Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 9

Hi guys him back .. sorry for being late let us continue wid my ff’s story and yes guys I m going to start that story of twinj love during saving a child my option 3 in fist ff.(hope u remember) beside love in mission.
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Chapter 8

So epi starts…..
Twinkle was fed up from raghav and was very angry on him.meanwhile kunj came and hey noticed twinkle’s angry one mood.
K- hey twinkle what happened?
t- nothing.
k- tll na .
t- I want to kill raghav . I m fed up from him.
k- oho twinkle relax. What happened?
t- he misbehaved with me again.
K(getting angry)- what! I will kill him.

t- kunj what r u saying?
k-twinkle he misbehaved wid u . I will kill him.
t- kunj no . I m just angry on him . don’t kill him plz.
k-i m also not going to kill him . I meant to say that I should atleast talk to him and say him to be away from u( bechari twinkle. She took kunj seriously)
t- ohk ur wish .
as they were going to uv they herad a voice.
V(voice)- hii kunj…
k- hi uv…(so he was uv)
u- hlo.
T- how was ur date?
Kavya- awsm twinkle.
t- oh I see.

k- did u both enjoyed?
Ka – hmm a lot. By the way twinkle kunj have u listend sarna’s and taneja’s name before?
Twinj- (getting scared ) no who r they? But y r u asking?
Ka- no actually I came to know about their frndship some time ago so I asked u as u r their heir’s right.
Twinj (not being in senses)yes… wh..wha…what r u saying . we don’t even now them.
Ka- seriously . than who is leela taneja and rt taneja and what about bebe and manohar sarna and usha sarna. Who r they?
Ka- they r ur parents right.
Twinj- no
Ka- don’t lie .. ok do 1 thing swear it that u don’t know them.
t-(being frustrated) we know them … and yes they r our parents.
k- twinkle(in order to stop her.)
ka- ya to whom my father killed and ur here to take revenge from him right.
T and k – no

Ka – see I know the truth ok nothing is hidden from me and yes I m wid u.
T and k-who told u?
Yuvraj narrated whole incident and kunj asked..
k- why u want to help us.
Ka- becauz my father is a murderer and he should get punishment for it.
t- don’t u love ur father.
Ka- no because he killed my first love when we out of india.
T and k- yes but why and who? Don’t u love uv.
Ka- no….. actually yes because he is same as my love Vicky.

(yes guys kavya’s x bf was same as uv in looks so kavya fell for him.)(laga jhatka)
Ka- we were in us and I was in cllg . I and Vicky met there but first me fight a lot and then slowly friendship and then love .one day some1 informed dad about our relationship and he inquired about Vicky and he came to know that Vicky was not of our class means he was not as rich as we were so he asked me about it ad when I said that we love each other truly he locked me in room for 5 days and when on 6th day I reached college I came to know that Vicky died . I cleared from him if he was after it and confessed that he was only after it. So from that die I just hated him.
y- then if Vicky was like me then how ur father didn’t doubted me on being Vicky,.
Ka- because he have never seen him.
T – what ur own father killed ur only love just because of class. How mean.
Ka- ys that’s y I hate him. So from now I m wid u .
And they all shake hand and discuss something.

k- so guys this is the plan. Will u do this kavya.
Ka- ya offcourse..
t- thanks.
Ka- anytime.
So the screen freezes on their happy faces.
Did u all liked it.
Thanks for reading

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