Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 3


hiiii guys. I m back wid my episode. SORRY for being late actually firstly I had exams and secondly my sisters birthday was there.
Let us begin…..wid the episode
We r still in flashback.

After 12 years.
Twinj grew up in there respective places.and in india taneja’s family and sarna’s family were in family.
Mr randhava (ayub khan of phir bhi na mane batmeez dil.) came into their lives.he was a big business man.
He came here to deal with taneja’s but rt came to know that he is not a good person but has illegal companies and also export drugs so he refused to deal with him.but mr randhava wanted the deal to happen any how so he started torturing them.they tell about all to saran family and they helped them a randhava sent goons who breaked leela’s car on way when she was coming from market but she somehow rescued .then mr randhava kidnapped rt . he tortured him a lot and blackmailed leela to transfer all her money in his account and he also wanted sarna’s money as he knew that both families have much love and they can give there money also to save rt. But secretly leela and manohar transferred more then half money in twinj’s account. Leela also called meenakshi to her and manohar told all this about to manohar’s frnd who was living there wid kunj but pleaded not to tell about this to kinj. Mr randhava killed rt but did not tell it about it to leela. And once he came to her house and try to take her fingerprints but she refused.he got hell angry and in anger he told that he had killed rt.

Now he realized what he told so he killed leela wid his gun and took her fingerprints. He also killed srana’s by putting there house on fire as they were the witness of his deeds.but twinj were not knowing about it. They got to know all this from tv when news came that the taneja’s and sarna’s family got killed there house was set on fire. Twinj came back to Amritsar.and were broken after listening that but meenaksi and manohar’s frnd consoled them and coincidentaly both took them to Mumbai.(destiny’s game)There they started new life and twinj continued their college in Mumbai.(which was also same).they made chinki and uv as frnds there but never talked much to them. Twinj also came to contact with each other as uv and chinki were siblings. But after sometime twinkle didn’t went to college and chinki , kunj ,uv all became tensed for her and decided to go to her at her home . when they went to her home there they saw that her bua had died . but there was huge change that this time twinke didn’t talk to anyone not even chinki. But when she become normal after much insisting of chinki she told that she came to know that her parents were killed by mr. randhava but din’t told her everything. Yunj were downstairs and kunj saw leela and rt’s photo there wid flowers hanging on it . uv and kunj also listened this as they were coming to call chinki for home and to talk to twinkle . Yunj entered the room and kunj suddenly hugged twinkle .twinkle was surprised but when they departed they saw kunj crying too. He said…

k- twinkle taneja of Amritsar right.
t- haan par tumhe kaise pta?(yes but how do u know?)
k- tum leela ma ki beti ho na.(u r daughter og leele ma.)
t-haan ..ek min leela maa matlab tum kunj ho.(yes but wait leela maa? Means u r kunj)
t-par yahan kaise?(but how r u here?)
k- wo meri family ki death ho gayi. Is liye main yahan aa gaya.(my family died so I came here.)
t-nhi kunj humari family ki death ho gayi.(no knu our family died.)
k-leela maa and rt uncle died…saying this he was having more tears in his eyes
t- haan kunj.(yes kunj)
k- wo ghar main aag lag gayi thi na isliye mom dad bebe sab mujhe chod ke chale gaye.(house caught fire so everyone left me.)
t-nhi kunj. Unhe mr randhava ne mara hai.(no randhava killed them.)
k- kya.(what)
t- haan kunj …and she told him flashback.(note- manohar’s frnd also doed 1 year back but he didn’t tell kunj anything.but meenakshi told twinkle.)

k- what…listening this he break down. But twinkle consoled him and said.
t-utho kunj. Kuch nhi hota ab jo ho gaya so ho gaya. Ab hume aage ki sochni sachiye.(get up kunj.nothing has happened. Now we should think for future.)
k- matlab .(means)
t-matlab ki humain mr randhava se revenge le na chahiye.(we should take revenge from him.)
u- haan kunj she is right.we r wid u both.
k- ohk guys hum sab milke use barbaad karenge.
t-yes .
flashback got over.
All were in tears…
t- this how our parents were killed .
k- haan on that day twinkle didn’t told u full story but she told me as it was important for me to know. And when I saw leela maa and rt uncle’s photo I came to know that she is the same twinkle.
u-this randhava I will come him
c- he needs to b punished very badly
twinj together- we will punish him.

To be cont….

How was the flashback guys.? I will try to post next ff soon as I cant post it soon as my sister’s birthday is there.hopefully see u soon guys.

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