‘LOVE OR MISTAKE’ {DevAkshi} #FF (Episode 3)

Hello guys.. Thanks a lot for ur comments. Many of u asked me to be regular but I told this in the 1st episode that I won’t be able to update regular. I m sorry guys, but I can’t becuz of my studies and my hectic schedule. I hope you guys understand.
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[The episode is in Sonakhsi’s voice. I would introduce narrative’s voice or Dev’s voice when needed.]
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
He was standing in front of me. I just hate him. He is the biggest mistake of my life. I composed myself and said, ‘Thank you! Mr. whatever you are. By the way my name is Sonakshi.’ I said forwarding my hand pretending that I don’t know him. He shakes hand with me. ‘You forgot me so easily?’ he asked looking a bit confused and yes with attitude. I smiled at him, ‘I don’t remember my life’s mistakes.’ I spoke which made him startled. ‘Ohh yeah, I see. You think that I was your mistake.’ He asked. ‘Yeah of course, I m damn sure about it.’ I replied back controlling my emotions. Don’t know why but I never thought that I would met him in this way. ‘Hmm Good.’ ‘And you know what, our mistakes gives us lessons but you are my that mistake which didn’t even gave me a lesson, because you were useless.’ I said making him shocked. Yes, he was shocked, I could see it on his face. ‘Ms. Sonakshi Bose, you are crossing your limits.’ He said with full anger. ‘Did I said anything wrong? No nah, then? Ohh I got it, truth is always bitter and you can’t hear the truth right. Like you didn’t hear the truth on that day.’ Shit, I just spoke about our past. ‘Ms. Bose…’ he said pointing at me. ‘Mr. Dixit..’ I replied back in the same way. We both turned in opp directions.
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
Waqt ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum Rahy Na Tum Hum Rahy Na Hum

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
We both moves in opposite direction and she sat in her car and left. But why she was here? In hospital. Is everything alright? What if she is.. Ohh God Dev, why are you thinking about her? I went into the hospital and directly went to the receptionist. ‘Yes, Sir how can I help you?’ the receptionist asked. ‘Can you please tell me where is Doc. Malik? I m his patient.’ ‘Sir, he is in his cabin. You can meet him.’ ‘Yeah sure, can you please guide me?’ ‘Yeah sure. Straight and then left.’ ‘Thank you so much.’ I said and moved in the direction. I went to Doc. Malik’s cabin. I knocked the door. ‘Yes, come in.’ I went inside. He was reading some files. ‘Ohh Mr. Dixit. Please have a seat.’ He looked at me and spoke. ‘Thanks.’ ‘Mr. Dixit, I called you here to talk about your health.’ I was nervous. I finally spoke, ‘Yes doc. I know my case is very critical. So please tell me clearly what is it?’ ‘Mr. Dixit, its a very rare case. Your three valves are closed and fourth wall js just circulating blood as tiny drops. I m curing you from the start but I may tell you the best cardiologist is here. She may help you, maybe you can recover.’ I had tears in my eyes. ‘Doc, can I meet her?’ I asked. ‘Yes, you can but she is not here now, you can come tomorrow and in this time I will discuss about you with her.’ ‘Thanks doc.’ I got up and shakes hand with him and left from there. I was taking small steps and my world was shattered. I came out of their and sat in my car and drove off. The doctors words were roaming in my head. What would I tell Maa? I had no chances of recovering. My only hope is that cardiologist. If I recover than I’ll tell everything to Sonakshi. Tears flowed from my eyes.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
I was in my car remembering Dev. Tears were continuously gushing from my eyes. What the hell is this Sonakshi? Why are you getting effected. He is no one to you. My car stopped at the signal and I saw a couple eating an ice cream. I smiled and remembered us.
~ Flashback ~ (is in narrative’s voice)
Dev and Sonakshi were standing at a shop.
D – “Bhaiiyaa one chocolate and one mango.”
S – “Oh hello, we r going to eat from one.”
D – “Not at all..”
S – “Yes,.”
D – “I don’t eat mango.”
S – Can’t you do this for me. Huhh Dev, which type of boy friend you are?” she said and stood at a distance with a cute pout.
D – “Bhaiyaa onky one mango.” He said becuz he knew Sonakshi isn’t going to listen. She smiled broadly and kissed his cheek.
S – “Thank you Dev. I love you.”
D – “I love you too.” And the both hugged each other.
~ Flashback ends ~
I was smiling remembering the moments spent with him. He was so cute. Sonakshi, you again started thinking about him. I moved the car and reached the house and took the file. I headed back to hospital.
I reached the hospital and the receptionist told me that Doc. Malik has called me in his cabin. I headed towards his cabin.
‘Yes? Doc. Malik?’ ‘Ms. Bose, please have a seat.’ I sat down on the chair and he started. ‘Actually, we all know that you are the best cardiologist of India. So, I m treating a patient from the last year and he has his three valves closed and the fourth one circulating drops of blood. I m not able to do anything so I told him about you.’ ‘Its a very rare case and I can’t say anything now. I may tell you after talking to my Maa as you know I don’t take any decision without her consent.’ ‘Okk..’ He replied and I left from there.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Precap: Not decided….


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