Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 4

Hlo guys….i m back wid my ff. I missed u all and hope so that u also missed me. I m sorry guys actually my result have to come so I was busy and a bit nervous so I didn’t post my ff. sorry….today it came so I thought to post my ff.

Guys I want to ask something u really like the episodes Or u got bored? And my humble request is plz guys comment on it.plz all silent readers plz comment guys.

So let us start wid the episode…………..
Episode starts wid a flight is shown landing in Mumbai and a man comes out from there .he is mr.randhava.he came to Mumbai wid his whole family and pa. he has his wife named neelam randhava.(imagine her as eva grover (old anita of tei))his daughter named kavya (shirina singh (paakhi of ek moothi asman )) his son named raghav (smaller than kavya imagine vatsal seith (shorya goenka of ek hasina thi))and his mom named sushma(positive role in ff imagine rajinder kaur manchada of bade ache lagte hain).this is his family. They come to Mumbai and went to their bungalow and randhava ordered his pay to..
Mr r-aakash(his pay) enquire and find out the most popular wedding planners.
a-ok sir give me a hour
mr.r-only an hour. Do u get that?
a-yes sir
in 1 hour he found two to three most popular wedding planners and twinj are in them.he enquired from facebook and net and got twinj in them.
a-sir I got 3 wedding planners who r most popular in Mumbai.
Mr r-who r they?
a-1.sir mr and mrs malhotra owner of Milan planners(they r twinj only they have changed their surname so that mr randhava do not doubt them.) sethi owner of shenai planners and ankit owner of love shuv planners.
Mr r –call all of them wid the data of the marriages they have performed.
a-ohk sir.
He called all of them and informed them about the notice.

On the other hand twinj and yuki were waiting for the call as they came to know that he has arrived Mumbai and were sure that he will call and suddenly kunj’s phn beeped.kunj took the call and it was aakash who called him . he informed kunj about mr randhava’s notice and kunj also acted to agreed but from inside he was very happy.
He told this all to twinkle and she jumped and hugged kunj and yuvi got jelloused seeing them like that.after sometime they realized their positions and seprated themselves.kunj controlled the situation and stopped them selves from being embarssed by talking.
k-twinkle get ready we r going to mr.randhava tom
t-ready . guys we will need ur help also.
k-especiaaly u uv.u know na what to do
y-haan kunj meri tension mat le.(don’t take my tension kunj)
c-haan iski tension mat lo yeh to super hero hai na(don’t take his tension he is superhero)
y-haan hoon to kya karegi (yes I m what will u do?)
c-main kuch nhi karoongi(I will do nothing)
y-tu kuch kar bhi nhi sakti(u can do nothing)
c-i can do anything
y-acha kya karegi?(what will u do)
t- tum dono chup karo kal ka din bohot bada hai humare liye.(shut up u both tom is big day for us.)
k- haan koi gadbad mat karna.(yes don’t do anything wrong)
y-yaar kuch nhi hoga be positive.(nothing will happen be positive.)
t-jab tak hum sab saath hain we will fight and win also.(till when v r together we will fight and win also)
And they all do hiifii

Next day twinj and ther reaches their home and show them their data and twinj got selected in meeting.
Mr.r- congrats mr and mrs. Malhotra u r finalized as our wedding planners.
k-thanks a lot sir
mr.r- I want everything to be perfect.
t-sir aap ko shikayat ka mauka nhi milega.(sir everything will be perfect)
they introduce themselves to daadi ,anita and kavya all liked them especially daadi.
Meanwhile raghav entered the room and twinkle was also walking so they both strike and twinkle was about to fall but raghav catched her.he was mesmerized to see twinkle but twinkle was uncomfortable so she said him to leave her.he came to his senses and left her.
r- sorry
t-its ohk
r-by the way I m raghav nd u?
t- I m twinkle planner of kavya ‘s marriage and he is my husband kunj(pointing towards him.
Kunj was all red due to anger but controlled and was feeling jeloused too.
k-hiii I m twinkle’ husband and u?
r-i m kavya’s small bro
r to twinkle-waise u r quite beautiful
twinkle just smilled back and it was enough for kunj.
k-lets go twinkle. We need to prepare also.
t-hmm sure.
Twinj together- byeee
The screnn freezes

Precap-zkunj’s reaction on the incident and raghav’s bad eye on twinkle and ther plan’s next level.

So how was it guys …if u got bored plz tll and yes plz cmmnt.

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