSE I HATE YOU.
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

My life is a total mess. Even Sam is taking his side. Why God why? Am I the only one to suffer. (She doesn’t know he is suffering more than her.?) Dev, why did you do this? Why didn’t you trusted me. We would have been together till now but you didn’t trusted me. There is no point of thinking that, we can’t be together. He is just a mistake of my life. My phone rings. I picked the call. ‘Yes, Its Sonakshi Bose here. Who are you?’ ‘You forgot me so easily. Sona, its me Saumya.’ ‘Omg, Saumya! You? I can’t believe that. How you remember me? You never contacted me in these years. Where were you?’ She is my childhood friend. ‘You know na we shifted to Canada and I lost your number but today I came back to India and you know what, we’re not going back to Canada.’ ‘Like seriously! That’s such a pleasant surprise? Where are you?’ ‘At your house!’ ‘In Mumbai?’ ‘Nope yarr..! With Aunty..’ ‘Ohh..! Then come here, Maa is also going to come here tomorrow.’ ‘No worries. I’ll definitely come. Om bye take care.’ ‘Bye.’ I hanged up the call. Yayy! She is coming tomorrow. I forgot all my worries for a second. I took my head in my palms. It was really aching very bad. I took the car keys and left the hospital. I reached to my house and there he was standing right in front of my house. He didn’t noticed me and went inside the house which was in front of my house. What the hell? Don’t tell me its his house. Shit. How much I try to be away from him but always destiny made him stand in front of me. How much I pray not to meet him again in my life and destiny always make me meet him in most unusual ways. I just hate my life. I went inside my flat and laid on the bed crying my heart out. I don’t know why I was crying. For him, for the one who betrayed me. No, he is a blo*dy murderer. I m missing Maa. Crying there I drifted to sleep.
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

[Guys..! I need ur suggestions..? Should I show the past along wid present or first past then present..? Do tell me..! I would choose to show past first. But u guys tell???]
Ohh Gosh. Today is the first day of the University! I m really tensed. What will happen? I just hope everything goes well. I picked the phone as it was ringing from so long. I was not in a mood to answer his call. He irritates me so much but Maa & Baba, because of them I m tolerating him. ‘Hello, what’s your problem?’ I answered the call. ‘My problem is LOVE.’ He replied. Yukk so cheesy lines but somewhere I felt good listening his reply. ‘See, Dev today is the first day of my college so please don’t irritate me or else something bad would happen because of you and I don’t want that.’ ‘Arrey, you are strange. Here I m dying to talk to you and you want me to ..’ He sounded sad. I felt bad. I shouldn’t have said that. ‘Dev, I m sorry. I’ll meet you in the evening. Now please, let me get ready.’ ‘Ok but on one condition.’ ‘And what’s that?’ ‘You’ll come to my house.’ ‘Ok.’ I agreed because I wanted him to end the conversation. ‘Ok bye, see you in the evening.’ ‘Ok bye.’ I hanged up the call. Oh God, sometimes he is too cute, sometimes so irritating, how many sides he has? I got ready for the college and called Saumya. ‘Are you coming to pick me up?’ I asked her. ‘Yeah I m coming, you be ready.’ ‘Ok.’ and I came down. Maa and Papa were having breakfast. ‘Sona beta, come have your breakfast.’ Baba asked. ‘Baba I m getting late.’ ‘Arrey beta I won’t let you go without having breakfast. Its your first day.’ Maa said. ‘Maaaaa..’ I protested but having no chance sat down to have it. ‘Baba, he again called only because of you both I m bearing him.’ ‘Sona beta, he is the best choice for you.’ Baba spoke and I made frowning faces. ‘Babaaa.. Its not like that. He is so clingy.’ ‘Sina, he just wants you to be his friend, nothing else than what’s the problem in that.’ Maa said. ‘But Maa..’ ‘We’ll discuss it later now have your breakfast.’ I ate the breakfast when my phone beeps. I opened the message and it was his.
‘Dear Sonakshi Bose
Please accept me as your friend, I won’t disturb your studies but I’ll help you surely.
I smiled at his childishness. How cute. I replied, ‘I’ll think about it. Give me sometime.’ Nd in reply he sent many emoticons of happiness. He is really sweet. Maa and Baba was staring me suspiciously. I looked at them. ‘What?’ I asked. ‘Why were you smiling?’ they both asked. ‘Nothing.. actually.’ I stammered. ‘Dev.’ Baba spoke and my eyes popped out. ‘No no..’ and then I smiled. Saumya reached there as I heard the car’s horn. ‘Bye Maa Baba! Saumya is here.’ I said. ‘Good luck beta.’ Maa nd Baba said. ‘Thank you’ I replied and left. I sat in the car and we drove off to Uni. ‘Saumya, he is behind me. What to do?’ ‘Idiot, he is just asking for friendship, can’t you befriends with him?’ Saumya replied. ‘Yarr I m confused.’ ‘Confused about what?’ ‘I don’t know why is he doing that. Is there any hidden motive behind his this act.’ I spoke. ‘Sona, stop being detective. How come it comes here?’ ‘Acha leave that.’ I closed the topic and we reached Uni.
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Precap: PAST: DevAkshi’s meet. Some cute talks.

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