‘LOVE OR MISTAKE’ {DevAkshi} #FF (Episode 1)

Hello friends… anyone remember me…? I m Purvi.. remember?? As promised to Priya .. I m here with the ff… I m sorry yarr Priya.. I know I m very late but kya karun time hi nhi mila….. Sorry..

(The episode is in Sonakshi’s voice. I would introduce the narrative’s voice when needed.)
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
I was sitting in my cabin when Sam rushed into my cabin. ‘What happened Sam?” i asked him and he replied, ‘Nothing Sonakshi yarr! Actually Maa told me to bring the lunch for you.’ ‘Ohh God..! I will have the lunch, you go and get the file and book the tickets for Mumbai.’ ‘Sonakshi, Are you sure. I mean he must be there. If you want, I will do your work. Don’t go there.’ He said to me for which I replied, ‘Sam, you will do the operation there, haan. And after all, my hospital is there. Moreover, he is no one to me and I m not effected by him.’ I said coldly for which my heart instantly replied ‘Liar’ and I shushed my heart. ‘Ok, as your wish.’ He said and left from there. He is my bestest friend and that’s why very possessive for me. Don’t know where life is taking me. He doesn’t effect me anymore. I hate him. Sonakshi, don’t spoil your mood thinking about him. He is a blo*dy jerk. What he thought that I will believe him. No, Sonakshi Bose is not weak. I will prove it. A lone tear escaped from my eye. Was it for him? Do I still love him? No, how can this be possible. I turned my seat to the window and looked outside. The cool breeze touched my face making me feel so good. I closed my eyes and his face flashed in front of me. I quickly opened the eyes and made a disgusted face. ‘What the hell?’ I spoke to myself and banged my hand on the table. ‘Sonakshi, calm down. Its just a mere affection. Don’t over react.’ I calmed myself. My phone ringed and I picked the call. It was of Maa. ‘Sonakshi when will you come? Did you eat your lunch?’ Maa spoke. ‘Maa I will come soon, and I m going to eat lunch.’ ‘Ok but is there any important case that you are going to Mumbai?’ ‘Maa, so he told you. I know you are worried for me after all you are a mother, but understand please. You know that becoming a doctor was my passion and that too a Cardiologist. So please Maa let me go, I will call you there soon as I m permanently shifting there.’ I made her understand. ‘Permanently? But Sona.’ She spoke with her shocked voice. ‘Yeah Maa permanently because I m going to work in that hospital. Please Maa.’ I pleaded. ‘Ok, now go and eat the lunch.’ She finally agreed after all I m too stubborn. ‘Love You Maa.’ I spoke and cuts the call. I got up and took the tiffin. I opened it and yeah it was my favourite food. ‘Aalo Ke Parathe’ I spoke in excitement. I quickly started eating when something flashed in my mind. Tears formed in my eyes and I drank the whole bottle of water in a go. I finished the lunch and went to Sam.

‘Hey what’s up? Did you eat the lunch?’ He spoke. ‘Yeah.’ I replied. ‘How mean Sona, you didn’t call me for eating with you.’ He spoke and I laughed at his cute antics. ‘Hey Mister you always eats with me and today Maa send Aalo ke parathe so i didn’t called you.’ I replied. ‘Sona, aunty send aalo ke parathe and you ate all of it. I won’t leave you.’ ‘First catch me then you can leave na.’ I said and walked out of the cabin.

I reached my home and saw Maa feeding Sam. I got extremely upset. ‘Maa what is this haan? Why are you feeding him?’ ‘Aray Sona, you ate all and didn’t gave me so I thought to came here.’ He replied and showed me his tongue. ‘Sam ke bache.’ I threw the cushion at him. ‘Sam, Sona don’t fight. Come Sona I will make you eat sweet.’ ‘Reallyy?’ i said with a broad smile and Maa nodded. I quickly went to her and hugged her. She then made me and Sam eat the sweet.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Precap: Sonakshi in Mumbai and our HERO’S ENTRY………

So guys did you enjoyed it? I hope it wasn’t boring. Do tell me your views about this and please do tell me should I continue it or not? I may post with long gaps because of my hectic schedule. So should I continue it?
Ignore the mistakes. Any confusions do ask me?
Take_Care ☺
Keep_Smiling ☺
Bye ☺
With all my love ❤❤??

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  1. Manya

    Hey Purvi!!i remember u yaar??
    Ur ff seems interesting??
    And the episode was awesome
    Sona and aloo ke paranthe ??she is a nutritionist no??but cardiologist in ur ff?So it’s okay??
    Post soon

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Manya!! Glad you liked it.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Nd haan i was too laughing thinking Sona and aloonke parathe.. but in my ff she is a cardiologist so i thought like this.. nd aloo ke parathe is my fav dish so thought to make it her fav in the ff..
      Will post asap..
      Love u too ?

  2. Nice

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks Princess… Glad u liked it.

  3. Awesomeeee.. blossoms…super cool start…!!??
    Please move ahead with it.??..and i guess we will have to wait for long long time for the updates….but its okay…we will wait…??

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks a lot Vaishaali… Glad u liked it..
      I will try to post soon nd will not make u wait for long long time…

  4. Akshita

    Hey can you plzzz provide previous link of ff for the intro as I forgot at your ff?

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Akshita..!!! Its my first epi of the ff.. I hadn’t post the intro.
      Hope your confusion is cleare now/

  5. Nikkita0194

    Hi purvi this is nikkita and I am new here
    I like this ff post asap and plz continue and accept me as your new reader
    With lots of luv

    1. Purvi128

      Hi Nikkita..!!!! Glad you liked ity 🙂
      Will try post soon..
      Wth love.!

  6. Oyii hoyii amazing jii..
    Post soon..
    Luv u..

    1. Purvi128

      Oyeeee hoyyeee jaaneman.. tu yahan bhii aagayiii…
      Glad u likd it…
      Will try to post soon..

  7. Fuggysona

    wow it is quite very intersting and i really liked it a lot
    it is soo cute
    and my favourite food came in that
    wow and hero entry
    i am waiting
    please post soon
    and sam will be like jatin?
    is there any relation for sona with hero it is dev right???
    ohh my god furious to watch
    because my chocolate boy is entering into the ff

    1. Purvi128

      Heyy Fuggysona…!!!v
      Glad u liked it…
      its my fav food too…
      Ur question will be answered as the story proceeds…
      Suspense… 🙂

  8. V.V.harshita

    Nice Post soon

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks V.V.harshita… Glad u like it..
      will post soon.. 🙂

  9. Nice story……plz update next one soon

  10. Priya12

    Purvi, how can we forgot u yaar…
    Sry 4 late cmt yaar…I slept early becoz of my stomach pain yaar…
    Yaar, no thx and sry in friendship yaar..
    So, no sry…and
    I m happy that u fulfilled my request and came back with a ff
    It is so interesting dr…
    Sona as cardiologist….different dr…
    My fav food…
    Luved this epi..
    I m damn excited dr…
    Pls post asap

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Priya.. Oooopss ok no sorry from now..
      Glad you liked it. I just started this because of you. Because you asked me or else I was not going to write. But koi nhi..
      Will post the next one soon.
      Thank…. ooopss no thanks so love you loads.. ??❤❤

      1. Priya12

        I didn’t like it..purvi…but I luved it…
        Its damn interesting….
        Thx a lot purvi…becoz of me u wrote…
        I luved ur way of writing…and plot…
        I m glad becoz of me …u wrote…
        Luv a lot…pls post asap

  11. Darshana

    Hey i don’t know u..but can we be frnds from now..i hope u wont mind!??
    coming to ur ff’s 1st episode..it was just amazing..there is suspense..

    what did dev do..is it dev only?..i am 99.9% sure about that but still..how will they meet..uggghhh too many questions but u have all the answers so plzzzzz post soon!!
    love u?

    1. Purvi128

      Hey darshana… surely we can be friends dear ?
      The episode will be posted today I guess..
      Love you too ??

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