‘LOVE OR MISTAKE’ {DevAkshi} #FF (Episode 2)

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[Some of the part is in Sonakshi’s voice. I’ll introduce the narrative’s voice when needed and also Our hero’s voice.]
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
I woke up as the sun rays disturbed my sleep. Ohh Gosh, such a beautiful lady I am even sun rays wanted to kiss me. ?? I looked at the clock, it was 10 a.m. I quickly got up and thought of going to Mumbai. ‘Ohh God, don’t know when is the flight?’ I picked up my phone and dialled Sam’s number. ‘Hello Madam! Good Morning. What’s up. You called me at this time of morning. Are you okay?’ Uff he asks so many questions. ‘Array Sam, let me speak. When is our flight?’ I asked being irritated. Sometimes he is so irritated but sometimes cute. ? ‘Ohh yeah, flight is at 2. Get ready at time.’ He spoke. ‘Ok thanks.’ I cut the call and hurried to washroom. I took a bath and then wore my favourite white coloured frock. I wore my favourite wedges. Shit man I have to do packing also. I hurried downstairs and saw Maa arranging the breakfast table. I made my way towards her. ‘Good Morning Maa.’ I wished her.

‘Good Morning Sona.’ ‘Maa, my flight is at 2.’ I made a cute pout. ‘So, you haven’t done your packing right?’ She knows me better than I myself know that’s why I love her. I just nodded. ‘Sit down and do the breakfast then I will help you in your packing.’ I got extremely happy after all I hate this packing thing. I just hugged her. ‘That’s why I love you Maa. You are amazing.’ ‘Acha, stop your buttering. Sit down.’ She slapped lightly on my head and we both sat down for breakfast. Soon we finished the breakfast and Maa helped me in packing. Sam came and I was ready to leave. I hugged Maa and cried on her shoulder after all I m going away from her. ‘Sona, my bachaa don’t cry. Its just a matter of some days and then I will be with you.’ ‘I will miss you Maa.’ I spoke in between my tears. I broke the hug nd we left.
We boarded the plain and were sitting on our seats. I was so sad. ‘Sona, you are such a big drama queen.’ I know that he spoke this just to cheer me, he knows how to handle me. I smiled, ‘I know Sam.’ Nd we both burst into laughter.

We reached Mumbai and directly went to my flat. I had flat there. I was so tired. I went to freshen up and slept for sometime. When I woke up, Sam was getting ready for going to hospital. I got up and went to change and then we left for hospital.
We reached the Seven hills Hospital, I asked ‘Sam did you bring the file about that patient.’ ‘Ohh god Sona, i forgot.’ ‘Useless, give me the car keys. I m going.’ He gave me the keys and I went to the parking lot. I was going to my car when my foot got stuck with the stone. I closed my eyes in fear. My hairs came on my face. Who saved me? Why I didn’t got hurt. I feels someone’s hands on my face. I felt this touch familiar. I opened my eyes to look at that person and I was left shocked. He… he was Dev… the great Mr. Dev Dixit. My eyes got filled with tears. I jerked him off and stood there. He was looking at me intensely. I could feel his continuous gaze on me and felt uncomfortable. He is changed. Yeah, he is changed. But I hate him. Tears flowed from my eyes.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum Rahe Na Tum, Hum Rahe Na Hum
Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum Rahe Na Tum, Hum Rahe Na Hum
Waqt Ne Kiya…
Beqaraar Dil Iss Tarah Mile
Jis Tarah Kabhi, Hum Juda Na Thay
Tum Bhi Kho Gaye, Hum Bhi Kho Gaye
Ek Raah Par Chal Ke Do Qadam
Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum Rahe Na Tum, Hum Rahe Na Hum
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

What? She is in front of me. I met her again at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected way. She is changed. She changed a lot. She became a ruthless, arrogant, heartless Sonakshi from the most sweetest, cutest, loving, loveable girl. How can she change herself for me. Just look at her. She is looking more beautiful than before. I m falling in love with her again. Dev…. what are you thinking. You can’t live this cheat again. What the hell is wrong with you? Just tell your heart to shut up, blo*dy idiot. She has become Ms. Obodhro. I smiled in my heart remembering her this word. I just love to hear this from her mouth. Ohhh Gosh, dev why you can’t control yourself. She is no one to you. You hate her to the core. Why she is crying? Its right that her tears don’t effect me anymore but still… I don’t know why. I also had tears in my eyes. Yes, I was crying.
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

precap: DevAkshi’s Tashan…. nd some past moments…

I hope the episode was not boring… Do comment guys.. whether +ve or -ve but no abusive lanuage.
Why Dev hates her?
What is their past?
Why Sonakshi hates him?
Keep guessing guys… nd do tell me ur guesses…
Will post the next epi as soon as possible..

Take_Care 
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