‘LOVE OR MISTAKE’ {DevAkshi} #FF (Episode 4)

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Episode 4 –
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
I went to my cabin and called Sam. He came to me in a second. ‘Yeah, Sona you called me?’ He asked. ‘Yeah, Sam please have a seat.’ I said. He sat down in front of me. He could sense my worriedness. I don’t know why I was tensed after talking to Doc. Malik about that patient. ‘Sona, is something bothering you?’ He asked. ‘No Sam, actually you know Doc. Malik?’ ‘Yes then?’ ‘He told me about a patient who has his three valves closed and the fourth one is circulating only drops of blood.’ ‘So, what he told you to do?’ ‘He said that there are very few chances of him being saved, and he asked me to cure him. He considered me as one of the best cardiologist so..’ ‘Sona, you are indeed the best cardiologist.’ ‘Stop it Sam, I m not that much best. Leave that, listen to me. I know its a very rare case and I could understand there are very few chances but what should I do?’ ‘Sona, do what your heart says. I m not your heart.

Just ask from it and then talk to Aunty.’ ‘Sometimes even heart betrays you and gives wrong suggestion and I have learnt not to use my heart.’ ‘Sona, its not like that. You are thinking about that only. Think in other way. Look at the positive sides. Nd you know what? Dev was not responsible for all that.’ He spoke making me shocked. ‘What the hell are you speaking? You know you are taking his side who don’t even know to respect women.’ ‘Sona please, you can’t say like that without knowing the entire truth.’ ‘I knew it you are going to take his side. I shouldn’t have trusted you also.’ ‘Sona, see it isn’t like that. I m sorry.’ ‘No Sam, you are taking the side of the one who killed my father. Really Sam?’ ‘Sona, this conversation is going at the end of nowhere so better we stop it.’ ‘I won’t forgive him. He killed my Baba..’ Tears formed in my eyes. How can I forgive the killer of my Baba. The one whom I love the most. I broke down and Sam left from there because he knew I want sometime alone. Hwo can he even think that Dev was not responsible. I just hate Dev.

I dialled Maa’s number. She received it immediately. ‘Hello beta, how are you?’ ‘Im good Maa. How are you?’ ‘Sona, you are crying?’ Shit, how can I forget that she is my Maa and can recognize my voice when I m crying. ‘No, maa it isn’t like that., i just want to discuss something with you.’ ‘Yeah what you wanna discuss?’ I told her everything about the patient’s condition. ‘Beta, you should treat him.’ ‘Maa, you know I want to cure him. I want him to live. I want to remove all his problems. Don’t know why. I felt some connection with him. Like, I don’t want him to die. I want to made him live.’ ‘I know my bachha.. its your duty, you should do it.’ ‘Thanks Maa, I will surely treat him.’ ‘Bye take care.’ ‘Bye Maa.’ I cut the call and remembered my words. Why I want to cure him? Why I want him to live? Why? I called Doc. Malik and told him to send all the single detail about the patient. I also told him to made me meet him after one week as I m busy this week in some operation.
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Precap: Some Past…

• • • •
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