Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 2

Hiii guys…I m here to continue my ff. today there will be flashbacks …
So the episode starts….
Its morning and time is 9’o clock twinkle’s room is shown . she is still sleeping. Chinki comes to her room and put a jar of water on her. Twinkle wake up wid a jerk.
t-what the hell ! is this a way to wake up any1
c-haan agar tu maharani ki tarah din ke 9 baje tak syegi to aise hi uthana padega na.
t- kya 9 baj gaye. Oh god.
c-haan madam .aisa kon sa sapna dekh rahi thi tu.kis ladke ko dekh rhi thi sapne main? Kunj bro ya uv bro.
t- tu pagal mat ban.acha main fresh hoke atti hoon.
c-haan jaa . jyada time mat lagana aur kisi sapne main mat kho jaana.
t- shut up. and she leaves.
On other sid kunj is shown talking wid uv and also preparing food for all.
u-dekh to sahi apne aap ko bhai.kya tha kya ban gaya hai.
k- matlab?
u- tune mba ki degree ki hai doctor ban ne ke liye aur bana hua hai bavarchi.
k- phir kya hua. Khana bnana buri baat to nhi. Ab tu mera sir mat kha.yeh le breakfast kar le.
u- okay . waise kunj tune wo sari ids bna li.
k-haan uv bna li maine
(twinj has started marriage business two years ago as they knew that mr. randhava want to marry her daughter wid Indian boy and in indai.they have started it so that they can be famous. Yesterday’s id were not fake but they made more and more ids and pages just to show their popularity.and people now they hired were more experienced than earlier 1)

In twinkle’s room
Twinkle come out in white crop top wid blue shots. She was looking hot and gorgeous. She went in front of mirror and tied her hair in high pony tail. Chinki came there and said
c- looking hot. Kise impress karna hai? Kuj or uv?
Twinkle was holding comb in her hand she threw it on chinki.and said. T- chinki enough tujhe pta hai mujhe kisi aur se pyaar hai?
c- haan haan pta hai ur revenge .
t- bas phir tik jaa. Chal niche chalet hain mujhe breakfast banana hai.
c- par wo to kunj bna raha hai
t-acha chal phir khate hain
in meanwhile chinki’s phone rang . she smiled seeing name but controlled and said tum jao main atti hoon.
Twinkle got a doubt on her.she acted that she went but she hid herself outside the room.

On phone…
Voice-hlo jaan
c- hiii baby. How r u?
v-i m awsm tum btao but missing u a lot jaan.
c- mee too baby.
v-i love u jaan.
c-i love u too rohan .(assume him yug of serial kaali.)
the call ended.chinki turned and find twinkle there and get shocked. Twinkle was also in shock as chinki didn’t told her about him
t- what is this. Tune mujhe btaya kyoon nhi. Ki tu kisi se love karti hai.
c- because u were busy in ur revenge. Ok listen my bf rohan he was wid me in college and we both fell for each other.
t- it is not time pass right.
c- I realy love him.
t- uvi ko bta hai is bare main?
c- nahi . tum bta do plz agar tum bta dogi to wo mujhe gussa nhi karega.
t- hmm ok
they both went down.
u- hii twinki.
t- hi uv . hy kunj
k- hlo. Breakfast karlo
during eating chinki and twinkle were talking through eyes as chinki was saying to tell yuvi
it was noticed yunj.
k- kya hua twinki tumhe kuch kehna tha?
t- haan wo yuvraaj se kuch kehna tha mujhe.
Hwaring this yuvraj face lite up .
u-haan bolo.
t- wo ..u..v….wo
u- wo wo kya laga rakha hai bolo .
t- chinki ko pyaar ho gaya hai
u- kya?
t- hmm
k-kis se?
c- wo kunj bro rohan .
u- tu pagal to nhi hai chinki tune mujhe btaya kyoon nhi.
c- I was scared of u bhai
t- uv tum chinki par gussa mat ho.
u- acha theek hai ek shart par tum aur kunj btao kit um dono yeh revenge kyoon lena chahte ho.
t- time aane pe btaongi.
k- haan baad main
c- nhi bhaiya aap btao
u- plz yaar btao na
k – acha theek hai
t-yeh tab hua tha jab hum 8 saal ke the

flash back…two house r shown written saran house and taneja house.. but taneja house is decorated .now inside it it is shown that a party is going on but only few members r shown.they all r revaled to be a room is shown in which 1 girl and a boy are laughing,playing and enjoying.
From downstairs
Leela-twinkle puttar ..kunj puttar aajao twinkle cake kaatna hai.(so kid r twinj and it,s twinkle’s birthday)
T and k- aye
They both came down and twinkle cut the cake.and every1 enjoyed. Kunj danced on song matargashti(awsm dance) and twinkle on kamli(it was also awsm) all clapped for them and after sometime all went to their home.
So tanejas and saranas are good frnds and neighbours and celeberates all festivals together.
Twinj are in same school and went to school together. They spent most of the time together playing,studying,enjoying.
But destiny did bad with them as they have to be seprated.
In taneja mention
Rt-leela pack twinkle’s bag she is going to us to study. She will live there wid meenakshi. (meenakshi is twinkle’s bua)
l- but she can stay here also.
Rt-nhi wahan par jayegi to ache se padh payegi. Leela agreed wid heavy heart
Twinkle listened all this and at night told it to kunj.kunj was sad but told that
k- twinki papa mujhe bhi bhej rahe hai London
t-kya? Par kyoon?
k- studies ke liye.theek hi to hai yaar hum bade ho kar milenge na tention mat le .hum achi education mil skti hai wahan par mujhe bhool mat jana.
t- hmm kabhi nhi bhooloongi .theek hai bye. Mujhe parson jana hai kal ka dim hum ikathe spend karenge okay.
k- hmm bye goodnight.
t- good night

next day both spend together.they played in parks saw movies and talked for long hours
but the day of sepration came and twinj took elder’s blessing and hugged each other and went to respective flights.
To be cont…

Precap- entry of mr.randhava….

So guys how was it? Plz comment

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